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MIKROTIME Electronic TimeKeeper is a modular system which can provide:

blue Timing to 1/1000, 1/100, 1/10 second as required blue Infra-Red Beam or Manual Start and Finish
blue Split Timing for Regattas blue Lap Timing for Motor Sport and Cross Country
blue Section Timing for Triathlon and Quadrathlon blue Monitor Screens for Public Address Commentators
blue Public Results Display Monitor Screens blue Instant Tally Printed results slips for Commentators and Judges
blue PC Compatible Software blue Long Distance Radio or Cabled Data Links
blue Television Broadcast quality full colour graphics blue High quality laser results printing
blue Digital Video Computer Photo Finish Recording blue On-line results services
blue High Visibility Electronic Scoreboards blue Multicolour LED Results Boards
blue 'Ski-Start' and Finish Audible Signals blue Synchronised Traffic Light Start Signals
blue Results Output Publication for the Internet

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