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The Henley Junior Head
18th February 2006
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

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Run under ARA Rules
Organised by the Committee of The Henley Junior Head
Saturday 18th February 2006

Full Results

By Division and by Category

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All Crews Division 1

PosnNo.Club/OrgCatA/BRun TimeM/Sec
11Kingston Grammar SchoolMJ18 4+ A12:33.64.0
234Kings College School WimbleOctuple  12:37.64.0
324Pangbourne CollegeMJ16 2X  12:45.43.9
45HeadingtonWJ18 8+  12:59.73.8
53Kingston Grammar SchoolMJ18 4+ B13:00.43.8
630Tideway Scullers SchoolMJ15 2X  13:01.03.8
723Windsor Boys SchoolMJ16 2X A13:05.53.8
829MaidenheadMJ15 2X A13:15.33.8
932MaidenheadMJ15 2X B13:17.03.8
1026St Ives RCMJ16 2X  13:19.43.8
1133Henley RCOctuple  13:19.53.8
1222Tideway ScullersMJ16 2X A13:25.63.7
132Claires Court SchoolMJ18 4+  13:40.23.7
149Bedford High SchoolWJ15 4X+  13:40.93.7
1527Windsor Boys SchoolMJ16 2X B13:47.43.6
1611Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ14 4X+ A13:59.03.6
176Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ18 4X A14:11.03.5
1816Tideway ScullersWJ14 4X+  14:13.23.5
1917Headington SchoolWJ14 4X+ B14:16.33.5
2012Headington SchoolWJ14 4X+ A14:16.43.5
2110Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ15 4X+  14:18.53.5
2235Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolOctuple  14:20.93.5
2331Claires Court SchoolMJ15 2X  14:26.83.5
2414Henley RCWJ14 4X+  14:29.33.5
2513Maidenhead RCWJ14 4X+  14:40.33.4
268St Georges CollegeWJ15 4X+  14:56.43.3
2725Tideway ScullersMJ16 2X B15:00.03.3
2819City Of Oxford RCWJ14 4X+  15:20.13.3
2920Headington SchoolWJ14 4X+ C16:38.23.0
3018Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ14 4X+ C18:28.22.7
3121Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ14 4X+ D20:04.32.5
3215Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolWJ14 4X+ B21:36.42.3

All Crews Division 2

PosnNo.Club/OrgCatA/BRun TimeM/Sec
154Kings School RochesterMJ18 4X  11:35.64.3
251Rgs High WycombeMJ18 4X  11:37.24.3
353Kingston Grammar SchoolMJ18 4X  11:43.24.3
467Windsor BoysMJ15 4X+ A11:48.14.2
556Windsor BoysMJ16 4X  11:49.54.2
666Maidenhead RCMJ15 4X+ A12:11.54.1
765St Georges CollegeMJ15 4X+ A12:25.14.0
858Claires Court SchoolMJ16 4X  12:26.04.0
955Tideway ScullersMJ16 4X A12:30.04.0
1059Tideway ScullersMJ16 4X B12:35.84.0
1157Rgs High WycombeMJ16 4X  13:03.13.8
1269Maidenhead RCMJ15 4X+ B13:08.23.8
1378Headington SchoolWJ18 2X  13:51.53.6
1462Headington SchoolWJ16 4+  13:57.03.6
1574Windsor BoysMJ14 4X+ B13:58.33.6
1660Headington SchoolWJ18 4-  14:06.03.5
1763Bedford High SchoolWJ16 4+  14:07.83.5
1884Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ15 2X B14:10.03.5
1972Windsor BoysMJ14 4X+ A14:18.23.5
2064Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ16 4+  14:26.83.5
2185Headington SchoolWJ15 2X C14:58.93.3
2281Maidenhead/Claires CourtWJ15 2X  15:04.73.3
2376Windsor BoysMJ14 4X+ C15:15.83.3
2479Headington SchoolWJ15 2X A15:36.43.2
2582Headington SchoolWJ15 2X B15:36.73.2
2680Kingston Grammar SchoolWJ15 2X A15:59.13.1
2783Claires Court SchoolWJ15 2X  16:04.53.1
2877Windsor BoysMJ14 4X+ D17:02.22.9
2975Kings School RochesterMJ14 4X+  19:28.92.6

Race 3 MJ18 4+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
11Kingston Grammar SchoolA12:33.64.0
23Kingston Grammar SchoolB13:00.43.8
32Claires Court School 13:40.23.7

Race 4 WJ18 8+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
15Headington 12:59.73.8

Race 5 WJ18 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
16Kingston Grammar SchoolA14:11.03.5

Race 6 WJ15 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
19Bedford High School 13:40.93.7
210Kingston Grammar School 14:18.53.5
38St Georges College 14:56.43.3

Race 7 WJ14 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
111Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolA13:59.03.6
216Tideway Scullers 14:13.23.5
317Headington SchoolB14:16.33.5
412Headington SchoolA14:16.43.5
514Henley RC 14:29.33.5
613Maidenhead RC 14:40.33.4
719City Of Oxford RC 15:20.13.3
820Headington SchoolC16:38.23.0
918Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolC18:28.22.7
1021Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolD20:04.32.5
1115Lady Eleanor Holles SchoolB21:36.42.3

Race 8 MJ16 2X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
124Pangbourne College 12:45.43.9
223Windsor Boys SchoolA13:05.53.8
326St Ives RC 13:19.43.8
422Tideway ScullersA13:25.63.7
527Windsor Boys SchoolB13:47.43.6
625Tideway ScullersB15:00.03.3

Race 9 MJ15 2X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
130Tideway Scullers School 13:01.03.8
431Claires Court School 14:26.83.5

Race 10 Octuple

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
134Kings College School Wimble 12:37.64.0
233Henley RC 13:19.53.8
335Lady Eleanor Holles School 14:20.93.5

Race 12 MJ18 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
154Kings School Rochester 11:35.64.3
251Rgs High Wycombe 11:37.24.3
353Kingston Grammar School 11:43.24.3

Race 13 MJ16 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
156Windsor Boys 11:49.54.2
258Claires Court School 12:26.04.0
355Tideway ScullersA12:30.04.0
459Tideway ScullersB12:35.84.0
557Rgs High Wycombe 13:03.13.8

Race 14 WJ18 4-

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
160Headington School 14:06.03.5

Race 15 WJ16 4+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
162Headington School 13:57.03.6
263Bedford High School 14:07.83.5
364Kingston Grammar School 14:26.83.5

Race 16 MJ15 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
167Windsor BoysA11:48.14.2
266Maidenhead RCA12:11.54.1
365St Georges CollegeA12:25.14.0
469Maidenhead RCB13:08.23.8

Race 17 MJ14 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
174Windsor BoysB13:58.33.6
272Windsor BoysA14:18.23.5
376Windsor BoysC15:15.83.3
477Windsor BoysD17:02.22.9
575Kings School Rochester 19:28.92.6

Race 18 WJ18 2X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
178Headington School 13:51.53.6

Race 19 WJ15 2X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BRun TimeM/Sec
184Kingston Grammar SchoolB14:10.03.5
285Headington SchoolC14:58.93.3
381Maidenhead/Claires Court 15:04.73.3
479Headington SchoolA15:36.43.2
582Headington SchoolB15:36.73.2
680Kingston Grammar SchoolA15:59.13.1
783Claires Court School 16:04.53.1

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