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BSHRA Broxa Forest, Yorkshire
February 2007

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Organisers: Alistair Spowart, John Carter
& The British Siberian Husky Racing Association

With kind permission of Forest Enterprise
Kindly supported by Jollyes Petfood Superstores

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Saturday & Sunday, 17th/18th February 2007
Timing by Mikrotime Sport Systems

Full Results

Saturday and Sunday

The 2 Day Results are also available in Acrobat PDF format
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Day 1
Saturday, 17th February 2007

Race 1 4/6 Dog Teams Class B 4.1M

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
13John CARTER 15:34.260
21Simon LUXMOORE 15:47.1512.89
32Sally LEICH 16:53.941:19.68
47Chris WALKER 17:15.481:41.22
55Andrew GRISBROOKE 18:06.722:32.46
68Brian COLLINS 18:24.132:49.87
76Ali KOOPSVet Team19:34.954:00.69
810Alistair SPOWART 19:35.554:01.29
912Shafi RATANIN/C21:00.325:26.06
1013Steve GRINHAM 23:07.467:33.20
1114Nicky SPOWART 23:29.497:55.23
 9Michael ROLSON Disqual0
 11Paul ROBERTSON Disqual0

Race 2 4 Dog Teams Class C4 3.1M

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
119Richard SARGENT 12:09.430
218Ali KOOPS 12:44.9835.55
323Steven STUDLEY 13:21.761:12.33
420Derek SHARPVet Team13:31.991:22.56
522John CARTER 13:52.281:42.85
624Simon LUXMOORE 14:45.202:35.77
732Amanda PALMER 15:12.663:03.23
829Shirley DEAKIN 15:13.433:04.00
925Andrew GRISBROOKE 15:33.563:24.13
1027Julie FOARDVet Team15:46.093:36.66
1128Michael ROLSON 15:49.013:39.58
1226Buzz BURRELL 16:22.574:13.14
1331Rennie WEYMOUTH 17:51.615:42.18
1430Steve ROOKEVet Team19:43.077:33.64
1533Kim WINFIELD 19:50.617:41.18

Race 3 3 Dog Teams Class C3 3.1M

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
138Chris MINDHAM 13:47.560
237Sharon SARGENT 14:34.4246.86
341Rob SILLETRookie15:20.271:32.71
440Tricia CLIFT 16:44.602:57.04
550Mel HANNAM 16:44.832:57.27
642Simon STACKHOUSE 17:11.003:23.44
748Mark NURSEVet Team/Sat Only17:11.483:23.92
844Sally FLETCHER 17:15.903:28.34
943Christian ULF-HANSEN 17:20.523:32.96
1046Rennie WEYMOUTHVet Team17:21.703:34.14
1152Mark LAWSONSat Only17:53.034:05.47
1251Kelly DONALDSONN/C18:27.144:39.58
1347Jenna COOPER 19:23.355:35.79
1445Andrew GRISBROOKE 19:34.495:46.93
1554Karl NICHOLSRookie-N/C22:28.748:41.18
 49Trish HUDSON Disqual0

Race 4 1 Dog Scooter Class S 1.1M

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
158Chris WELLSTEADVet Team5:50.540
260Rennie WEYMOUTHVet Team6:12.0621.52
357Dee BIRD 6:19.8329.29
459Simon STACKHOUSE 6:35.6845.14
561Shafi RATANIN/C7:45.571:55.03

Race 5 2 Dog Teams Class D 2.3M

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
164Dee BIRD 10:19.810
265Tim HART 10:39.5819.77
366Trish HUDSON 11:09.3249.51
468Alison GEERookie11:14.8855.07
570Rob SILLETSat Only11:16.2556.44
667Hugh SYM 11:54.401:34.59
774Michael CLARKE 12:29.632:09.82
872Sharon SARGENTVet Team13:29.263:09.45
969Derek SHARP 13:35.243:15.43

Race 6 2 Dog Teams Mal Class DM/DS 2.3M

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
177Roger BELLAMYRookie15:40.970
278Alison HUTCHCROFT 19:20.893:39.92

Day 2
Sunday, 18th February 2007

Race 1 4/6 Dog Teams Class B

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
12Simon LUXMOORE 15:12.610
25Andrew GRISBROOKE 16:08.3855.77
34Chris WALKER 16:08.9956.38
46Brian COLLINS 17:11.091:58.48
51John CARTER 17:15.272:02.66
613Simon MANNINGN/C18:26.553:13.94
79Alistair SPOWART 18:42.443:29.83
811Paul ROBERTSON 19:36.454:23.84
912Steve GRINHAM 20:26.825:14.21
108Michael ROLSON 21:19.556:06.94
 3Ali KOOPSVet TeamDisqual0

Race 2 4 Dog Teams Class C4

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
118Richard SARGENT 11:17.310
219Ali KOOPS 11:48.8231.51
321Derek SHARPVet Team12:07.2549.94
420Steven STUDLEY 12:16.4459.13
523Simon LUXMOORE 13:15.521:58.21
624Amanda PALMER 13:21.892:04.58
729Sally FLETCHER 13:25.912:08.60
825Shirley DEAKIN 13:45.772:28.46
927Julie FOARDVet Team14:18.263:00.95
1030Rennie WEYMOUTH 15:35.094:17.78
1131Steve ROOKEVet Team17:20.406:03.09

Race 3 3 Dog Teams Class C3

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
136Chris MINDHAM 12:47.950
237Sharon SARGENT 12:54.846.89
339Ali KOOPSN/C13:11.7923.84
441Tricia CLIFT 14:19.261:31.31
538Rob SILLETRookie14:23.661:35.71
645Christian ULF-HANSEN 14:32.941:44.99
751Paul TRUIN 15:12.512:24.56
846Rennie WEYMOUTHVet Team15:25.072:37.12
942Mel HANNAM 15:25.352:37.40
1043Simon STACKHOUSE 15:38.002:50.05
1148Jenna COOPER 16:10.253:22.30
1247Kelly DONALDSONN/C16:32.843:44.89
1344Sally FLETCHER 16:37.473:49.52
1450Karl NICHOLSRookie-N/C20:12.747:24.79

Race 4 1 Dog Scooter Class S

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
157Chris WELLSTEADVet Team5:54.340
258Rennie WEYMOUTHVet Team6:01.036.69
360Simon STACKHOUSE 7:40.641:46.30

Race 5 2 Dog Teams Class D

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
164Dee BIRD 13:48.690
265Tim HART 14:06.4017.71
368Alison GEERookie15:23.201:34.51
470Hugh SYM 15:24.701:36.01
571Michael CLARKE 16:05.102:16.41
669Donna SILLETSun Only17:27.433:38.74
774Tricia CLIFT 17:56.514:07.82
875Jon SMITHSONSun Only22:48.538:59.84
 73Derek SHARP Disqual0

Race 6 2 Dog Teams Mal Class DM/DS

PosBibNameNotesTime Margin
176Roger BELLAMYRookie21:00.220

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