Mikrotime UTRC

The Upper Thames
Fours & Pairs Head 2004
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

Image by Ewoud DronkertFour +

Organised by the Upper Thames Rowing Club
Run under ARA Rules
Sunday, October 24th 2004

Full Results

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All Crews in Time Order

123Isis BCAMO 4+10:47.54.6
224Isis BCBMO 4+11:00.94.5
311Henley RCAMS1 4-11:02.84.5
46Oxford Brookes MS2 4X11:03.84.5
51Henley RC MS2 4X11:12.64.5
613Oxford Brookes MS1 4-11:17.64.4
72Leander/Maidenhead RC MS2 4X11:20.34.4
87UTRCAMS2 4X11:34.24.3
925Henley RC MS2 4+11:37.14.3
1014Thames RCAMS1 4-11:40.24.3
11111Henley RCAMS2 4-11:49.64.2
12110Oxford Brookes MO 4-11:53.84.2
1312Henley RCBMS1 4-11:56.04.2
1438Oxford BrookesAMS3 4+11:57.14.2
1530Thames Tradesman RC MS2 4+11:59.94.2
1627Oxford Brookes MS2 4+12:00.04.2
1726Isis BC MS2 4+12:02.74.2
185St Georges College MS2 4X12:04.34.1
19125UTRC MJ 4X12:05.44.1
20102Henley College RC MS2 4X12:06.54.1
2115Thames RCBMS1 4-12:09.24.1
223Reading Univ MS2 4X12:10.14.1
23136Oxford BrookesAMS1 4+12:10.64.1
24133Henley RC MS1 4+12:11.84.1
2543Thames RCAMS3 4+12:15.34.1
26115Thames RCAMS2 4-12:15.64.1
274Univ West of England MS2 4X12:19.94.1
2810Auriol Kensington MS1 4-12:20.14.1
29164Univ West of England MN 4+12:30.24.0
30124St Georges CollegePenaltyMJ 4X12:36.34.0
31123St Edwards School MJ 4X12:36.84.0
3229Thames RC MS2 4+12:37.94.0
3349UTRC MVD 4-12:40.33.9
34138Thames RCAMS1 4+12:46.03.9
3542Univ West of England MS3 4+12:46.23.9
3645Thames RCCMS3 4+12:51.13.9
3741Southampton Univ MS3 4+12:51.73.9
38126St Georges College MJ16 4X12:51.83.9
3918Henley RC WS2 4X12:53.53.9
40112Henley RCBMS2 4-12:55.13.9
4156St Georges CollegeAMJ 2X12:55.63.9
4237Reading Univ MS3 4+12:56.53.9
4357St Georges CollegeBMJ 2X12:58.83.9
44143EmanuelAMJ 4+12:59.73.8
4528Southampton Univ MS2 4+12:59.83.8
46145Henley RCAMO 2X13:00.53.8
4719Henley RCAMJ16 4X13:00.83.8
4836Reading Bluecoat SchoolBMS3 4+13:01.83.8
4935Reading Bluecoat SchoolAMS3 4+13:02.43.8
50116Thames RCBMS2 4-13:02.53.8
5139Oxford BrookesBMS3 4+13:02.73.8
529UTRCCMS2 4X13:04.13.8
53113Oxford Brookes MS2 4-13:07.73.8
54139Thames RCBMS1 4+13:08.83.8
55146Henley RCBMO 2X13:09.83.8
5616Headington SchoolAWS2 4X13:10.03.8
57153Oxford Brookes MS3 2X13:12.23.8
5832Guildford RCAMS3 4+13:14.63.8
5931Bedford School MS3 4+13:16.43.8
60117Thames Tradesman RC MS2 4-13:19.13.8
6121Maidenhead RC WJ16 4X13:25.93.7
62140Thames RCCMS1 4+13:27.03.7
63142Bedford School MJ 4+13:28.53.7
64180Marlow RC MS2 2X13:32.53.7
65178Cygnet/Durham Univ MS2 2X13:33.53.7
6648Oxford Brookes WS2 4-13:38.13.7
67158Reading Bluecoat School MJ16 4+13:43.83.6
68157Sir William Borlaise MJ16 4+13:44.23.6
6951Maidenhead RC MVB 2X13:44.23.6
70166Oxford Brookes WS2 4+13:46.33.6
71194UTRCBWS1 2X13:50.63.6
72129Headington SchoolBWJ 4X13:51.13.6
73135Reading Univ MS1 4+13:53.03.6
7459Oxford BrookesAMS1 2-13:54.33.6
75118Reading Univ MS2 4-13:55.93.6
76151St Georges CollegeAMS3 2X13:56.53.6
7740Oxford BrookesCMS3 4+13:57.83.6
78144EmanuelBMJ 4+13:58.83.6
7952Lymington RC MVB 2X13:59.83.6
8046Auriol Kensington WS2 4-14:03.73.6
81120UTRC / Bedford MVC 4-14:03.93.6
82114Southampton Univ MS2 4-14:05.93.5
8320Henley RCBMJ16 4X14:06.83.5
8463Bedford SchoolCMJ 2-14:07.33.5
8566Henley RC WJ 4+14:07.53.5
86137Oxford BrookesBMS1 4+14:13.23.5
8764Bedford SchoolDMJ 2-14:14.63.5
88134Huntingdon BC MS1 4+14:15.13.5
8917Headington SchoolBWS2 4X14:18.83.5
90171Henley RC WS3 4+14:19.13.5
91167Southampton Univ WS2 4+14:21.63.5
9234Milton Keynes MS3 4+14:21.93.5
93186Bedford SchoolBMS3 2-14:22.73.5
9455Guildford RC BVerkerkMJ 2X14:27.13.5
9570UTRCAWS3 2X14:27.33.5
9661Bedford SchoolAMJ 2-14:29.63.4
97127Henley RC WS3 4X14:29.73.4
98165Auriol Kensington WS2 4+14:30.73.4
99191Univ West of England MS3 2-14:32.53.4
100101St Georges College MJ14 4X+14:32.73.4
101162Southampton UnivBMN 4+14:33.03.4
102205Poole ARC MVC 2-14:33.53.4
10365Bedford SchoolEMJ 2-14:33.63.4
10471UTRCBWS3 2X14:34.83.4
105181Oxford Brookes MS2 2X14:34.93.4
10675Sir William Borlaise WJ 2X14:35.73.4
107161Southampton UnivAMN 4+14:36.03.4
108195Henley RC WS2 2X14:40.73.4
109189Oxford Brookes MS3 2-14:41.33.4
110168Auriol Kensington WS3 4+14:42.23.4
111152St Georges CollegeBMS3 2X14:43.23.4
112103Maidenhead RC WJ 2X14:46.13.4
113200Maidenhead RCAWJ16 2X14:47.13.4
114193UTRCAWS1 2X14:48.03.4
11553UTRC MVC 2X14:48.13.4
11699Henley RCAWJ14 4X+14:48.73.4
117=62Bedford SchoolBMJ 2-14:48.83.4
117=147Guildford RCAMS3 2X14:48.83.4
11988Henley RC MJ15 2X14:50.43.4
120149Lymington RC MS3 2X14:51.13.4
121105Bedford School MJ 2-14:51.33.4
122173Oxford Brookes WS3 4+14:53.33.4
12385Henley RC WJ15 4X14:55.43.4
124172Milton Keynes WS3 4+14:56.13.3
12554Guildford RC AStransonMJ 2X14:57.63.3
12667Westminster School WJ 4+14:58.43.3
12769Maidenhead RC WS3 2X14:58.93.3
128196UTRC WS2 2X14:59.13.3
129182Southampton UnivAMS2 2X15:01.83.3
130131Sir William Borlaise WJ 4X15:02.13.3
131185Bedford SchoolAMS3 2-15:03.23.3
132163Southampton UnivCMN 4+15:04.73.3
133176Westminster School WS3 4+15:07.73.3
13450Reading RCPenaltyMVD 4+15:13.23.3
135183Southampton UnivBMS2 2X15:13.53.3
136177Auriol Kensington MS2 2X15:13.63.3
13789Maidenhead RC WJ15 2X15:24.43.2
13872UTRCCWS3 2X15:28.73.2
13976UTRC WJ 2X15:29.83.2
14083Headington SchoolAWJ15 4X15:32.43.2
14190St Georges CollegeAWJ15 2X15:33.03.2
14268Henley RC WS3 2X15:35.33.2
143128Headington SchoolAWS3 4X15:38.23.2
144156UTRCBakerMN 2X15:39.63.2
145155Guildford RC BStransonMN 2X15:41.63.2
146130St Georges College WJ 4X15:45.73.2
147150Royal Holloway University MS3 2X15:51.93.2
14896Headington SchoolBWJ14 4X+15:54.13.1
149100Henley RCBWJ14 4X+15:56.83.1
150199UTRC WN 2X15:56.93.1
15187Headington SchoolBWJ15 2X15:57.43.1
15260Oxford BrookesBMS1 2-15:57.73.1
15322Sir William Borlaise WJ16 4X16:00.13.1
15482UTRC MVC 2X16:00.23.1
155170Guildford RC WS3 4+16:01.33.1
156184UTRC MS2 2X16:02.03.1
15777Auriol Kensington WS2 2-16:08.53.1
15847Reading Univ WS2 4-16:08.63.1
159206Reading RC MVF 2-16:10.03.1
16086Headington SchoolAWJ15 2X16:10.93.1
16193UTRC WJ15 2X16:12.83.1
162104Maidenhead RC WJ14 4X+16:15.33.1
16380Southampton UnivAWN 4+16:16.83.1
164201Maidenhead RCBWJ16 2X16:17.43.1
165212Maidenhead RC WJ14 2X16:33.03.0
166197Headington SchoolAWN 2X16:33.13.0
16779Royal Holloway Univ WS3 4+16:40.03.0
168187Bedford SchoolCMS3 2-16:44.33.0
16981Southampton UnivBWN 4+16:51.43.0
17058UTRC MJ15 2X16:53.33.0
171174Southampton UnivAWS3 4+17:00.42.9
172160Oxford Brookes MN 4+17:03.42.9
173202Sir William BorlaiseAWJ16 2X17:21.82.9
174175Southampton UnivBWS3 4+17:29.72.9
17597Headington SchoolCWJ14 4X+17:36.72.8
176208Headington SchoolAWJ14 2X17:38.92.8
17798Headington SchoolDWJ14 4X+17:42.32.8
17891St Georges CollegeBWJ15 2X17:50.52.8
17984Headington SchoolBWJ15 4X18:06.22.8
180198Headington SchoolBWN 2X18:29.02.7
18178Milton Keynes WN 4+18:31.92.7
182210Headington SchoolCWJ14 2X18:43.32.7
183209Headington SchoolBWJ14 2X18:44.02.7
184132Reading Univ WO 4-19:45.12.5


Full Results by Race Category

Race 2 Men 4- Open (MO 4-)

1110Oxford Brookes 11:53.84.2

Race 3 Men 4+ Open (MO 4+)

123Isis BCA10:47.54.6
224Isis BCB11:00.94.5

Race 4 Men 2X Open (MO 2X)

1145Henley RCA13:00.53.8
2146Henley RCB13:09.83.8

Race 7 Men Senior 1 4- (MS1 4-)

111Henley RCA11:02.84.5
213Oxford Brookes 11:17.64.4
314Thames RCA11:40.24.3
412Henley RCB11:56.04.2
515Thames RCB12:09.24.1
610Auriol Kensington 12:20.14.1

Race 8 Men Senior 1 4+ (MS1 4+)

1136Oxford BrookesA12:10.64.1
2133Henley RC 12:11.84.1
3138Thames RCA12:46.03.9
4139Thames RCB13:08.83.8
5140Thames RCC13:27.03.7
6135Reading Univ 13:53.03.6
7137Oxford BrookesB14:13.23.5
8134Huntingdon BC 14:15.13.5

Race 9 Men Senior 1 2- (MS1 2-)

159Oxford BrookesA13:54.33.6
260Oxford BrookesB15:57.73.1

Race 10 Men Senior 2 4X (MS2 4X)

16Oxford Brookes 11:03.84.5
21Henley RC 11:12.64.5
32Leander/Maidenhead RC 11:20.34.4
55St Georges College 12:04.34.1
6102Henley College RC 12:06.54.1
73Reading Univ 12:10.14.1
84Univ West of England 12:19.94.1

Race 11 Men Senior 2 4+ (MS2 4+)

125Henley RC 11:37.14.3
230Thames Tradesman RC 11:59.94.2
327Oxford Brookes 12:00.04.2
426Isis BC 12:02.74.2
529Thames RC 12:37.94.0
628Southampton Univ 12:59.83.8

Race 12 Men Senior 2 4- (MS2 4-)

1111Henley RCA11:49.64.2
2115Thames RCA12:15.64.1
3112Henley RCB12:55.13.9
4116Thames RCB13:02.53.8
5113Oxford Brookes 13:07.73.8
6117Thames Tradesman RC 13:19.13.8
7118Reading Univ 13:55.93.6
8114Southampton Univ 14:05.93.5

Race 13 Men Senior 2 2X (MS2 2X)

1180Marlow RC 13:32.53.7
2178Cygnet/Durham Univ 13:33.53.7
3181Oxford Brookes 14:34.93.4
4182Southampton UnivA15:01.83.3
5183Southampton UnivB15:13.53.3
6177Auriol Kensington 15:13.63.3
7184UTRC 16:02.03.1

Race 15 Mens Senior 3 4+ (MS3 4+)

138Oxford BrookesA11:57.14.2
243Thames RCA12:15.34.1
342Univ West of England 12:46.23.9
445Thames RCC12:51.13.9
541Southampton Univ 12:51.73.9
637Reading Univ 12:56.53.9
736Reading Bluecoat SchoolB13:01.83.8
835Reading Bluecoat SchoolA13:02.43.8
939Oxford BrookesB13:02.73.8
1032Guildford RCA13:14.63.8
1131Bedford School 13:16.43.8
1240Oxford BrookesC13:57.83.6
1334Milton Keynes 14:21.93.5

Race 16 Mens Senior 3 2X (MS3 2X)

1153Oxford Brookes 13:12.23.8
2151St Georges CollegeA13:56.53.6
3152St Georges CollegeB14:43.23.4
4147Guildford RCA14:48.83.4
5149Lymington RC 14:51.13.4
6150Royal Holloway University 15:51.93.2

Race 17 Mens Senior 3 2- (MS3 2-)

1186Bedford SchoolB14:22.73.5
2191Univ West of England 14:32.53.4
3189Oxford Brookes 14:41.33.4
4185Bedford SchoolA15:03.23.3
5187Bedford SchoolC16:44.33.0

Race 18 Mens Novice 4+ (MN 4+)

1164Univ West of England 12:30.24.0
2162Southampton UnivB14:33.03.4
3161Southampton UnivA14:36.03.4
4163Southampton UnivC15:04.73.3
5160Oxford Brookes 17:03.42.9

Race 19 Mens Novice 2X (MN 2X)

2155Guildford RC BStranson15:41.63.2

Race 21 Womens 4- Open (WO 4-)

1132Reading Univ 19:45.12.5

Race 24 Womens Senior 2 4X (WS2 4X)

118Henley RC 12:53.53.9
216Headington SchoolA13:10.03.8
317Headington SchoolB14:18.83.5

Race 25 Womens Senior 2 4+ (WS2 4+)

1166Oxford Brookes 13:46.33.6
2167Southampton Univ 14:21.63.5
3165Auriol Kensington 14:30.73.4

Race 26 Womens Senior 2 2X (WS2 2X)

1195Henley RC 14:40.73.4
2196UTRC 14:59.13.3

Race 27 Womens Senior 2 2- (WS2 2-)

177Auriol Kensington 16:08.53.1

Race 28 Womens Senior 3 4X (WS3 4X)

1127Henley RC 14:29.73.4
2128Headington SchoolA15:38.23.2

Race 29 Womens Senior 3 4+ (WS3 4+)

1171Henley RC 14:19.13.5
2168Auriol Kensington 14:42.23.4
3173Oxford Brookes 14:53.33.4
4172Milton Keynes 14:56.13.3
5176Westminster School 15:07.73.3
6170Guildford RC 16:01.33.1
779Royal Holloway Univ 16:40.03.0
8174Southampton UnivA17:00.42.9
9175Southampton UnivB17:29.72.9

Race 30 Womens Senior 3 2X (WS3 2X)

369Maidenhead RC 14:58.93.3
568Henley RC 15:35.33.2

Race 31 Womens 4+ Novice (WN 4+)

180Southampton UnivA16:16.83.1
281Southampton UnivB16:51.43.0
378Milton Keynes 18:31.92.7

Race 32 Womens 2X Novice (WN 2X)

1199UTRC 15:56.93.1
2197Headington SchoolA16:33.13.0
3198Headington SchoolB18:29.02.7

Race 33 Men Junior 4X (MJ 4X)

1125UTRC 12:05.44.1
2124St Georges CollegePenalty12:36.34.0
3123St Edwards School 12:36.84.0

Race 34 Men Junior 4+ (MJ 4+)

2142Bedford School 13:28.53.7

Race 36 Men Junior 2X (MJ 2X)

156St Georges CollegeA12:55.63.9
257St Georges CollegeB12:58.83.9
355Guildford RC BVerkerk14:27.13.5
454Guildford RC AStranson14:57.63.3

Race 37 Men Junior 2- (MJ 2-)

163Bedford SchoolC14:07.33.5
264Bedford SchoolD14:14.63.5
361Bedford SchoolA14:29.63.4
465Bedford SchoolE14:33.63.4
562Bedford SchoolB14:48.83.4
6105Bedford School 14:51.33.4

Race 38 Men Junior 16 4X (MJ16 4X)

1126St Georges College 12:51.83.9
219Henley RCA13:00.83.8
320Henley RCB14:06.83.5

Race 39 Men Junior 16 4+ (MJ16 4+)

1158Reading Bluecoat School 13:43.83.6
2157Sir William Borlaise 13:44.23.6

Race 41 Men Junior 15 2X (MJ15 2X)

188Henley RC 14:50.43.4
258UTRC 16:53.33.0

Race 42 Men Junior 14 4X+ (MJ14 4X+)

1101St Georges College 14:32.73.4

Race 44 Women Junior 4X (WJ 4X)

1129Headington SchoolB13:51.13.6
2131Sir William Borlaise 15:02.13.3
3130St Georges College 15:45.73.2

Race 45 Women Junior 4+ (WJ 4+)

166Henley RC 14:07.53.5
267Westminster School 14:58.43.3

Race 46 Women Junior 2X (WJ 2X)

175Sir William Borlaise 14:35.73.4
2103Maidenhead RC 14:46.13.4
376UTRC 15:29.83.2

Race 48 Women Junior 16 4X (WJ16 4X)

121Maidenhead RC 13:25.93.7
222Sir William Borlaise 16:00.13.1

Race 49 Women Junior 16 2X (WJ16 2X)

1200Maidenhead RCA14:47.13.4
2201Maidenhead RCB16:17.43.1
3202Sir William BorlaiseA17:21.82.9

Race 50 Women Junior 15 4X (WJ15 4X)

185Henley RC 14:55.43.4
283Headington SchoolA15:32.43.2
384Headington SchoolB18:06.22.8

Race 51 Women Junior 15 2X (WJ15 2X)

189Maidenhead RC 15:24.43.2
290St Georges CollegeA15:33.03.2
387Headington SchoolB15:57.43.1
486Headington SchoolA16:10.93.1
593UTRC 16:12.83.1
691St Georges CollegeB17:50.52.8

Race 52 Women Junior 14 4X+ (WJ14 4X+)

199Henley RCA14:48.73.4
296Headington SchoolB15:54.13.1
3100Henley RCB15:56.83.1
4104Maidenhead RC 16:15.33.1
597Headington SchoolC17:36.72.8
698Headington SchoolD17:42.32.8

Race 53 Women Junior 14 2X (WJ14 2X)

1212Maidenhead RC 16:33.03.0
2208Headington SchoolA17:38.92.8
3210Headington SchoolC18:43.32.7
4209Headington SchoolB18:44.02.7

Race 55 Men Vet C 4- (MVC 4-)

1120UTRC / Bedford 14:03.93.6

Race 56 Men Vet D 4- (MVD 4-)

149UTRC 12:40.33.9

Race 57 Men Vet B 2X (MVB 2X)

151Maidenhead RC 13:44.23.6
252Lymington RC 13:59.83.6

Race 58 Men Vet C 2X (MVC 2X)

153UTRC 14:48.13.4
282UTRC 16:00.23.1

Race 60 Men Vet F 2- (MVF 2-)

1206Reading RC 16:10.03.1

Race 61 Men Vet C 2- (MVC 2-)

1205Poole ARC 14:33.53.4

Race 62 Men Vet D 4+ (MVD 4+)

150Reading RCPenalty15:13.23.3

Race 63 Women Senior 2 4- (WS2 4-)

148Oxford Brookes 13:38.13.7
246Auriol Kensington 14:03.73.6
347Reading Univ 16:08.63.1

Race 64 Women Senior 1 2X (WS1 2X)


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