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The Henley Junior Head
14th February 2004
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

Image by Ewoud DronkertFour +

Run under ARA Rules
Organised by the Committee of The Henley Junior Head
Saturday 14th February 2004

Full Results

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All Crews in Time Order

121Kingston Grammar School MJ 4X 11:48.84.7
25Kingston Grammar School MJ16 4+ 12:43.54.3
322Pangbourne College MJ16 8+ 13:08.24.2
47Kingston Grammar School WJ 4X 13:14.54.2
528Kingston Grammar School MJ15 4X+ 13:15.74.1
629Upper Thames RC MJ15 4X+ 13:21.14.1
710Maidenhead RC WJ16 4X 13:27.34.1
81Headington School WJ 8+ 13:34.24.1
931Maidenhead RC A MJ14 4X+ 13:41.14.0
108Kingston Grammar School WJ 4- 13:49.54.0
116Sir William Borlase School MJ16 4+ 13:55.34.0
129Upper Thames RC WJ16 4X 13:58.93.9
1334Putney High School/Thames RTime Only4X+ J1514:05.03.9
1424Headington School A WJ 4+ 14:05.83.9
1533Maidenhead RC B MJ14 4X+ 14:07.83.9
1630Sir William Borlase School MJ15 4X+ 14:10.03.9
1720Maidenhead RC C WJ14 4X+ 14:12.33.9
1811Dame Alice Harpur School WJ15 4X+ 14:28.93.8
192Reading Blue Coat School A MJ14 8X+ 14:43.33.7
2027Headington School WJ16 4+ 14:49.33.7
2126Headington School B WJ 4+ 15:16.23.6
2218Headington School WJ14 4X+ 15:26.03.6
234Pangbourne College MJ16 4+ 15:27.83.6
2413Sir William Borlase School WJ15 4X+ 15:29.13.6
2516Dame Alice Harpur School WJ14 4X+ 15:29.83.5
263Reading Blue Coat School B MJ14 8X+ 15:57.13.4
2719Upper Thames RC WJ14 4X+ 16:01.23.4
2812Downe House WJ15 4X+ 16:11.33.4
2925Putney High School/Thames R WJ 4+ 16:53.73.3
3035Putney High School/Thames RTime Only4X+ J1418:27.63.0
3114Maidenhead RC A WJ14 4X+ 18:28.93.0
3215Kingston Grammar School WJ14 4X+ 18:53.12.9
3317Maidenhead RC B WJ14 4X+ 19:02.32.9


Results by Category

Race 1 MJ 4X

121Kingston Grammar School11:48.84.7

Race 3 MJ16 8+

122Pangbourne College13:08.24.2

Race 4 MJ16 4+

15Kingston Grammar School12:43.54.3
26Sir William Borlase School13:55.34.0
34Pangbourne College15:27.83.6

Race 5 MJ15 4X+

128Kingston Grammar School13:15.74.1
229Upper Thames RC13:21.14.1
330Sir William Borlase School14:10.03.9

Race 6 MJ14 8X+

12Reading Blue Coat School A14:43.33.7
23Reading Blue Coat School B15:57.13.4

Race 7 MJ14 4X+

131Maidenhead RC A13:41.14.0
233Maidenhead RC B14:07.83.9

Race 8 WJ 4+

124Headington School A14:05.83.9
226Headington School B15:16.23.6
325Putney High School/Thames R16:53.73.3

Race 9 WJ 8+

11Headington School13:34.24.1

Race 10 WJ 4X

17Kingston Grammar School13:14.54.2

Race 11 WJ 4-

18Kingston Grammar School13:49.54.0

Race 12 WJ16 4X

110Maidenhead RC13:27.34.1
29Upper Thames RC13:58.93.9

Race 13 WJ15 4X+

111Dame Alice Harpur School14:28.93.8
213Sir William Borlase School15:29.13.6
312Downe House16:11.33.4

Race 14 WJ16 4+

127Headington School14:49.33.7

Race 15 WJ14 4X+

120Maidenhead RC C14:12.33.9
218Headington School15:26.03.6
316Dame Alice Harpur School15:29.83.5
419Upper Thames RC16:01.23.4
514Maidenhead RC A18:28.93.0
615Kingston Grammar School18:53.12.9
717Maidenhead RC B19:02.32.9

Race 16 4X+ J15 Time Only

134Putney High School/Thames R14:05.03.9

Race 17 4X+ J14 Time Only

135Putney High School/Thames R18:27.63.0

For more information on the Race, please contact:
The Henley Junior Head
Attention Charles Wiggin
18 Western Road
Henley on Thames
Oxon RG9 1JL

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