Mikrotime UTRC

The Upper Thames
Fours & Pairs Head 2005
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

Organised by the Upper Thames Rowing Club
Run under ARA Rules
Sunday, October 30th 2005

Full Results

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All Crews by Time

11Henley RC MO 4X10:09.34.9
27Oxford Brookes Univ MS2 4X10:36.24.7
38Reading Univ BC MS2 4X10:37.34.7
43Magdalen Coll BC MS2 4X10:50.54.6
55Molesey BCBMS2 4X10:50.94.6
6151Oxford Brookes Univ MO 4-10:51.64.6
725Henley RC MS2 4+10:53.74.6
812Henley RCAMS1 4-10:54.24.6
9168Henley RCAMJ 4X10:54.24.6
10160Oxford Brookes Univ MS2 4-10:55.54.6
1157Oxford Brookes UnivAMS3 4+10:58.54.6
124Maidenhead RC MS2 4X10:59.04.6
1318Thames RC MS1 4-10:59.54.5
149Reading Univ BC MS2 4X11:01.84.5
1523Oxford Brookes Univ MO 4+11:02.74.5
16165Univ West Of England MS2 4-11:03.24.5
17189Thames RC MS1 4+11:03.94.5
1833Univ West Of England MS2 4+11:06.04.5
19156Henley RC MS2 4-11:08.64.5
202Christchurch RC MS2 4X11:14.94.4
2110Auriol KensingtonAMS1 4-11:18.84.4
2246Auriol Kensington MS3 4+11:22.04.4
23152Thames RC MO 4-11:22.84.4
2477Henley RCAMJ 2X11:24.14.4
2544UTRC MVB 4-11:24.34.4
26187Oxford Brooks UnivAMS1 4+11:27.44.4
2730Oxford Brookes UnivAMS2 4+11:27.74.4
2819TTRCAMS1 4-11:28.24.4
29200Oxford Brookes Univ MS3 2X11:28.64.4
30192Henley RC MO 2X11:29.44.4
3132Reading Univ BC MS2 4+11:32.34.3
3274UTRC MVB 2X11:34.84.3
3343Poole/Warwick MVB 4-11:34.94.3
3421UTRC MS1 4-11:36.74.3
35185Molesey BCGMS1 4+11:36.94.3
3629Milton Keynes MS2 4+11:37.44.3
3772Oxford Brookes Univ MS2 2X11:38.74.3
3856Molesey BCEMS3 4+11:45.14.3
39197Henley RC MS3 2X11:45.54.3
40164Thames RCPenMS2 4-11:45.74.3
41198Molesey BCJMS3 2X11:46.14.2
42157Maidenhead RC MS2 4-11:46.74.2
43166Poole/Warwick MS2 4-11:49.24.2
4460Southampton UnivAMS3 4+11:51.04.2
4527Magdalen Coll BC MS2 4+11:51.14.2
4665UTRC MS3 4+11:51.84.2
4741ULWBC WS2 4X11:53.84.2
4869UTRC MVD 4-11:54.14.2
49195UTRC MO 2X11:55.04.2
5035UTRC WO 4X11:55.34.2
51186Molesey BCHMS1 4+11:56.64.2
52188Oxford Brooks UnivBMS1 4+11:56.74.2
53169Henley RCBMJ 4X11:56.84.2
5471Henley RC MS2 2X11:56.94.2
5526Loughborough Students MS2 4+11:57.04.2
56216Reading Univ BC MN 4+11:59.04.2
5734Henley RC WO 4X12:00.04.2
58167Emanuel School MJ 4X12:01.74.2
5914Molesey BCC PenMS1 4-12:01.94.2
60162Southampton UnivAMS2 4-12:02.34.2
6115Oxford Brookes UnivTime OnlyTime12:02.94.1
62206Oxford Brookes Univ MN 2X12:03.64.1
63193Molesey BCIMO 2X12:04.74.1
6422Molesey BCAMO 4+12:06.34.1
6583Oxford Brookes Univ MS1 2-12:06.34.1
66183Loughborough Students MS1 4+12:06.94.1
6728Maidenhead RC MS2 4+12:08.84.1
6879Henley RCCMJ 2X12:09.14.1
69202UTRC MS3 2X12:09.14.1
7068Abingdon RC MVD 4-12:09.54.1
716Molesey BCDMS2 4X12:10.34.1
7245Abingdon RC MS3 4+12:10.54.1
73196Winchester College MO 2X12:11.14.1
7440Oxford Brookes Univ WS2 4X12:11.74.1
7573Westover & Bournmouth MS2 2X12:12.44.1
7642UTRC MN 4X12:12.94.1
7716Southampton UnivAMS1 4-12:13.54.1
78159Molesey BCFMS2 4-12:13.74.1
7970Christchurch RC MS2 2X12:15.04.1
8063Univ Of Surrey MS3 4+12:15.44.1
81219Univ West Of England MS3 4+12:16.14.1
82221Oxford Brookes Univ MO 2-12:16.84.1
8359Pembroke Coll Oxf MS3 4+12:17.84.1
84208Reading Univ BC MN 2X12:20.44.1
85161Reading Univ BC MS2 4-12:20.64.1
86178Maidenhead RCAWJ 4X12:22.64.0
8758Oxford Brookes UnivBMS3 4+12:22.64.0
88241Henley RC MS2 2-12:24.24.0
8962Thames RC MS3 4+12:25.14.0
9082Henley RC MS1 2-12:25.44.0
91191Christchurch RC MO 2X12:25.84.0
9239Maidenhead RC WS2 4X12:26.14.0
9311Auriol KensingtonBMS1 4-12:26.54.0
9464Univ West Of EnglandPenMS3 4+12:26.84.0
9550Guildford RC MS3 4+12:27.24.0
96203Westover & Bournmouth MS3 2X12:27.44.0
97153Abingdon RC MS2 4-12:28.24.0
98181Christchurch RC MS1 4+12:30.44.0
99236Southampton UnivAWS3 4+12:33.14.0
100234Oxford Brookes Univ WS3 4+12:36.64.0
10120TTRCBMS1 4-12:36.74.0
102176ULWBC WS3 4X12:38.34.0
103179Maidenhead RCBWJ 4X12:38.94.0
104204Headington School OxfordPenMN 2X12:40.63.9
105201Reading Univ BC MS3 2X12:40.73.9
106220Auriol Kensington MO 2-12:41.53.9
10717Southampton UnivBMS1 4-12:41.93.9
108172Henley RC WS3 4X12:42.73.9
109252UTRC MVD 2-12:43.23.9
11085Auriol Kensington Time OnlyW Sen 3 4+Time12:43.83.9
11178Henley RCBMJ 2X12:44.03.9
11224Auriol Kensington MS2 4+12:46.53.9
113182Guildford RC MS1 4+12:46.73.9
114190Abingdon RC MVD 4+12:49.63.9
115154Auriol KensingtonAMS2 4-12:52.03.9
116227Auriol KensingtonBWS3 4+12:53.73.9
117253Wallingford RCPenMVD 2-12:54.23.9
11884Auriol Kensington Time OnlyW Sen 3 4+Time12:54.33.9
119155Auriol KensingtonBMS2 4-12:56.23.9
12047Exeter RCAMS3 4+12:56.53.9
12152Imperial College Medics BCAMS3 4+12:56.53.9
122256Henley RC WS2 2X12:56.93.9
123184Lymington ARC WS1 2-12:57.73.9
124242Oxford Brookes Univ MS2 2-12:59.33.8
12548Exeter RCBMS3 4+13:00.13.8
126250Southampton Univ MS3 2-13:01.33.8
127217Southampton UnivAMN 4+13:01.73.8
128245Auriol KensingtonBMS3 2-13:02.03.8
129213Imperial College Medics BCAMN 4+13:02.13.8
13099Maidenhead RCAWJ 2X13:02.53.8
131239UTRC WS3 4+13:03.43.8
132105Southampton UnivAWN 4+13:04.03.8
13337Headington School OxfordBWJ 4X13:05.33.8
134254Henley RC WO 2X13:06.33.8
135174Maidenhead RC WS3 4X13:06.53.8
13681Guildford RC MS1 2-13:06.83.8
13776Walbrook MVC 2X13:06.93.8
138226Auriol KensingtonAWS3 4+13:07.13.8
139261Headington School Oxford WJ 4X13:08.43.8
140163Southampton UnivBMS2 4-13:09.83.8
141258UTRC/Maidenhead WS2 2X13:12.43.8
142177Henley RC WJ 4X13:12.73.8
14354Loughborough StudentsAMS3 4+13:15.13.8
144257UTRC WS2 2X13:15.73.8
145251Univ Of Surrey MS3 2-13:15.93.8
146158Milton Keynes MS2 4-13:16.93.8
147100Maidenhead RCBWJ 2X13:17.63.8
148103Oxford Brookes UnivTime OnlyTime13:20.13.7
149246Auriol KensingtonC Time OnlyTime13:21.13.7
15036Headington School OxfordAWS2 4X13:22.43.7
151223Maidenhead RC WS2 4+13:24.93.7
152224Milton Keynes WS2 4+13:24.93.7
153225ULWBC WS2 4+13:25.63.7
15489Henley RC WS3 2X13:25.73.7
15549Exeter RCCMS3 4+13:26.43.7
156249Oxford Brookes Univ MS3 2-13:26.93.7
157199Molesey BCLMS3 2X13:27.93.7
158171Henley RC WS3 4X13:31.53.7
159215Pembroke Coll OxfPenMN 4+13:32.23.7
160101Maidenhead RCCWJ 2X13:33.33.7
16187Headington School Oxford WJ 4+13:33.63.7
162104Reading Univ BC WN 4+13:34.63.7
16361Southampton UnivBMS3 4+13:36.83.7
164209Univ West Of England MN 2X13:40.03.7
165173Loughborough Students WS3 4X13:46.73.6
166115Maidenhead RCAWJ15 2X13:48.33.6
16796Headington School OxfordAWJ 2X13:49.13.6
168124Henley RCAWJ14 4X+13:49.53.6
16967Maidenhead RC WS2 4-13:49.63.6
17098Headington School OxfordCWJ 2X13:50.83.6
171237Southampton UnivBWS3 4+13:50.93.6
17292Reading Univ BC WS3 2X13:51.73.6
173120Headington School OxfordAWJ14 4X+13:52.13.6
174235Reading Univ BC WS3 4+13:53.03.6
17575UTRC MVC 2X13:54.53.6
176240Guildford RC MS2 2-13:55.63.6
177211Christchurch RC MVD 2X13:57.33.6
178102UTRC WJ 2X13:57.63.6
179175Oxford Brookes Univ WS3 4X13:59.23.6
180230Guildford RC WS3 4+14:00.73.6
181125Henley RCBWJ14 4X+14:04.23.6
182214Imperial College Medics BCBMN 4+14:05.03.6
18338Loughborough Students WS2 4X14:08.13.5
184106Southampton UnivBWN 4+14:08.53.5
18595Warwick BC WS3 2X14:09.13.5
18655Loughborough StudentsBMS3 4+14:09.53.5
187231Loughborough StudentsAWS3 4+14:09.83.5
188218Southampton UnivBMN 4+14:11.03.5
189233Maidenhead RC WS3 4+14:14.23.5
190108ULWBC WN 4+14:15.13.5
19180Henley RC MJ15 2X14:16.03.5
192110Headington School Oxford WJ15 2X14:16.33.5
193238ULWBC WS3 4+14:19.73.5
19490Loughborough Students WS3 2X14:21.73.5
195205Loughborough Students MN 2X14:22.93.5
196111Henley RCAWJ15 2X14:24.63.5
197126Maidenhead RC WJ14 4X+14:24.73.5
198119Henley RC13MJ14 4X+14:27.23.5
199109Univ Of Surrey WN 4+14:28.13.5
20086Auriol Kensington Time OnlyW Sen 3 4+Time14:36.93.4
201247Loughborough StudentsA PenMS3 2-14:40.83.4
20288Christchurch RC WS3 2X14:42.03.4
203116Maidenhead RCBWJ15 2X14:47.13.4
204229Christchurch RC WS3 4+14:57.83.3
205212Henley RC MVE 2X14:58.03.3
20691Maidenhead RC WS3 2X15:02.03.3
207259Warwick BC WS2 2X15:03.03.3
208121Headington School OxfordBWJ14 4X+15:03.63.3
209113Henley RCCWJ15 2X15:05.63.3
210112Henley RCBWJ15 2X15:07.93.3
211118Henley RC14MJ14 4X+15:08.03.3
212114Henley RCDWJ15 2X15:14.83.3
213255Headington School Oxford WS2 2X15:34.23.2
214232Loughborough StudentsBWS3 4+15:39.33.2
215248Loughborough StudentsB PenMS3 2-15:54.93.1
216117UTRC WJ15 2X16:12.53.1
217107Southampton UnivC Time OnlyTime16:36.33.0
218123Headington School OxfordDWJ14 4X+16:44.73.0
219122Headington School OxfordCWJ14 4X+19:23.12.6


Race 1 Men 4X Open (MO 4X)

11Henley RC 10:09.34.9

Race 2 Men 4- Open (MO 4-)

1151Oxford Brookes Univ 10:51.64.6
2152Thames RC 11:22.84.4

Race 3 Men 4+ Open (MO 4+)

123Oxford Brookes Univ 11:02.74.5
222Molesey BCA12:06.34.1

Race 4 Men 2X Open (MO 2X)

1192Henley RC 11:29.44.4
2195UTRC 11:55.04.2
3193Molesey BCI12:04.74.1
4196Winchester College 12:11.14.1
5191Christchurch RC 12:25.84.0

Race 5 Men 2- Open (MO 2-)

1221Oxford Brookes Univ 12:16.84.1
2220Auriol Kensington 12:41.53.9

Race 7 Men Senior 1 4- (MS1 4-)

112Henley RCA10:54.24.6
218Thames RC 10:59.54.5
310Auriol KensingtonA11:18.84.4
521UTRC 11:36.74.3
614Molesey BCC Pen12:01.94.2
716Southampton UnivA12:13.54.1
811Auriol KensingtonB12:26.54.0
1017Southampton UnivB12:41.93.9

Race 8 Men Senior 1 4+ (MS1 4+)

1189Thames RC 11:03.94.5
2187Oxford Brooks UnivA11:27.44.4
3185Molesey BCG11:36.94.3
4186Molesey BCH11:56.64.2
5188Oxford Brooks UnivB11:56.74.2
6183Loughborough Students 12:06.94.1
7181Christchurch RC 12:30.44.0
8182Guildford RC 12:46.73.9

Race 9 Men Senior 1 2- (MS1 2-)

183Oxford Brookes Univ 12:06.34.1
282Henley RC 12:25.44.0
381Guildford RC 13:06.83.8

Race 10 Men Senior 2 4X (MS2 4X)

17Oxford Brookes Univ 10:36.24.7
28Reading Univ BC 10:37.34.7
33Magdalen Coll BC 10:50.54.6
45Molesey BCB10:50.94.6
54Maidenhead RC 10:59.04.6
69Reading Univ BC 11:01.84.5
72Christchurch RC 11:14.94.4
86Molesey BCD12:10.34.1

Race 11 Men Senior 2 4+ (MS2 4+)

125Henley RC 10:53.74.6
233Univ West Of England 11:06.04.5
330Oxford Brookes UnivA11:27.74.4
432Reading Univ BC 11:32.34.3
529Milton Keynes 11:37.44.3
627Magdalen Coll BC 11:51.14.2
726Loughborough Students 11:57.04.2
828Maidenhead RC 12:08.84.1
924Auriol Kensington 12:46.53.9

Race 12 Men Senior 2 4- (MS2 4-)

1160Oxford Brookes Univ 10:55.54.6
2165Univ West Of England 11:03.24.5
3156Henley RC 11:08.64.5
4164Thames RCPen11:45.74.3
5157Maidenhead RC 11:46.74.2
6166Poole/Warwick 11:49.24.2
7162Southampton UnivA12:02.34.2
8159Molesey BCF12:13.74.1
9161Reading Univ BC 12:20.64.1
10153Abingdon RC 12:28.24.0
11154Auriol KensingtonA12:52.03.9
12155Auriol KensingtonB12:56.23.9
13163Southampton UnivB13:09.83.8
14158Milton Keynes 13:16.93.8

Race 13 Men Senior 2 2X (MS2 2X)

172Oxford Brookes Univ 11:38.74.3
271Henley RC 11:56.94.2
373Westover & Bournmouth 12:12.44.1
470Christchurch RC 12:15.04.1

Race 14 Men Senior 2 2- (MS2 2-)

1241Henley RC 12:24.24.0
2242Oxford Brookes Univ 12:59.33.8
3240Guildford RC 13:55.63.6

Race 15 Men Senior 3 4+ (MS3 4+)

157Oxford Brookes UnivA10:58.54.6
246Auriol Kensington 11:22.04.4
356Molesey BCE11:45.14.3
460Southampton UnivA11:51.04.2
565UTRC 11:51.84.2
645Abingdon RC 12:10.54.1
763Univ Of Surrey 12:15.44.1
8219Univ West Of England 12:16.14.1
959Pembroke Coll Oxf 12:17.84.1
1058Oxford Brookes UnivB12:22.64.0
1162Thames RC 12:25.14.0
1264Univ West Of EnglandPen12:26.84.0
1350Guildford RC 12:27.24.0
1447Exeter RCA12:56.53.9
1552Imperial College Medics BCA12:56.53.9
1648Exeter RCB13:00.13.8
1754Loughborough StudentsA13:15.13.8
1849Exeter RCC13:26.43.7
1961Southampton UnivB13:36.83.7
2055Loughborough StudentsB14:09.53.5

Race 16 Men Senior 3 2X (MS3 2X)

1200Oxford Brookes Univ 11:28.64.4
2197Henley RC 11:45.54.3
3198Molesey BCJ11:46.14.2
4202UTRC 12:09.14.1
5203Westover & Bournmouth 12:27.44.0
6201Reading Univ BC 12:40.73.9
7199Molesey BCL13:27.93.7

Race 17 Men Senior 3 2- (MS3 2-)

1250Southampton Univ 13:01.33.8
2245Auriol KensingtonB13:02.03.8
3251Univ Of Surrey 13:15.93.8
4249Oxford Brookes Univ 13:26.93.7
5247Loughborough StudentsA Pen14:40.83.4
6248Loughborough StudentsB Pen15:54.93.1

Race 18 Men Novice 4+ (MN 4+)

1216Reading Univ BC 11:59.04.2
2217Southampton UnivA13:01.73.8
3213Imperial College Medics BCA13:02.13.8
4215Pembroke Coll OxfPen13:32.23.7
5214Imperial College Medics BCB14:05.03.6
6218Southampton UnivB14:11.03.5

Race 19 Men Novice 2X (MN 2X)

1206Oxford Brookes Univ 12:03.64.1
2208Reading Univ BC 12:20.44.1
3204Headington School OxfordPen12:40.63.9
4209Univ West Of England 13:40.03.7
5205Loughborough Students 14:22.93.5

Race 20 Men Novice 4X (MN 4X)

142UTRC 12:12.94.1

Race 21 Women 4X Open (WO 4X)

135UTRC 11:55.34.2
234Henley RC 12:00.04.2

Race 23 Women 2X Open (WO 2X)

1254Henley RC 13:06.33.8

Race 25 Women Senior 2 4X (WS2 4X)

141ULWBC 11:53.84.2
240Oxford Brookes Univ 12:11.74.1
339Maidenhead RC 12:26.14.0
436Headington School OxfordA13:22.43.7
538Loughborough Students 14:08.13.5

Race 26 Women Senior 2 4+ (WS2 4+)

1223Maidenhead RC 13:24.93.7
2224Milton Keynes 13:24.93.7
3225ULWBC 13:25.63.7

Race 27 Women Senior 2 2X (WS2 2X)

1256Henley RC 12:56.93.9
2258UTRC/Maidenhead 13:12.43.8
3257UTRC 13:15.73.8
4259Warwick BC 15:03.03.3
5255Headington School Oxford 15:34.23.2

Race 29 Women Senior 3 4X (WS3 4X)

1176ULWBC 12:38.34.0
2172Henley RC 12:42.73.9
3174Maidenhead RC 13:06.53.8
4171Henley RC 13:31.53.7
5173Loughborough Students 13:46.73.6
6175Oxford Brookes Univ 13:59.23.6

Race 30 Women Senior 3 4+ (WS3 4+)

1236Southampton UnivA12:33.14.0
2234Oxford Brookes Univ 12:36.64.0
3227Auriol KensingtonB12:53.73.9
4239UTRC 13:03.43.8
5226Auriol KensingtonA13:07.13.8
6237Southampton UnivB13:50.93.6
7235Reading Univ BC 13:53.03.6
8230Guildford RC 14:00.73.6
9231Loughborough StudentsA14:09.83.5
10233Maidenhead RC 14:14.23.5
11238ULWBC 14:19.73.5
12229Christchurch RC 14:57.83.3
13232Loughborough StudentsB15:39.33.2

Race 31 Women Senior 3 2X (WS3 2X)

189Henley RC 13:25.73.7
292Reading Univ BC 13:51.73.6
395Warwick BC 14:09.13.5
490Loughborough Students 14:21.73.5
588Christchurch RC 14:42.03.4
691Maidenhead RC 15:02.03.3

Race 32 Women 4+ Novice (WN 4+)

1105Southampton UnivA13:04.03.8
2104Reading Univ BC 13:34.63.7
3106Southampton UnivB14:08.53.5
4108ULWBC 14:15.13.5
5109Univ Of Surrey 14:28.13.5

Race 34 Men Junior 4X (MJ 4X)

1168Henley RCA10:54.24.6
2169Henley RCB11:56.84.2
3167Emanuel School 12:01.74.2

Race 37 Men Junior 2X (MJ 2X)

177Henley RCA11:24.14.4
279Henley RCC12:09.14.1
378Henley RCB12:44.03.9

Race 42 Men Junior 15 2X (MJ15 2X)

180Henley RC 14:16.03.5

Race 43 Men Junior 14 4X+ (MJ14 4X+)

1119Henley RC1314:27.23.5
2118Henley RC1415:08.03.3

Race 45 Women Junior 4X (WJ 4X)

1178Maidenhead RCA12:22.64.0
2179Maidenhead RCB12:38.94.0
337Headington School OxfordB13:05.33.8
4261Headington School Oxford 13:08.43.8
5177Henley RC 13:12.73.8

Race 46 Women Junior 4+ (WJ 4+)

187Headington School Oxford 13:33.63.7

Race 47 Women Junior 2X (WJ 2X)

199Maidenhead RCA13:02.53.8
2100Maidenhead RCB13:17.63.8
3101Maidenhead RCC13:33.33.7
496Headington School OxfordA13:49.13.6
598Headington School OxfordC13:50.83.6
6102UTRC 13:57.63.6

Race 52 Women Junior 15 2X (WJ15 2X)

1115Maidenhead RCA13:48.33.6
2110Headington School Oxford 14:16.33.5
3111Henley RCA14:24.63.5
4116Maidenhead RCB14:47.13.4
5113Henley RCC15:05.63.3
6112Henley RCB15:07.93.3
7114Henley RCD15:14.83.3
8117UTRC 16:12.53.1

Race 53 Women Junior 14 4X+ (WJ14 4X+)

1124Henley RCA13:49.53.6
2120Headington School OxfordA13:52.13.6
3125Henley RCB14:04.23.6
4126Maidenhead RC 14:24.73.5
5121Headington School OxfordB15:03.63.3
6123Headington School OxfordD16:44.73.0
7122Headington School OxfordC19:23.12.6

Race 57 Men Vet D 4- (MVD 4-)

169UTRC 11:54.14.2
268Abingdon RC 12:09.54.1

Race 58 Men Vet B 4- (MVB 4-)

144UTRC 11:24.34.4
243Poole/Warwick 11:34.94.3

Race 59 Men Vet B 2X (MVB 2X)

174UTRC 11:34.84.3

Race 60 Men Vet C 2X (MVC 2X)

176Walbrook 13:06.93.8
275UTRC 13:54.53.6

Race 61 Men Vet D 2X (MVD 2X)

1211Christchurch RC 13:57.33.6

Race 62 Men Vet E 2X (MVE 2X)

1212Henley RC 14:58.03.3

Race 63 Men Vet D 4+ (MVD 4+)

1190Abingdon RC MVD 4+12:49.63.9

Race 65 Women Sen 1 2- (WS1 2-)

1184Lymington ARC 12:57.73.9

Race 66 Women Sen 2 4- (WS2 4-)

167Maidenhead RC 13:49.63.6

Race 67 Time Only (Time)

115Oxford Brookes UnivTime Only12:02.94.1
285Auriol Kensington Time OnlyW Sen 3 4+12:43.83.9
384Auriol Kensington Time OnlyW Sen 3 4+12:54.33.9
4103Oxford Brookes UnivTime Only13:20.13.7
5246Auriol KensingtonC Time Only13:21.13.7
686Auriol Kensington Time OnlyW Sen 3 4+14:36.93.4
7107Southampton UnivC Time Only16:36.33.0

Race 68 Men Vet D 2- (MVD 2-)

1252UTRC 12:43.23.9
2253Wallingford RCPen12:54.23.9

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