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The National Junior Sculling Head
8th March 2006
Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

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Run under ARA Rules
Organised by 'The Scullery'
Wednesday 8th March 2006

Full Results

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Race 1 OJ16 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
11Marlow RCA11:41.204.6
22Windsor Boys SchA11:
34Walton RCA12:
425Windsor Boys SchB12:25.644.44.3
53George WatsonsA12:26.845.64.3
66Wallingford RCA12:
711Notts Schs RAA12:38.357.14.2
89Star ClubA12:40.959.74.2
917Kings Sch ElyA12:43.81:02.64.2
105Claires Court SchA12:47.31:06.14.2
1113Kingston RCA12:49.11:07.94.2
1222Bradford GSA12:51.61:10.44.1
1312Merchant Taylors SchA12:52.51:11.34.1
1420Evesham RCA12:55.31:14.14.1
157Tideway ScullersA12:56.11:14.94.1
1623American SchA13:11.81:30.64.0
1815Kings Sch WorcsA13:17.61:36.44.0
1910RGS High WycombeA13:21.31:40.14.0
2019Hereford Cath SchA13:44.82:03.63.9
2121Bryanston SchA13:54.12:12.93.8
2224Wycliffe ScullingA13:57.02:15.83.8
2329Kings Sch ElyB13:58.02:16.83.8
2430American SchB14:47.63:06.43.6
2516Kings Sch RochA14:48.63:07.43.6
2628RGS High WycombeB15:24.23:43.03.5
2726Wycliffe ScullingB16:56.95:15.73.1

Race 2 WJ18 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
136Maidenhead RCA13:20.504.0
231Dame Alice HarpurA13:
335St Neots RCA13:
433Warrington RCA13:55.434.93.8
537Kings Sch CantA14:24.91:04.43.7
641Canford SchA14:35.41:14.93.7
742American SchA15:01.21:40.73.6
834Stourport RCA15:43.02:22.53.4
939Eton Excelsior RCA15:48.02:27.53.4
1038Godolphin & LatymerA15:53.22:32.73.4
1132Wycliffe ScullingA16:06.42:45.93.3
1240Cheltenham LadiesA17:18.33:57.83.1
1344Canford SchB17:43.94:23.43.0

Race 3 OJ15 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
145Windsor Boys SchA12:38.104.2
248Maidenhead RCA12:
354Newark RCA12:
467Windsor Boys SchB12:53.415.34.1
546St Georges CollA13:
647Dulwich CollA13:09.731.64.1
765Angel BCA13:13.435.34.0
853Norwich SchA13:25.847.74.0
1051Sir William BorlaseA13:57.61:19.53.8
1164Bradford GSA14:08.01:29.93.8
1258Kings Sch ChesterA14:21.11:43.03.7
1368Monkton Combe SchB14:22.71:44.63.7
1466St Georges CollB14:22.91:44.83.7
1559Kings Coll Sch WimbA14:28.51:50.43.7
1660Gloucester RCA14:34.01:55.93.7
1757Kings Sch RochA14:42.42:04.33.6
1855Monkton Combe SchA14:45.02:06.93.6
1950Thames RCA14:51.82:13.73.6
2056Loch Lomond ARCA15:20.82:42.73.5
2169St Georges CollC15:22.32:44.23.5
2263Bryanston SchA15:30.92:52.83.4
2352RGS High WycombeA15:31.42:53.33.4
2461Clifton CollA16:40.14:02.03.2

Race 4 WJ14 8X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
178Bedford High SchA13:53.903.8
277Headington SchA13:
371Henley RCA14:
575Kings Sch WorcsA14:
673St Georges CollA15:42.11:48.23.4
776Kings Sch ChesterA15:47.61:53.73.4
872Putney High SchA15:55.02:01.13.4
974St Edwards SchA16:40.22:46.33.2

Race 5 WJ14 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
280Marlow RCA14:32.525.63.7
384Tideway ScullersA14:
496Maidenhead RCA14:
5101Headington SchA14:
686Star ClubA14:
785Surbiton High SchA15:
8105Dame Alice HarpurA15:21.01:14.13.5
987Sir William PerkinsA15:33.01:26.13.4
1088Sir William BorlaseA15:36.81:29.93.4
1194Northwich RCA15:37.61:30.73.4
12104Eton Excelsior RCA15:41.01:34.13.4
1393Oxford City RCA15:41.71:34.83.4
1482Warrington RCA15:42.41:35.53.4
15103Evesham RCA15:46.61:39.73.4
16108Sir William BorlaseB15:47.51:40.63.4
17102Gloucester RCA15:48.41:41.53.4
1898Kingston RCA15:50.61:43.73.4
1995Merchant Taylors SchA15:52.41:45.53.4
20107Avon CountyA16:02.61:55.73.3
21112Eton Excelsior RCB16:17.92:11.03.3
2289Royal Chester RCA16:33.92:27.03.2
23115Sir William BorlaseD16:43.22:36.33.2
24109Kingston GSB16:50.42:43.53.2
2597Llandaff RCA16:58.32:51.43.1
26100Kings Sch WorcsA17:36.43:29.53.0
27111Headington SchB17:53.13:46.23.0
29106Bryanston SchA18:26.14:19.22.9
3092Pangbourne CollA18:35.94:29.02.9
31110Kings Sch WorcsB18:39.74:32.82.9
32113Avon CountyB18:39.84:32.92.9
3391Putney HighA19:05.54:58.62.8
3499Kingston GSA19:12.15:05.22.8
35114Sir William BorlaseC20:52.76:45.82.6
3690RGS WorcsA23:39.69:32.72.3

Race 6 OJ18 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
1124Maidenhead RCA10:56.404.9
2120Windsor Boys SchA11:
4121Walton RCA11:
5125Henley RCA11:
6135Marlow RCA11:23.827.44.7
7122Tiffin SchA11:33.637.24.6
8151Tiffin SchB11:45.849.44.5
10138Leys SchA11:51.555.14.5
11134Merchant Taylor SchA11:57.21:00.84.5
12131Royal Docks RCA11:58.61:02.24.5
13141Hereford Cath SchA11:59.71:03.34.4
14147Avon CountyA12:01.61:05.24.4
15132RGS High WycombeA12:03.61:07.24.4
16143Durham SchA12:03.71:07.34.4
17139Kings Sch RochA12:03.81:07.44.4
18153Marlow RCB12:04.21:07.84.4
19136London Oratory SchA12:04.21:07.84.4
20127Wycliffe ScullingA12:08.11:11.74.4
21144Dulwich CollA12:13.21:16.84.4
22130Shiplake CollA12:14.11:17.74.4
23149Windsor Boys SchB12:14.11:17.74.4
24140Hinksey ScullersA12:23.61:27.24.3
25133Monmouth Co SchA12:26.91:30.54.3
26157Tiffin SchC12:30.91:34.54.3
27145Canford SchA12:31.71:35.34.3
28129Stourport RCA12:38.41:42.04.2
29155Kings Sch RochB12:54.81:58.44.1
30154London Oratory SchB13:01.52:05.14.1
31148American SchA13:07.02:10.64.1
32156Dulwich CollB13:11.02:14.64.0
33142George WatsonsA13:11.62:15.24.0
34128Walbrook Teddington SchA13:29.62:33.24.0

Race 7 WJ16 4X

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
1158Henley RCA12:51.304.1
2159Sir William BorlaseA13:
3167Maidenhead RCA13:
4166Marlow RCA13:24.533.24.0
5164St Neots RCA13:38.847.53.9
6165Oxford City RCA13:
7172American SchA13:50.459.13.9
8163Star ClubA13:56.71:05.43.8
9161Wallingford RCA13:58.31:07.03.8
10162Thames RCA14:01.61:10.33.8
11168Kings Sch WorcsA14:52.62:01.33.6
12160Wycliffe ScullingA15:12.82:21.53.5
13170Cheltenham LadiesA15:38.92:47.63.4
14227Grenville CollA16:14.23:22.93.3
15171Canford SchA16:18.13:26.83.3

Race 8 OJ15 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
1173Notts Sch RAA13:10.004.1

Race 9 WJ15 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
2190Maidenhead RCA13:44.323.83.9
3176Bedford High SchA13:47.527.03.9
4175Kingston GSA13:
5192Loch Lomond ARCA13:59.338.83.8
6203Bedford High SchB14:00.940.43.8
7182Sir William PerkinsA14:11.951.43.8
8189Marlow RCA14:17.456.93.7
9199Dame Alice HarperA14:19.559.03.7
10206Kingston GSB14:24.51:04.03.7
11186Notts Sch RAA14:25.31:04.83.7
12209Dame Alice HarperB14:26.91:06.43.7
13180Surbiton High SchA14:34.11:13.63.7
14196George WatsonsA14:37.81:17.33.6
15197Evesham RCA14:38.91:18.43.6
16204Surbiton High SchB14:39.01:18.53.6
17178Tideway ScullersA14:42.31:21.83.6
18191Llandaff RCA14:43.01:22.53.6
19202Avon CountyA14:46.71:26.23.6
21183Sir William BorlaseA14:54.11:33.63.6
22193Kings Sch WorcsA14:55.81:35.33.6
24179Thames RCA15:06.11:45.63.5
25195Kings Sch CantA15:07.41:46.93.5
26194Kings Sch ElyA15:08.71:48.23.5
27185Putney TownA15:11.11:50.63.5
28198Eton Excelsior RCA15:11.21:50.73.5
29207Kings Sch WorcsB15:24.72:04.23.5
30184Royal Chester RCA15:27.12:06.63.5
31187Northwich RCA15:29.92:09.43.4
32188Merchant TaylorsA15:46.42:25.93.4
33201Canford SchA16:00.42:39.93.3
34210Canford SchB16:53.03:32.53.2
35211Canford SchC17:22.34:01.83.1
36208Kings Sch CantB18:47.25:26.72.8

Race 10 OJ14 4X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
1228George WatsonsA12:29.904.3
2218Tiffin SchA12:42.612.74.2
3213Claires Court SchA13:08.738.84.1
4214Marlow RCA13:
5229Evesham RCA13:15.345.44.0
6212Dulwich CollA13:21.451.54.0
7217Warrington RCA13:22.452.54.0
8216Windsor Boys SchA13:30.11:00.24.0
9233Bideford ARAA13:43.71:13.83.9
10222Kingston GSA14:04.91:35.03.8
11234Bedford ModA14:07.21:37.33.8
12219Sir William BorlaseA14:07.51:37.63.8
14221Reading Bluecoat SchA14:42.42:12.53.6
15220Royal Chester RCA14:43.32:13.43.6
16232Bradford GSA14:57.52:27.63.6
17226Hampton SchA14:58.72:28.83.6
18224Kings Sch ElyA15:00.02:30.13.6
19231Bryanston SchA15:25.82:55.93.5
20241Windsor Boys SchC PEN15:29.22:59.33.4
21236Tiffin SchB15:37.93:08.03.4
22223Kings Sch RochA15:44.33:14.43.4
23237Sir William BorlaseB PEN15:45.73:15.83.4
24235Windsor Boys SchB PEN16:41.64:11.73.2
25242Sir William BorlaseC16:48.84:18.93.2
26240Bedford ModB16:53.94:24.03.2
27169Grenville CollA17:36.85:06.93.0
28239Kings Sch RochB17:52.35:22.43.0
29238Kingston GSB18:03.15:33.23.0

Race 11 OJ14 8X+

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BTime MarginM/Sec
2252Kings Coll Sch WimbA12:29.511.04.3
3251Reading Bluecoats SchA12:41.322.84.2
4257St Pauls SchA12:
5283Latymer Upper SchB12:55.436.94.1
6267Latymer Upper SchA12:58.940.44.1
7269Kings Sch ChesterA13:01.843.34.1
8274Abingdon SchA13:
9254Windsor Boys SchA13:16.558.04.0
10289Abingdon SchB13:19.01:00.54.0
11278St Pauls SchB13:21.41:02.94.0
12256Westminster SchA13:25.71:07.24.0
13253Tiffin SchA13:28.91:10.44.0
14266Monmouth SchA13:30.21:11.73.9
15261Royal Shrewsbury SchA13:30.61:12.13.9
16258St Georges CollA13:32.11:13.63.9
17270Hampton SchA13:33.31:14.83.9
18286Hampton SchB13:39.71:21.23.9
19264Pangbourne CollA13:40.31:21.83.9
20273Bedford SchA13:40.91:22.43.9
21288Bedford SchB13:49.21:30.73.9
23260Shiplake CollA14:02.11:43.63.8
24285Kings Coll Sch WimbB14:02.21:43.73.8
25271Dulwich CollA14:08.51:50.03.8
26280Royal Shrewsbury SchB14:16.71:58.23.7
27265Oratory SchA14:21.92:03.43.7
28268Kingston GSA14:26.12:07.63.7
29291Radley CollC14:30.32:11.83.7
30281Radley CollB14:34.02:15.53.7
31259St Edwards SchA14:43.62:25.13.6
32277Tiffin SchB14:49.52:31.03.6
33263Radley CollA14:52.62:34.13.6
34272Canford SchA14:54.42:35.93.6
35287Canford SchB14:54.92:36.43.6
36292Latymer Upper SchC14:57.62:39.13.6
37284Kings Sch ChesterB15:12.52:54.03.5
38276Westminster SchB15:31.33:12.83.4
39293Canford SchC15:37.33:18.83.4
40255Winchester CollA15:38.43:19.93.4
41262RGS WorcesterA15:41.23:22.73.4
42279Shiplake CollB15:46.03:27.53.4
43282Pangbourne CollB16:23.24:04.73.3


All Crews in Time Order by Division

Race 12 Division 1

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BCatRun TimeM/Sec
11Marlow RCAOJ16 4X 11:41.24.6
22Windsor Boys SchAOJ16 4X 11:46.64.5
34Walton RCAOJ16 4X 12:06.14.4
425Windsor Boys SchBOJ16 4X 12:25.64.3
53George WatsonsAOJ16 4X 12:26.84.3
66Wallingford RCAOJ16 4X 12:32.24.3
745Windsor Boys SchAOJ15 4X+ 12:38.14.2
811Notts Schs RAAOJ16 4X 12:38.34.2
99Star ClubAOJ16 4X 12:40.94.2
1048Maidenhead RCAOJ15 4X+ 12:41.74.2
1117Kings Sch ElyAOJ16 4X 12:43.84.2
125Claires Court SchAOJ16 4X 12:47.34.2
1313Kingston RCAOJ16 4X 12:49.14.2
1422Bradford GSAOJ16 4X 12:51.64.1
1512Merchant Taylors SchAOJ16 4X 12:52.54.1
1654Newark RCAOJ15 4X+ 12:53.04.1
1767Windsor Boys SchBOJ15 4X+ 12:53.44.1
1820Evesham RCAOJ16 4X 12:55.34.1
197Tideway ScullersAOJ16 4X 12:56.14.1
2046St Georges CollAOJ15 4X+ 13:03.24.1
2147Dulwich CollAOJ15 4X+ 13:09.74.1
2223American SchAOJ16 4X 13:11.84.0
2365Angel BCAOJ15 4X+ 13:13.44.0
248StourportAOJ16 4X 13:15.74.0
2515Kings Sch WorcsAOJ16 4X 13:17.64.0
2636Maidenhead RCAWJ18 4X 13:20.54.0
2710RGS High WycombeAOJ16 4X 13:21.34.0
2831Dame Alice HarpurAWJ18 4X 13:24.44.0
2953Norwich SchAOJ15 4X+ 13:25.84.0
3035St Neots RCAWJ18 4X 13:26.34.0
3119Hereford Cath SchAOJ16 4X 13:44.83.9
3278Bedford High SchAWJ14 8X+ 13:53.93.8
3321Bryanston SchAOJ16 4X 13:54.13.8
3433Warrington RCAWJ18 4X 13:55.43.8
3524Wycliffe ScullingAOJ16 4X 13:57.03.8
3649YarmAOJ15 4X+ 13:57.33.8
3777Headington SchAWJ14 8X+ 13:57.53.8
3851Sir William BorlaseAOJ15 4X+ 13:57.63.8
3929Kings Sch ElyBOJ16 4X 13:58.03.8
4071Henley RCAWJ14 8X+ 14:00.53.8
4179LEHAWJ14 4X+ 14:06.93.8
4264Bradford GSAOJ15 4X+ 14:08.03.8
4370LEHAWJ14 8X+ 14:09.83.8
4458Kings Sch ChesterAOJ15 4X+ 14:21.13.7
4568Monkton Combe SchBOJ15 4X+ 14:22.73.7
4666St Georges CollBOJ15 4X+ 14:22.93.7
4737Kings Sch CantAWJ18 4X 14:24.93.7
4859Kings Coll Sch WimbAOJ15 4X+ 14:28.53.7
4980Marlow RCAWJ14 4X+ 14:32.53.7
5060Gloucester RCAOJ15 4X+ 14:34.03.7
5141Canford SchAWJ18 4X 14:35.43.7
5284Tideway ScullersAWJ14 4X+ 14:37.13.6
5396Maidenhead RCAWJ14 4X+ 14:39.13.6
54101Headington SchAWJ14 4X+ 14:41.13.6
5557Kings Sch RochAOJ15 4X+ 14:42.43.6
5675Kings Sch WorcsAWJ14 8X+ 14:44.13.6
5755Monkton Combe SchAOJ15 4X+ 14:45.03.6
5830American SchBOJ16 4X 14:47.63.6
5986Star ClubAWJ14 4X+ 14:48.13.6
6016Kings Sch RochAOJ16 4X 14:48.63.6
6150Thames RCAOJ15 4X+ 14:51.83.6
6242American SchAWJ18 4X 15:01.23.6
6385Surbiton High SchAWJ14 4X+ 15:04.23.5
6456Loch Lomond ARCAOJ15 4X+ 15:20.83.5
65105Dame Alice HarpurAWJ14 4X+ 15:21.03.5
6669St Georges CollCOJ15 4X+ 15:22.33.5
6728RGS High WycombeBOJ16 4X 15:24.23.5
6863Bryanston SchAOJ15 4X+ 15:30.93.4
6952RGS High WycombeAOJ15 4X+ 15:31.43.4
7087Sir William PerkinsAWJ14 4X+ 15:33.03.4
7188Sir William BorlaseAWJ14 4X+ 15:36.83.4
7294Northwich RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:37.63.4
73104Eton Excelsior RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:41.03.4
7493Oxford City RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:41.73.4
7573St Georges CollAWJ14 8X+ 15:42.13.4
7682Warrington RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:42.43.4
7734Stourport RCAWJ18 4X 15:43.03.4
78103Evesham RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:46.63.4
79108Sir William BorlaseBWJ14 4X+ 15:47.53.4
8076Kings Sch ChesterAWJ14 8X+ 15:47.63.4
8139Eton Excelsior RCAWJ18 4X 15:48.03.4
82102Gloucester RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:48.43.4
8398Kingston RCAWJ14 4X+ 15:50.63.4
8495Merchant Taylors SchAWJ14 4X+ 15:52.43.4
8538Godolphin & LatymerAWJ18 4X 15:53.23.4
8672Putney High SchAWJ14 8X+ 15:55.03.4
87107Avon CountyAWJ14 4X+ 16:02.63.3
8832Wycliffe ScullingAWJ18 4X 16:06.43.3
89112Eton Excelsior RCBWJ14 4X+ 16:17.93.3
9089Royal Chester RCAWJ14 4X+ 16:33.93.2
9161Clifton CollAOJ15 4X+ 16:40.13.2
9274St Edwards SchAWJ14 8X+ 16:40.23.2
93115Sir William BorlaseDWJ14 4X+ 16:43.23.2
94109Kingston GSBWJ14 4X+ 16:50.43.2
9526Wycliffe ScullingBOJ16 4X 16:56.93.1
9697Llandaff RCAWJ14 4X+ 16:58.33.1
9740Cheltenham LadiesAWJ18 4X 17:18.33.1
98100Kings Sch WorcsAWJ14 4X+ 17:36.43.0
9944Canford SchBWJ18 4X 17:43.93.0
100111Headington SchBWJ14 4X+ 17:53.13.0
10181YarmAWJ14 4X+ 18:20.62.9
102106Bryanston SchAWJ14 4X+ 18:26.12.9
10392Pangbourne CollAWJ14 4X+ 18:35.92.9
104110Kings Sch WorcsBWJ14 4X+ 18:39.72.9
105113Avon CountyBWJ14 4X+ 18:39.82.9
10691Putney HighAWJ14 4X+ 19:05.52.8
10799Kingston GSAWJ14 4X+ 19:12.12.8
108114Sir William BorlaseCWJ14 4X+ 20:52.72.6
10990RGS WorcsAWJ14 4X+ 23:39.62.3

Race 13 Division 2

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BCatRun TimeM/Sec
1124Maidenhead RCAOJ18 4X 10:56.44.9
2120Windsor Boys SchAOJ18 4X 11:03.04.8
3126YarmAOJ18 4X 11:06.64.8
4121Walton RCAOJ18 4X 11:09.24.8
5125Henley RCAOJ18 4X 11:16.14.7
6135Marlow RCAOJ18 4X 11:23.84.7
7122Tiffin SchAOJ18 4X 11:33.64.6
8151Tiffin SchBOJ18 4X 11:45.84.5
9150YarmBOJ18 4X 11:48.04.5
10138Leys SchAOJ18 4X 11:51.54.5
11134Merchant Taylor SchAOJ18 4X 11:57.24.5
12131Royal Docks RCAOJ18 4X 11:58.64.5
13141Hereford Cath SchAOJ18 4X 11:59.74.4
14147Avon CountyAOJ18 4X 12:01.64.4
15132RGS High WycombeAOJ18 4X 12:03.64.4
16143Durham SchAOJ18 4X 12:03.74.4
17139Kings Sch RochAOJ18 4X 12:03.84.4
18153Marlow RCBOJ18 4X 12:04.24.4
19136London Oratory SchAOJ18 4X 12:04.24.4
20127Wycliffe ScullingAOJ18 4X 12:08.14.4
21144Dulwich CollAOJ18 4X 12:13.24.4
22130Shiplake CollAOJ18 4X 12:14.14.4
23149Windsor Boys SchBOJ18 4X 12:14.14.4
24140Hinksey ScullersAOJ18 4X 12:23.64.3
25133Monmouth Co SchAOJ18 4X 12:26.94.3
26228George WatsonsAOJ14 4X+ 12:29.94.3
27157Tiffin SchCOJ18 4X 12:30.94.3
28145Canford SchAOJ18 4X 12:31.74.3
29129Stourport RCAOJ18 4X 12:38.44.2
30218Tiffin SchAOJ14 4X+ 12:42.64.2
31158Henley RCAWJ16 4X 12:51.34.1
32155Kings Sch RochBOJ18 4X 12:54.84.1
33154London Oratory SchBOJ18 4X 13:01.54.1
34148American SchAOJ18 4X 13:07.04.1
35213Claires Court SchAOJ14 4X+ 13:08.74.1
36173Notts Sch RAAOJ15 4X+ 13:10.04.1
37156Dulwich CollBOJ18 4X 13:11.04.0
38214Marlow RCAOJ14 4X+ 13:11.24.0
39142George WatsonsAOJ18 4X 13:11.64.0
40229Evesham RCAOJ14 4X+ 13:15.34.0
41159Sir William BorlaseAWJ16 4X 13:19.14.0
42174LEHAWJ15 4X+ 13:20.54.0
43212Dulwich CollAOJ14 4X+ 13:21.44.0
44217Warrington RCAOJ14 4X+ 13:22.44.0
45167Maidenhead RCAWJ16 4X 13:23.14.0
46166Marlow RCAWJ16 4X 13:24.54.0
47128Walbrook Teddington SchAOJ18 4X 13:29.64.0
48216Windsor Boys SchAOJ14 4X+ 13:30.14.0
49164St Neots RCAWJ16 4X 13:38.83.9
50233Bideford ARAAOJ14 4X+ 13:43.73.9
51190Maidenhead RCAWJ15 4X+ 13:44.33.9
52176Bedford High SchAWJ15 4X+ 13:47.53.9
53165Oxford City RCAWJ16 4X 13:50.23.9
54172American SchAWJ16 4X 13:50.43.9
55175Kingston GSAWJ15 4X+ 13:51.03.9
56163Star ClubAWJ16 4X 13:56.73.8
57161Wallingford RCAWJ16 4X 13:58.33.8
58192Loch Lomond ARCAWJ15 4X+ 13:59.33.8
59203Bedford High SchBWJ15 4X+ 14:00.93.8
60162Thames RCAWJ16 4X 14:01.63.8
61222Kingston GSAOJ14 4X+ 14:04.93.8
62234Bedford ModAOJ14 4X+ 14:07.23.8
63219Sir William BorlaseAOJ14 4X+ 14:07.53.8
64182Sir William PerkinsAWJ15 4X+ 14:11.93.8
65215YarmAOJ14 4X+ 14:15.13.7
66189Marlow RCAWJ15 4X+ 14:17.43.7
67199Dame Alice HarperAWJ15 4X+ 14:19.53.7
68206Kingston GSBWJ15 4X+ 14:24.53.7
69186Notts Sch RAAWJ15 4X+ 14:25.33.7
70209Dame Alice HarperBWJ15 4X+ 14:26.93.7
71180Surbiton High SchAWJ15 4X+ 14:34.13.7
72196George WatsonsAWJ15 4X+ 14:37.83.6
73197Evesham RCAWJ15 4X+ 14:38.93.6
74204Surbiton High SchBWJ15 4X+ 14:39.03.6
75178Tideway ScullersAWJ15 4X+ 14:42.33.6
76221Reading Bluecoat SchAOJ14 4X+ 14:42.43.6
77191Llandaff RCAWJ15 4X+ 14:43.03.6
78220Royal Chester RCAOJ14 4X+ 14:43.33.6
79202Avon CountyAWJ15 4X+ 14:46.73.6
80177YarmAWJ15 4X+ 14:47.23.6
81168Kings Sch WorcsAWJ16 4X 14:52.63.6
82183Sir William BorlaseAWJ15 4X+ 14:54.13.6
83193Kings Sch WorcsAWJ15 4X+ 14:55.83.6
84232Bradford GSAOJ14 4X+ 14:57.53.6
85226Hampton SchAOJ14 4X+ 14:58.73.6
86224Kings Sch ElyAOJ14 4X+ 15:00.03.6
87205LEHBWJ15 4X+ 15:02.03.5
88179Thames RCAWJ15 4X+ 15:06.13.5
89195Kings Sch CantAWJ15 4X+ 15:07.43.5
90194Kings Sch ElyAWJ15 4X+ 15:08.73.5
91185Putney TownAWJ15 4X+ 15:11.13.5
92198Eton Excelsior RCAWJ15 4X+ 15:11.23.5
93160Wycliffe ScullingAWJ16 4X 15:12.83.5
94207Kings Sch WorcsBWJ15 4X+ 15:24.73.5
95231Bryanston SchAOJ14 4X+ 15:25.83.5
96184Royal Chester RCAWJ15 4X+ 15:27.13.5
97241Windsor Boys SchC PENOJ14 4X+ 15:29.23.4
98187Northwich RCAWJ15 4X+ 15:29.93.4
99236Tiffin SchBOJ14 4X+ 15:37.93.4
100170Cheltenham LadiesAWJ16 4X 15:38.93.4
101223Kings Sch RochAOJ14 4X+ 15:44.33.4
102237Sir William BorlaseB PENOJ14 4X+ 15:45.73.4
103188Merchant TaylorsAWJ15 4X+ 15:46.43.4
104201Canford SchAWJ15 4X+ 16:00.43.3
105227Grenville CollAWJ16 4X 16:14.23.3
106171Canford SchAWJ16 4X 16:18.13.3
107235Windsor Boys SchB PENOJ14 4X+ 16:41.63.2
108242Sir William BorlaseCOJ14 4X+ 16:48.83.2
109210Canford SchBWJ15 4X+ 16:53.03.2
110240Bedford ModBOJ14 4X+ 16:53.93.2
111211Canford SchCWJ15 4X+ 17:22.33.1
112169Grenville CollAOJ14 4X+ 17:36.83.0
113239Kings Sch RochBOJ14 4X+ 17:52.33.0
114238Kingston GSBOJ14 4X+ 18:03.13.0
115208Kings Sch CantBWJ15 4X+ 18:47.22.8

Race 14 Division 3

PosnNo.Club/OrgA/BCatRun TimeM/Sec
1250MSRAAOJ14 8X+ 12:18.54.3
2252Kings Coll Sch WimbAOJ14 8X+ 12:29.54.3
3251Reading Bluecoats SchAOJ14 8X+ 12:41.34.2
4257St Pauls SchAOJ14 8X+ 12:54.04.1
5283Latymer Upper SchBOJ14 8X+ 12:55.44.1
6267Latymer Upper SchAOJ14 8X+ 12:58.94.1
7269Kings Sch ChesterAOJ14 8X+ 13:01.84.1
8274Abingdon SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:05.14.1
9254Windsor Boys SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:16.54.0
10289Abingdon SchBOJ14 8X+ 13:19.04.0
11278St Pauls SchBOJ14 8X+ 13:21.44.0
12256Westminster SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:25.74.0
13253Tiffin SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:28.94.0
14266Monmouth SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:30.23.9
15261Royal Shrewsbury SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:30.63.9
16258St Georges CollAOJ14 8X+ 13:32.13.9
17270Hampton SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:33.33.9
18286Hampton SchBOJ14 8X+ 13:39.73.9
19264Pangbourne CollAOJ14 8X+ 13:40.33.9
20273Bedford SchAOJ14 8X+ 13:40.93.9
21288Bedford SchBOJ14 8X+ 13:49.23.9
22275YarmAOJ14 8X+ 14:00.53.8
23260Shiplake CollAOJ14 8X+ 14:02.13.8
24285Kings Coll Sch WimbBOJ14 8X+ 14:02.23.8
25271Dulwich CollAOJ14 8X+ 14:08.53.8
26280Royal Shrewsbury SchBOJ14 8X+ 14:16.73.7
27265Oratory SchAOJ14 8X+ 14:21.93.7
28268Kingston GSAOJ14 8X+ 14:26.13.7
29291Radley CollCOJ14 8X+ 14:30.33.7
30281Radley CollBOJ14 8X+ 14:34.03.7
31259St Edwards SchAOJ14 8X+ 14:43.63.6
32277Tiffin SchBOJ14 8X+ 14:49.53.6
33263Radley CollAOJ14 8X+ 14:52.63.6
34272Canford SchAOJ14 8X+ 14:54.43.6
35287Canford SchBOJ14 8X+ 14:54.93.6
36292Latymer Upper SchCOJ14 8X+ 14:57.63.6
37284Kings Sch ChesterBOJ14 8X+ 15:12.53.5
38276Westminster SchBOJ14 8X+ 15:31.33.4
39293Canford SchCOJ14 8X+ 15:37.33.4
40255Winchester CollAOJ14 8X+ 15:38.43.4
41262RGS WorcesterAOJ14 8X+ 15:41.23.4
42279Shiplake CollBOJ14 8X+ 15:46.03.4
43282Pangbourne CollBOJ14 8X+ 16:23.23.3

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