Mikrotime UTRC

The Upper Thames Fours
& Small Boats Head 2000

Henley-on-Thames, Oxon

Four +

Organised by the Upper Thames Rowing Club
Run under ARA Rules
Sunday, October 22nd 2000

Full Results

Results for All Crews are followed by Category Results
Rowing Speeds based on Course Length: 3.2 Km approx

Race 0 All Crew Times

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
112Isis A10:12.55.2
214Isis C10:27.75.1
313Isis B10:39.95.0
45Reading University BC10:41.65.0
52Bewl Bridge RC10:51.54.9
64Reading Bluecoat School10:57.04.9
7100Henley RC10:58.94.9
83Falcon R&CC10:59.74.9
926Abingdon School11:05.24.8
1123Shoreham RC11:14.84.7
15103Auriol Kensington A11:22.04.7
1611Henley RC11:22.84.7
17105Bedford School11:24.54.7
1815Bedford RC11:26.84.7
20144Isis C11:28.04.7
21112Abingdon School11:28.34.6
22137Henley RC11:29.04.6
2318Auriol Kensington11:29.34.6
2429Bedford School11:29.44.6
25143Isis B11:31.74.6
26145Isis D11:37.74.6
2727Auriol Kensington11:41.54.6
288Henley RC11:41.64.6
29101Bewl Bridge RC11:42.74.6
3035Southampton University B11:49.74.5
31149Isis A11:49.94.5
3219City Of Oxford11:52.14.5
3322Reading University BC11:54.24.5
34138Falcon R&CC11:55.34.5
3528Bedford RC11:55.64.5
36142Isis A11:56.54.5
37123Southampton University A11:57.74.5
38110Southampton University12:00.14.4
39113Bedford School12:00.34.4
4020Henley RC12:05.34.4
4138Henley RC12:06.84.4
4330City Of Oxford12:08.24.4
45107Henley RC12:09.14.4
4616City Of Oxford A12:09.74.4
47139Bedford RC12:10.04.4
4942Henley RC12:12.54.4
50118UTRC/Bedford/City Of Oxford12:13.84.4
51136Bewl Bridge RC12:15.74.3
52104Auriol Kensington B12:16.04.3
53109Ryde RC12:19.04.3
55150Isis B12:20.34.3
56155Isis C12:22.84.3
57153Isis A12:23.54.3
58111Trinity College Oxford A12:27.14.3
59120Bedford School12:27.44.3
6047Bedford School12:27.94.3
61119Abingdon School12:29.14.3
6248Henley RC12:29.84.3
63115Bedford School12:29.94.3
65114Abingdon School12:32.04.3
6634Southampton University A12:33.94.2
67106City Of Oxford12:35.04.2
6833Ryde RC12:35.34.2
6941City Of Oxford12:36.24.2
70132Henley RC A12:38.74.2
7124Stourport RC12:42.14.2
72154Isis B12:44.64.2
7332Henley RC12:46.44.2
7456Reading Bluecoat School12:47.84.2
75700Headington School Crew 012:48.84.2
76148City Of Oxford C12:49.44.2
77128Reading RC12:50.64.2
78130Headington School A12:54.74.1
7931Guildford RC12:56.24.1
80102City Of Oxford13:01.84.1
81166Haberdashers Monmouth13:01.94.1
8265Headington School13:02.64.1
83124Southampton University B13:04.24.1
84159Abingdon School13:04.74.1
8557Haberdashers Monmouth13:05.74.1
86165Auriol Kensington13:07.04.1
8746Abingdon School13:08.14.1
8851Bedford School A13:10.14.0
89127Henley RC13:10.64.0
9074Headington School A13:10.84.0
91162Dover RC13:13.34.0
92188Henley RC13:13.34.0
93187Headington School13:15.34.0
9554Bedford School D13:16.94.0
96168Reading RC13:18.34.0
9749Abingdon School A13:18.44.0
98125Reading University BC13:21.14.0
99160Bedford RC13:22.54.0
10062Henley RC13:23.94.0
10161Headington School13:24.84.0
102151City Of Oxford13:26.14.0
103129Royal Navy/Royal Marines Ar13:27.44.0
104175OUWLRC B13:28.34.0
105126Auriol Kensington13:28.64.0
10675Headington School B13:31.13.9
10784Haberdashers Monmouth13:34.83.9
10868OUWLRC C13:36.83.9
10969OUWLRC D13:37.13.9
110173Headington School13:38.53.9
11158Kings School Worcester A13:39.33.9
11266OUWLRC A13:44.43.9
11371Henley RC13:47.13.9
114176OUWLRC C13:47.73.9
11552Bedford School B13:48.03.9
11625Trinity College Oxford13:48.13.9
11786Henley RC13:48.83.9
11840Ryde RC13:48.93.9
119163Henley RC13:49.53.9
12182Bedford RC13:51.43.8
12255Stourport RC13:51.93.8
123131Headington School B13:53.13.8
124140Auriol Kensington13:53.43.8
125191Headington School13:53.73.8
126169Southampton University13:54.93.8
12760Haberdashers Monmouth13:56.33.8
128147City Of Oxford B13:57.53.8
12985Headington School13:58.43.8
13043Longford RC14:00.33.8
131178Southampton University A14:00.53.8
132133Henley RC B14:01.23.8
13379Headington School14:01.33.8
13459Kings School Worcester B14:02.23.8
135157Stratford Upon Avon14:02.53.8
13772Reading RC14:11.23.8
13867OUWLRC B14:12.03.8
139122Guildford RC14:19.83.7
14044Ryde RC14:20.63.7
141172Haberdashers Monmouth14:21.13.7
142177OUWLRC D14:21.43.7
14380Henley RC14:23.03.7
14483Bewl Bridge RC14:24.23.7
145121Bexhill RC14:28.13.7
146186Haberdashers Monmouth14:29.83.7
14773Stratford Upon Avon14:31.63.7
148174OUWLRC A14:33.23.7
149180Reading Bluecoat School A14:34.93.7
15063Guildford RC14:36.53.7
151164Southampton University14:36.93.6
15278Henley RC B14:40.43.6
153171Guildford RC14:47.33.6
15464Haberdashers Monmouth14:47.93.6
15570Headington School ???14:48.93.6
157152Henley RC14:56.63.6
159190Headington School15:11.33.5
16050Abingdon School B15:24.93.5
16176Headington School C15:32.83.4
162135Walton RC15:40.73.4
16353Bedford School C16:09.73.3
164181Reading Bluecoat School B16:34.33.2
165182UTRC A17:22.33.1
166183UTRC B21:02.92.5

Race 1 Senior 1 4X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec

Race 2 Senior 2 4X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
15Reading University BC10:41.65.0
22Bewl Bridge RC10:51.54.9
34Reading Bluecoat School10:57.04.9
43Falcon R&CC10:59.74.9

Race 3 Vet B 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec

Race 4 Vet C 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
28Henley RC11:41.64.6

Race 5 Vet D 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec

Race 6 Open 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
112Isis A10:12.55.2
214Isis C10:27.75.1
313Isis B10:39.95.0
411Henley RC11:22.84.7

Race 7 Senior 1 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
115Bedford RC11:26.84.7
216City Of Oxford A12:09.74.4

Race 8 Senior 2 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
223Shoreham RC11:14.84.7
418Auriol Kensington11:29.34.6
519City Of Oxford11:52.14.5
622Reading University BC11:54.24.5
728Bedford RC11:55.64.5
820Henley RC12:05.34.4
924Stourport RC12:42.14.2

Race 9 Senior 3 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
126Abingdon School11:05.24.8
229Bedford School11:29.44.6
327Auriol Kensington11:41.54.6
435Southampton University B11:49.74.5
530City Of Oxford12:08.24.4
634Southampton University A12:33.94.2
733Ryde RC12:35.34.2
832Henley RC12:46.44.2
931Guildford RC12:56.24.1

Race 10 Women Senior 2 4X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
138Henley RC12:06.84.4

Race 11 Junior 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec

Race 12 Veteran C 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
142Henley RC12:12.54.4
241City Of Oxford12:36.24.2
343Longford RC14:00.33.8
444Ryde RC14:20.63.7

Race 13 Junior 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
147Bedford School12:27.94.3
248Henley RC12:29.84.3
346Abingdon School13:08.14.1
440Ryde RC13:48.93.9

Race 14 Junior 16 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
151Bedford School A13:10.14.0
254Bedford School D13:16.94.0
349Abingdon School A13:18.44.0
452Bedford School B13:48.03.9
550Abingdon School B15:24.93.5
653Bedford School C16:09.73.3

Race 15 Junior 14 4X+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
156Reading Bluecoat School12:47.84.2
255Stourport RC13:51.93.8

Race 16 Women Junior 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
157Haberdashers Monmouth13:05.74.1
258Kings School Worcester A13:39.33.9
359Kings School Worcester B14:02.23.8

Race 17 Women Junior 16 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
162Henley RC13:23.94.0
261Headington School13:24.84.0
360Haberdashers Monmouth13:56.33.8

Race 18 Women Novice 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
165Headington School13:02.64.1
268OUWLRC C13:36.83.9
366OUWLRC A13:44.43.9
467OUWLRC B14:12.03.8
563Guildford RC14:36.53.7
664Haberdashers Monmouth14:47.93.6

Race 19 Women Senior 3 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1700Headington School Crew 012:48.84.2
271Henley RC13:47.13.9
372Reading RC14:11.23.8
473Stratford Upon Avon14:31.63.7
570Headington School ???14:48.93.6

Race 20 Women Junior 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
174Headington School A13:10.84.0
275Headington School B13:31.13.9
378Henley RC B14:40.43.6
476Headington School C15:32.83.4

Race 21 Women Junior 15 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
279Headington School14:01.33.8
380Henley RC14:23.03.7

Race 22 Women Senior 2 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
184Haberdashers Monmouth13:34.83.9
282Bedford RC13:51.43.8
383Bewl Bridge RC14:24.23.7

Race 23 Women Junior 14 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
186Henley RC13:48.83.9
285Headington School13:58.43.8

Race 24 Open 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1100Henley RC10:58.94.9

Race 25 Senior 1 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1101Bewl Bridge RC11:42.74.6
2102City Of Oxford13:01.84.1

Race 26 Senior 2 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1103Auriol Kensington A11:22.04.7
2105Bedford School11:24.54.7
3110Southampton University12:00.14.4
4107Henley RC12:09.14.4
5104Auriol Kensington B12:16.04.3
6109Ryde RC12:19.04.3
7111Trinity College Oxford A12:27.14.3
8106City Of Oxford12:35.04.2

Race 27 Junior 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1112Abingdon School11:28.34.6
2113Bedford School12:00.34.4

Race 28 Junior 16 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1115Bedford School12:29.94.3
2114Abingdon School12:32.04.3

Race 29 Veteran D 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
3118UTRC/Bedford/City Of Oxford12:13.84.4

Race 30 Novice 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1123Southampton University A11:57.74.5
2120Bedford School12:27.44.3
3119Abingdon School12:29.14.3
4124Southampton University B13:04.24.1
525Trinity College Oxford13:48.13.9
6122Guildford RC14:19.83.7
7121Bexhill RC14:28.13.7

Race 31 Women Open 4-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1125Reading University BC13:21.14.0

Race 32 Women Senior 3 4X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1128Reading RC12:50.64.2
2127Henley RC13:10.64.0
3129Royal Navy/Royal Marines Ar13:27.44.0
4126Auriol Kensington13:28.64.0

Race 33 Women Junior 4X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1132Henley RC A12:38.74.2
2130Headington School A12:54.74.1
3131Headington School B13:53.13.8
4133Henley RC B14:01.23.8

Race 34 Women Vet 4X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
2135Walton RC15:40.73.4

Race 35 Open 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1137Henley RC11:29.04.6
2138Falcon R&CC11:55.34.5
3139Bedford RC12:10.04.4
4136Bewl Bridge RC12:15.74.3

Race 36 Senior 3 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1140Auriol Kensington13:53.43.8

Race 37 Open 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1144Isis C11:28.04.7
2143Isis B11:31.74.6
3145Isis D11:37.74.6
4142Isis A11:56.54.5

Race 38 Senior 1 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1149Isis A11:49.94.5
2150Isis B12:20.34.3
3148City Of Oxford C12:49.44.2
4147City Of Oxford B13:57.53.8

Race 39 Senior 2 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
2155Isis C12:22.84.3
3153Isis A12:23.54.3
4154Isis B12:44.64.2
5151City Of Oxford13:26.14.0
6157Stratford Upon Avon14:02.53.8
7152Henley RC14:56.63.6

Race 40 Senior 3 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1159Abingdon School13:04.74.1
2162Dover RC13:13.34.0
3160Bedford RC13:22.54.0
4163Henley RC13:49.53.9
5164Southampton University14:36.93.6

Race 41 Women Senior 2 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1166Haberdashers Monmouth13:01.94.1
2165Auriol Kensington13:07.04.1
3168Reading RC13:18.34.0
4169Southampton University13:54.93.8

Race 42 Women Senior 3 4+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1175OUWLRC B13:28.34.0
2173Headington School13:38.53.9
3176OUWLRC C13:47.73.9
4178Southampton University A14:00.53.8
5172Haberdashers Monmouth14:21.13.7
6177OUWLRC D14:21.43.7
7174OUWLRC A14:33.23.7
8171Guildford RC14:47.33.6

Race 43 Junior 13 4X+

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1180Reading Bluecoat School A14:34.93.7
2181Reading Bluecoat School B16:34.33.2
3182UTRC A17:22.33.1
4183UTRC B21:02.92.5

Race 44 Women Open 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec

Race 45 Women Senior 2 2X

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1188Henley RC13:13.34.0
2187Headington School13:15.34.0
3186Haberdashers Monmouth14:29.83.7

Race 46 Women Junior 2-

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
1191Headington School13:53.73.8
2190Headington School15:11.33.5

Race 49 Time Only

PosnNo.Club/CrewRun TimeM/Sec
169OUWLRC D13:37.13.9

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