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KanuKarnival 2003
Holme Pierrepont
3/5 May 2002

KanuKarnival 2003
Div B Wildwater Race
Sunday - 4th May 2003

National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham

Full Results

Race 1 C1 Men

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
1154Colin RADMOREISG Paddlers1:29.151:28.432:57.58
2152Rob WYLIEEyot1:30.421:28.002:58.42
3153Andrew HAMILTONStaffs & Stone1:29.361:30.933:00.29

Race 2 K1 Women

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
1163Liz MENHINICK 1:36.331:46.423:22.75
2164Julie BRIGHTMatlock1:42.571:40.363:22.93

Race 3 C3 Men

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
181C3 2:22.832:44.935:07.76

Race 4 K1 Men

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
1186Corden 1:24.541:24.712:49.25
2187Brett 1:38.091:30.063:08.15
3184Malcolm BLOWERSMeridian1:45.391:42.633:28.02
4182Peter HOLLISSalford Watersports1:47.941:46.403:34.34
5185Keith BRIGHTMatlock/ISG2:33.991:52.684:26.67

Race 5 Juniors & U23

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
1164Julie BRIGHTMatlock1:42.571:40.363:22.93
2182Peter HOLLISSalford Watersports1:47.941:46.403:34.34
3185Keith BRIGHTMatlock/ISG2:33.991:52.684:26.67

Race 6 Seniors

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
1186Corden 1:24.541:24.712:49.25
2154Colin RADMOREISG Paddlers1:29.151:28.432:57.58
3152Rob WYLIEEyot1:30.421:28.002:58.42
4153Andrew HAMILTONStaffs & Stone1:29.361:30.933:00.29
5187Brett 1:38.091:30.063:08.15
6163Liz MENHINICK 1:36.331:46.423:22.75

Race 7 Veterans

PosnBibNameClubRun 1Run 2Total
1184Malcolm BLOWERSMeridian1:45.391:42.633:28.02

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