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ABSA Memorial Sled-Dog Rally
Beechenhurst Lodge, Forest of Dean 2007

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ABSA Iain Hutchison Memorial Sled-Dog Rally
Organiser: Shaun Thomson & ABSA

With kind permission of Forest Enterprise
Kindly sponsored by Western Daily Press and SWNS
Saturday 13th January 2007
Timing by Mikrotime Sport Systems

Full Results

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Race 1 4/6 Dog Teams Class B 2.7M

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
13Graham GOOD9:20.86017.4
21Paul KEEN9:46.8025.9416.7
34Mike HAMMOND12:18.272:57.4113.2
45Andrew THOMPSON12:35.323:14.4612.9
52Lynn HARRISON12:48.613:27.7512.7

Race 2 3/4 Dog Teams Class C

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
110Andy STEADMAN9:39.52016.9
213Leigh MARSDEN9:55.2315.7116.4
312Cathy CROMAN9:57.3217.8016.4
417Sue BLAKE10:57.661:18.1414.9
519Jon MATHERICK11:40.162:00.6414.0
618Michael CLARKE12:09.752:30.2313.4
711Hazel MEAD12:21.002:41.4813.2
815Amanda KEEN12:22.742:43.2213.2
914Norman FARMER14:26.174:46.6511.3

Race 3 2/3 Dog Sibes Class DS

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
125Alex MARVIN9:52.34016.5
223Stuart MURRAY10:10.6618.3216.0
327Martin OWEN11:01.661:09.3214.8
432Sam MARSDEN11:19.031:26.6914.4
530Pete FRY11:23.961:31.6214.3
624Yvonne KEEN11:53.842:01.5013.7
731John-Andrew THOMSON12:24.862:32.5213.1
835Shaun THOMPSON12:50.062:57.7212.7
928Roly BRADING12:52.493:00.1512.7
1033Hazel MEAD14:11.474:19.1311.5
1129Sue McMILLAN17:40.287:47.949.2
1226Nicky HUTCHISON18:23.028:30.688.9

Race 4 2 Dogs Sibes Class ES

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
144Bren CLARKSTONE11:01.65014.8
248Martin OWEN11:10.158.5014.6
342Stuart MURRAY11:41.8540.2013.9
440Kevin HALE11:45.1643.5113.9
547Roly BRADING11:48.0746.4213.8
643Roger LAWSON12:35.681:34.0312.9
751Wayne BARNES13:48.622:46.9711.8
845Alan DEDDEN14:27.993:26.3411.3
946Alex MARVIN14:50.643:48.9911.0
1049Simon LAMEN23:13.4312:11.787.0

Race 5 2 Dog Teams Class D0

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
156Mike HOLBOURN18:56.5608.6
255Phil NEAL25:13.956:17.396.5

Race 6 2/3 Dog Teams Class DF

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
161Justin HOUGHTON17:20.6709.4
260Kirsty PARKER18:56.941:36.278.6

Race 7 2 Dogs Class EF

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
165Diane JACKSON18:34.6408.8
267Stuart MARLE18:46.3211.688.7

Race 8 Junior Mushers 1/2 Dogs 1.0M

PosBibNameTime MarginMPH
172Danny SLATER4:47.01012.6
275Rebecca STEADMAN5:04.2617.2511.9
374Paige BARSBY5:05.3018.2911.9
473Jason McMILLAN5:08.4121.4011.7

Race 9 Junior Mushers 1 Dog

180Lauren STEADMAN
281Amber BARSBY

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