Mikrotime Tiffin School Boat Club

The Tiffin Small Boats Head 2003

Organised by
Tiffin School Boat Club
Run under ARA Rules
Hampton Court to Kingston-upon-Thames
Saturday, November 15th 2003

Full Results

Course length approximately 5.3 Km
Penalty Codes (included): TV - Traffic Violation. Obs - Obstruction
There are a few photos
The results are also available in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format
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All Crews

12London Rowing ClubAME 4-4.818:15.7
2220London Rowing ClubAMS2 4x4.818:19.9
3222Thames Tradesmens RCAMS2 4x4.818:24.0
4224Kingston RCJ HepburnMS3 4x4.818:25.5
5221Auriol Kensington RCTilburyMS2 4x4.818:29.3
6223Tideway Scullers SchoolButterMS2 4x4.718:38.2
71Thames Tradesmens RCBME 4-4.718:54.0
8234London Rowing ClubAME 4+4.718:58.1
95Thames Tradesmens RCA 5 sec TVME 4-4.618:59.8
109Kingston Grammar SchoolAMJ18 4x4.619:00.3
1110Hampton School Boat ClubMetcalfeMJ18 4x4.619:02.7
12228London Rowing ClubWhyteMS2 4-4.619:04.0
1355Molesey Boat ClubGraham & BurbanksMS1 2x4.619:18.2
14231Kingston RC MS2 4-4.619:21.7
156Staines Boat ClubFitzgeraldME 4-4.619:22.1
16238Quintin Boat Club5 sec TVMV C 4x4.619:24.2
174Quintin Boat Club1ME 4-4.519:34.5
1856Auriol Kensington RCGoodchildMS1 2x4.519:35.0
19226Thames Tradesmen RCNercessianMS3 4x4.519:42.1
2022Hampton School Boat ClubFarringtonMJ16 4x4.519:45.2
2157Thames Tradesmen RCIngleMS1 2x4.519:47.5
223Thames Tradesmens RCC 5 sec TVME 4-4.519:50.9
23229Staines Boat ClubAMS2 4-4.419:53.8
2420Kingston Grammar SchoolAAMJ16 4x4.419:57.5
2511Auriol Kensington RCMarshalsayMS2 4+4.419:59.0
26251Uni West Of England MS4 4+4.419:59.4
2713Kingston Rowing ClubBrookMS2 4+4.420:00.4
2816Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA 10 sec penMS3 4+4.420:00.8
2912Auriol Kensington RCHawkinsMS2 4+4.420:13.9
3023Emanuel School BCAMJ16 4x4.420:14.8
31236Quintin Boat Club5 sec ObsME 4+4.420:15.6
3214Thames Tradesmens RCAMS3 4+4.420:15.6
33225Hampton School Boat ClubAMS3 4x4.420:17.5
348Tiffin School Boat ClubBurkillMJ18 4x4.320:19.5
35265Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAMS2 2x4.320:19.5
3638Uni West Of England MN 4+4.320:24.1
3768London Rowing ClubWhyteMS2 2-4.320:25.2
38274London Rowing ClubO'MalleyME 2-4.320:25.9
39247Hampton School Boat ClubEastwoodMJ18 4+4.320:27.1
40283Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAMS1 2-4.320:28.4
41318Auriol Kensington RCMackworth PraedTime Only4.320:30.1
42239Auriol Kensington RCJacksonMV D 4x4.320:33.2
43230Auriol Kensington RCBoothMS2 4-4.320:37.0
44232Putney Town Rowing ClubEversonMS2 4-4.320:37.4
45248Eton College Boat ClubKennedyMJ18 4+4.320:40.6
4641Hampton School Boat ClubBentleyMN 4+4.320:44.3
4719Uni West Of England MS3 4+4.320:46.3
48275Quintin Boat Club ME 2-4.220:49.4
49281London Rowing ClubYoungMS1 2-4.220:50.4
50264Tideway Scullers School MS2 2X4.220:53.8
5142Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCBMN 4+4.220:58.3
52256St Georges College BCHazellMJ16 4+4.220:59.8
5366Thames Tradesmen RCJennerMS3 2x4.221:03.3
5496London Rowing ClubR KelseyMS1 1x4.221:03.7
5599London Rowing ClubJ SmithMS2 1x4.221:04.2
5658Thames Tradesmen RCDaveMS3 2x4.221:04.9
57253Eton College Boat ClubSprayMJ16 4+4.221:06.2
5864Uni West Of England MS3 2x4.221:06.8
59244Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAWS3 4x4.221:06.9
60285Kingston Rowing Club MV D 2x4.221:07.0
61277London Rowing ClubUlliotMS1 2-4.221:07.7
62237Canterbury Pilgrims BCMawhoodMV C 4x4.221:08.8
63249Kingston RCAMS4 4+4.221:09.5
64235Thames Tradesmens RCAME 4+4.221:12.8
65227Hampton School Boat ClubBMS3 4x4.221:13.3
66270Tiffin School Boat ClubGardenerMJ18 2x4.121:19.8
67246Kings College School MJ18 4+4.121:20.6
68127Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAMV B 1x4.121:22.7
6927Tiffin School Boat ClubAMJ15 4x+4.121:23.4
70266Weybridge Ladies ARCJulia WarrenMS2 2x4.121:24.9
71292Hampton School Boat ClubFarringtonMJ16 2x4.121:25.3
72252Kingston Univeristy BC MS4 4+4.121:25.8
7339Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAMN 4+4.121:26.1
74104London Rowing ClubMark WatkinMS3 1x4.121:27.4
7597London Rowing ClubJ CurranMS1 1x4.121:27.8
76109London Rowing ClubBeardMS3 1x4.121:29.8
7717Walbrook & Royal CCWishartMS3 4+4.121:32.7
78305Kingston Grammar SchoolAMJ15 2x4.121:33.8
7995Thames RCIain PritchardMS1 1x4.121:37.7
8015Staines Boat ClubAMS3 4+4.121:38.1
8126Kingston Grammar SchoolAMJ15 4x+4.121:38.4
82150Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAMN 1x4.121:39.5
8361Latymer Upper SchoolAMS3 2x4.121:40.1
84162London Rowing ClubPeter LockyerMN 1x4.121:40.3
85167Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCCMN 1x4.121:40.6
86128London Rowing ClubMBD HelmMV B 1x4.121:41.0
8786Kingston 1CrookMV D 2-4.121:41.7
8830St Georges College BCYoudeMJ15 4x+4.121:43.3
89172London Rowing ClubFinn DMN 1x4.121:43.7
9074Eton Excelsior RCClarkMS2 2-4.121:43.8
91120London Rowing ClubYoung JMS3 1x4.121:44.0
92276Thames Tradesmens RCBMS1 2-4.121:44.6
9373Kingston RC MS2 2-4.121:45.0
94168London Rowing ClubHarteMN 1x4.121:45.4
95233Putney Town Rowing ClubMcGrathMS2 4-4.121:45.6
96155London Rowing ClubKerriganMN 1x4.121:45.7
97290Latymer Upper SchoolAMJ16 2x4.121:46.0
9832Tiffin School Boat ClubBMJ15 4x+4.121:46.0
99125Kingston RCJ HepburnMS3 1x4.121:47.0
100268Latymer Upper SchoolAMJ18 2x4.121:47.5
10160Walbrook & Royal CC MS3 2x4.121:47.7
102102Tideway Scullers SchoolSuthersMS2 1x4.121:48.0
103302Hampton School Boat ClubAMJ15 2x4.121:48.5
104255Kingston Grammar SchoolAMJ16 4+4.021:50.3
105113London Rowing ClubD PringMS3 1x4.021:52.8
10662Thames Tradesmen RCNevillMS3 2x4.021:52.8
10782St Georges College BCYoungsMS3 2-4.021:52.9
10844Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAWS3 4+4.021:56.8
109110Imperial College BC WBWMS BradburyMS3 1x4.021:57.1
11080Walbrook & Royal CCBoon & HolbrookMS3 2-4.022:01.7
11131Kingston Grammar SchoolBMJ15 4x+4.022:02.2
112131Walton Rowing ClubWestMV B 1x4.022:03.2
113280Thames Tradesmens RCCMS1 2-4.022:03.9
114111London Rowing ClubJames WaiteMS3 1x4.022:06.1
115267Eton Excelsior RCNagele 10 Sec ObsMS2 2x4.022:06.7
116279Auriol Kensington RCPierpointMS1 2-4.022:07.2
117106Molesey BCC Gilligan 5 sec TVMS3 1x4.022:07.8
118133Quintin Boat ClubCharles HarrisonMV C 1x4.022:09.0
11972Putney Town Rowing ClubEversonMS2 2-4.022:09.1
12065Hampton School Boat ClubEastwoodMS3 2x4.022:09.2
121112American School BCT ColsonMS3 1x4.022:12.8
12228Hampton School Boat ClubAMJ15 4x+4.022:13.1
123243Walbrook & Royal CCDaltonWS3 4x4.022:13.2
12433Emanuel School BCBMJ15 4x+4.022:13.5
125282Auriol Kensington RCLucasMS1 2-4.022:14.2
12647St Georges College BCSmithWS3 4+4.022:14.6
12783Auriol Kensington RCRanceWS2 2-4.022:15.1
128322Tiffin School Boat ClubMorrisMJ18 1x4.022:17.5
12940Staines Boat ClubAMN 4+4.022:17.8
130123Tideway Scullers SchoolPottsMS3 1x4.022:17.9
131254Kings College School MJ16 4+4.022:21.3
132132Wycliffe Sculling CentreA E MitchellMV C 1x4.022:21.3
133272Emanuel School BCB 5 sec ObsMJ18 2x3.922:22.0
134337Walton Rowing ClubJ WedlakeMJ15 1x3.922:22.6
135151London Rowing ClubB FlynnMN 1x3.922:22.7
136124London Rowing ClubWoodsMS3 1x3.922:25.4
13759Twickenham RCDownton/BindenMS3 2x3.922:26.1
138103Kingston RCJosef LacknerMS2 1x3.922:30.0
13929Emanuel School BCAMJ15 4x+3.922:30.2
140286Kingston Rowing Club MV D 2x3.922:30.4
141344Walton Rowing ClubO CollinsMJ16 1X3.922:30.7
142170Auriol Kensington RCLennonMN 1x3.922:31.2
143130Broxbourne Rowing ClubRob AlexanderMV B 1x3.922:31.2
14425Emanuel School BCBMJ16 4x3.922:31.4
145271Latymer Upper SchoolBMJ18 2x3.922:32.3
14636Kingston Grammar School WJ16 4x3.922:33.0
14794Tideway Scullers SchoolA Smith 5 sec ObsMS2 1X3.922:33.2
148297St Georges College BCYoungsMJ18 2-3.922:33.6
149153London Rowing ClubCraigMN 1x3.922:34.8
15098Eton Excelsior RCJonesMS2 1x3.922:35.7
151149London Rowing ClubAndrew MacFarlaneMN 1x3.922:38.7
15281Putney Town Rowing ClubHarrisonMS3 2-3.922:39.7
153134Walton Rowing ClubD ClarkeMV C 1x3.922:40.3
154158Kingston RCN Wilson-DykesMN 1x3.922:40.6
155119Tideway Scullers SchoolPersadMS3 1x3.922:41.8
156107London Rowing ClubWheelerMS3 1x3.922:44.3
157278Thames Tradesmens RCA 5 sec ObsMS1 2-3.922:44.6
158240Putney Town Rowing Club MV D 4x3.922:47.1
159115London Rowing ClubGordon MorrisMS3 1x3.922:48.6
160185Weybridge Ladies ARCJulia WarrenWE 1x3.922:49.6
16184Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAWS2 2-3.922:50.2
162135Twickenham RCSimon PullenMV C 1x3.922:51.7
163136Kingston Rowing Club MV C 1x3.922:52.5
164289Eton College Boat ClubClark PriceMJ16 2x3.922:52.8
165114Tideway Scullers SchoolButterMS3 1x3.922:52.9
166295Eton College Boat ClubLatimerMJ16 2x3.922:53.3
16771Staines Boat ClubAMS2 2-3.922:53.7
16835Hampton School Boat ClubBMJ15 4x+3.922:53.8
16945Auriol Kensington RCZivkovicWS3 4+3.922:54.0
170147QuintinAMV F 1x3.922:55.1
17178Walbrook & Royal CC IMcN WS3 2x3.922:55.9
17234Tiffin School Boat ClubCMJ15 4x+3.822:57.0
173242Walbrook & Royal CCAlexanderWS3 4x3.823:00.8
174166London Rowing ClubWebbMN 1x3.823:01.9
17575Putney TownWoodhamsWS3 2x3.823:02.3
176122Kingston RCMercerMS3 1x3.823:02.3
177164Auriol Kensington RCBeverMN 1x3.823:04.8
178186Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAWS1 1x3.823:06.4
179241KGS Veterans BCHodsonMV E 4x3.823:12.4
180152Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCBMN 1x3.823:14.1
181260Auriol Kensington RCWills 10 sec TVMV E 4-3.823:17.1
182296Eton College Boat ClubGoodierMJ18 2-3.823:18.1
183117Tideway Scullers SchoolGuestMS3 1x3.823:19.9
184284Staines Boat ClubA 5 sec ObsMS1 2-3.823:20.1
185129Auriol Kensington RCTaylorMV B 1x3.823:20.6
186100Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAMS2 1x3.823:21.7
187320Walton Rowing ClubKnollmanMJ18 1x3.823:28.4
188298Auriol Kensington RCHagon - Time OnlyWS1 2-3.823:29.9
189140Quintin Boat ClubMalcolm CookMV D 1x3.823:30.1
190306Hampton School Boat ClubCMJ15 2x3.823:32.0
191118Staines Boat ClubNeumeisterMS3 1x3.823:32.5
192159Walbrook & Royal CCR HarnettMN 1x3.723:34.8
193287St Georges College BCReynoldsWJ18 2x3.723:36.3
194141Walbrook & Royal CCHartMV D 1x3.723:41.7
195174Kingston RCMA InghamMN 1x3.723:42.6
19676Staines Boat ClubRoltWS3 2x3.723:53.4
197142Kingston Rowing Club MV E 1x3.723:54.0
198157London Rowing ClubTom KillickMN 1x3.723:54.8
199299St Georges College BCNeameWJ16 2x3.723:56.5
200325Walton Rowing ClubPoulterMJ18 1x3.723:57.2
20150Molesey Boat ClubDeadly NightshadeWV C 4+3.723:59.1
202329Emanuel School BCAMJ16 1x3.724:06.2
203191Thames Tradesmens RCAWS2 1x3.724:06.7
204145Twickenham RCR BaileyMV F 1x3.724:06.9
20546Krc Rowing ClubKingstonWS3 4+3.724:07.5
206328Walton Rowing ClubChildMJ18 1x3.724:08.9
207307Hampton School Boat ClubDMJ15 2x3.724:11.1
208193Tideway Scullers SchoolT PotierWS2 1x3.624:12.3
209288Latymer Upper SchoolMuirWJ18 2x3.624:13.2
21085Auriol Kensington RCHillabyWS2 2-3.624:13.7
211189Tideway Scullers SchoolCaroeWS2 1x3.624:13.8
212108Eton Excelsior RCMarshallMS3 1x3.624:14.5
213190Kingston RCMiss Helena MalenczukWS2 1x3.624:16.7
214139Kingston Rowing Club MV D 1x3.624:17.7
215169Hampton School Boat ClubAylesMN 1x3.624:19.3
216326Tiffin School Boat ClubMahendiranMJ18 1x3.624:26.8
217205Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCDWN 1x3.624:26.9
218126Twickenham RCS DelphMV B 1x3.624:31.3
219304Hampton School Boat ClubBMJ15 2x3.624:33.7
220163Hampton School Boat ClubHigginsMN 1x3.624:34.8
221197Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCAWV C 1x3.624:35.1
222146BTC SouthamptonR GreenMV F 1x3.624:35.6
223160Thames Tradesmen RCSewardMN 1x3.624:35.7
224343Walton Rowing ClubBishopMJ14 1x3.624:36.1
225143BTC SouthamptonD WyattMV E 1x3.624:36.7
226330Kingston RCL EllisMJ16 1x3.624:45.6
227261KGS Veterans BCFriendMV E 4-3.624:46.9
22879Weybridge RCRobertsWS3 2x3.624:51.4
229207Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCEWN 1x3.524:56.1
230161Hampton School Boat ClubBissellMN 1x3.524:57.2
231177Hampton School Boat ClubDonaldMN 1x3.524:57.4
232333Thames Rowing Club WBAG BradburyWJ18 1x3.524:57.7
233310CoalportersHeyesWJ15 2x3.525:06.4
234331Walbrook & Royal CCMaison - WalbrookMJ16 1x3.525:11.1
235154Thames Tradesmens RCAMN 1x3.525:14.2
23688Kingston RCKingstonMJ14 2x3.525:15.1
237250Staines Boat ClubAMS4 4+3.525:17.6
238175Hampton School Boat ClubVickersMN 1x3.525:19.1
239321Latymer Upper SchoolAMJ18 1x3.525:20.0
240341Walton Rowing ClubWedlakeMJ14 1x3.525:26.2
241336Walton Rowing ClubKnollmanMJ15 1x3.525:26.9
242210Emanuel School BC WN 1x3.525:31.4
243339Thames Rowing Club WBRE BradburyWJ16 1x3.525:33.3
244259KGS Veterans BCSearleMV E 4-3.525:34.5
245309Emanuel School BCA 5 sec TVWJ15 2x3.525:35.9
246312Kingston Grammar SchoolBWJ15 2x3.425:37.6
247173Hampton School Boat ClubNewmanMN 1x3.425:38.9
248334Emanuel School BC WJ18 1x3.425:39.9
249165Hampton School Boat ClubHollandMN 1x3.425:44.5
25089Walbrook & Royal CCStaddon & StevensMJ14 2x3.425:52.1
251258Molesey Boat ClubFrost 5 sec ObsWV B 4x3.425:59.0
252116Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA 5 sec TVMS3 1x3.425:59.5
253196Parrs PrioryAWV C 1x3.426:01.4
254211Walton Rowing ClubLass 5 sec TVWN 1x3.426:02.1
255308Kingston Grammar SchoolAWJ15 2x3.426:11.2
256201Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCB 5 sec TVWN 1x3.426:12.7
25787Walbrook & Royal CCHirschlerMJ14 2x3.426:15.5
25851Walbrook & Royal CC IMcN WV C 4+3.426:18.0
259311St Georges College BCDickinsonWJ15 2x3.426:21.6
260206Latymer Upper SchoolL MuirWN 1x3.326:34.9
261332Emanuel School BCBMJ16 1x3.326:38.3
262194Walton Rowing ClubDaviesWS2 1x3.326:48.9
263313Emanuel School BCBWJ15 2x3.327:00.5
264335St Georges College BCMcKeonWJ18 1x3.327:06.2
265148VestaMcKerrellMV F 1x3.227:26.9
266202Latymer Upper SchoolS BradshawWN 1x3.227:44.8
267208CoalportersGlazzardWN 1x3.128:42.6
268342Thames Rowing Club WBHJ BradburyMJ14 1x3.029:07.0
269340Kingston Grammar SchoolAWJ15 1x3.029:33.7
270213Walbrook & Royal CC IMcN WN 1x3.029:46.7
 24Latymer Upper SchoolBMJ16 4x Disqual
 156Thames Tradesmens RCBMN 1x Disqual


Results by Category

Race 1 Men 4- Elite (ME 4-)

12London Rowing ClubA4.818:15.7
21Thames Tradesmens RCB4.718:54.0
35Thames Tradesmens RCA 5 sec TV4.618:59.8
46Staines Boat ClubFitzgerald4.619:22.1
54Quintin Boat Club14.519:34.5
63Thames Tradesmens RCC 5 sec TV4.519:50.9

Race 2 Men 4+ Elite (ME 4+)

1234London Rowing ClubA4.718:58.1
2236Quintin Boat Club5 sec Obs4.420:15.6
3230Auriol Kensington RCBooth4.320:37.0
4235Thames Tradesmens RCA4.221:12.8

Race 3 Men 2- Elite (ME 2-)

1274London Rowing ClubO'Malley4.320:25.9
2275Quintin Boat Club 4.220:49.4

Race 4 Men Senior 1 2- (MS1 2-)

1283Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.320:28.4
2281London Rowing ClubYoung4.220:50.4
3277London Rowing ClubUlliot4.221:07.7
4276Thames Tradesmens RCB4.121:44.6
5280Thames Tradesmens RCC4.022:03.9
6279Auriol Kensington RCPierpoint4.022:07.2
7282Auriol Kensington RCLucas4.022:14.2
8278Thames Tradesmens RCA 5 sec Obs3.922:44.6
9284Staines Boat ClubA 5 sec Obs3.823:20.1

Race 5 Men Senior 1 2X (MS1 2X)

155Molesey Boat ClubGraham & Burbanks4.619:18.2
256Auriol Kensington RCGoodchild4.519:35.0
357Thames Tradesmen RCIngle4.519:47.5

Race 6 Men Senior 1 1X (MS1 1X)

196London Rowing ClubR Kelsey4.221:03.7
297London Rowing ClubJ Curran4.121:27.8
395Thames RCIain Pritchard4.121:37.7

Race 7 Men Senior 2 4X (MS2 4X)

1220London Rowing ClubA4.818:19.9
2222Thames Tradesmens RCA4.818:24.0
3221Auriol Kensington RCTilbury4.818:29.3
4223Tideway Scullers SchoolButter4.718:38.2

Race 8 Men Senior 2 4+ (MS2 4+)

111Auriol Kensington RCMarshalsay4.419:59.0
213Kingston Rowing ClubBrook4.420:00.4
312Auriol Kensington RCHawkins4.420:13.9

Race 9 Men Senior 2 4- (MS2 4-)

1228London Rowing ClubWhyte4.619:04.0
2231Kingston RC 4.619:21.7
3229Staines Boat ClubA4.419:53.8
4232Putney Town Rowing ClubEverson4.320:37.4
5233Putney Town Rowing ClubMcGrath4.121:45.6

Race 10 Men Senior 2 2X (MS2 2X)

1265Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.320:19.5
2264Tideway Scullers School 4.220:53.8
3266Weybridge Ladies ARCJulia Warren4.121:24.9
4267Eton Excelsior RCNagele 10 Sec Obs4.022:06.7

Race 11 Men Senior 2 2- (MS2 2-)

168London Rowing ClubWhyte4.320:25.2
274Eton Excelsior RCClark4.121:43.8
373Kingston RC 4.121:45.0
472Putney Town Rowing ClubEverson4.022:09.1
571Staines Boat ClubA3.922:53.7

Race 12 Men Senior 2 1X (MS2 1X)

199London Rowing ClubJ Smith4.221:04.2
2102Tideway Scullers SchoolSuthers4.121:48.0
3103Kingston RCJosef Lackner3.922:30.0
494Tideway Scullers SchoolA Smith 5 sec Obs3.922:33.2
598Eton Excelsior RCJones3.922:35.7
6100Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA3.823:21.7

Race 13 Mens Senior 3 4+ (MS3 4+)

116Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA 10 sec pen4.420:00.8
214Thames Tradesmens RCA4.420:15.6
319Uni West Of England 4.320:46.3
417Walbrook & Royal CCWishart4.121:32.7
515Staines Boat ClubA4.121:38.1

Race 14 Mens Senior 3 2X (MS3 2X)

166Thames Tradesmen RCJenner4.221:03.3
258Thames Tradesmen RCDave4.221:04.9
364Uni West Of England 4.221:06.8
461Latymer Upper SchoolA4.121:40.1
560Walbrook & Royal CC 4.121:47.7
662Thames Tradesmen RCNevill4.021:52.8
765Hampton School Boat ClubEastwood4.022:09.2
859Twickenham RCDownton/Binden3.922:26.1

Race 15 Mens Senior 3 4X (MS3 4X)

1224Kingston RCJ Hepburn4.818:25.5
2226Thames Tradesmen RCNercessian4.519:42.1
3225Hampton School Boat ClubA4.420:17.5
4227Hampton School Boat ClubB4.221:13.3

Race 16 Mens Senior 3 2- (MS3 2-)

182St Georges College BCYoungs4.021:52.9
280Walbrook & Royal CCBoon & Holbrook4.022:01.7
381Putney Town Rowing ClubHarrison3.922:39.7

Race 17 Mens Senior 3 1X (MS3 1X)

1104London Rowing ClubMark Watkin4.121:27.4
2109London Rowing ClubBeard4.121:29.8
3120London Rowing ClubYoung J4.121:44.0
4125Kingston RCJ Hepburn4.121:47.0
5113London Rowing ClubD Pring4.021:52.8
6110Imperial College BC WBWMS Bradbury4.021:57.1
7111London Rowing ClubJames Waite4.022:06.1
8106Molesey BCC Gilligan 5 sec TV4.022:07.8
9112American School BCT Colson4.022:12.8
10123Tideway Scullers SchoolPotts4.022:17.9
11124London Rowing ClubWoods3.922:25.4
12119Tideway Scullers SchoolPersad3.922:41.8
13107London Rowing ClubWheeler3.922:44.3
14115London Rowing ClubGordon Morris3.922:48.6
15114Tideway Scullers SchoolButter3.922:52.9
16122Kingston RCMercer3.823:02.3
17117Tideway Scullers SchoolGuest3.823:19.9
18118Staines Boat ClubNeumeister3.823:32.5
19108Eton Excelsior RCMarshall3.624:14.5
20116Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA 5 sec TV3.425:59.5

Race 18 Mens Senior 4 4+ (MS4 4+)

1251Uni West Of England 4.419:59.4
2249Kingston RCA4.221:09.5
3252Kingston Univeristy BC 4.121:25.8
4250Staines Boat ClubA3.525:17.6

Race 19 Mens Novice 4+ (MN 4+)

138Uni West Of England 4.320:24.1
241Hampton School Boat ClubBentley4.320:44.3
342Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCB4.220:58.3
439Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.121:26.1
540Staines Boat ClubA4.022:17.8

Race 20 Mens Novice 1X (MN 1X)

1150Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.121:39.5
2162London Rowing ClubPeter Lockyer4.121:40.3
3167Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCC4.121:40.6
4172London Rowing ClubFinn D4.121:43.7
5168London Rowing ClubHarte4.121:45.4
6155London Rowing ClubKerrigan4.121:45.7
7151London Rowing ClubB Flynn3.922:22.7
8170Auriol Kensington RCLennon3.922:31.2
9153London Rowing ClubCraig3.922:34.8
10149London Rowing ClubAndrew MacFarlane3.922:38.7
11158Kingston RCN Wilson-Dykes3.922:40.6
12166London Rowing ClubWebb3.823:01.9
13164Auriol Kensington RCBever3.823:04.8
14152Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCB3.823:14.1
15159Walbrook & Royal CCR Harnett3.723:34.8
16174Kingston RCMA Ingham3.723:42.6
17157London Rowing ClubTom Killick3.723:54.8
18169Hampton School Boat ClubAyles3.624:19.3
19163Hampton School Boat ClubHiggins3.624:34.8
20160Thames Tradesmen RCSeward3.624:35.7
21161Hampton School Boat ClubBissell3.524:57.2
22177Hampton School Boat ClubDonald3.524:57.4
23154Thames Tradesmens RCA3.525:14.2
24175Hampton School Boat ClubVickers3.525:19.1
25173Hampton School Boat ClubNewman3.425:38.9
26165Hampton School Boat ClubHolland3.425:44.5
 156Thames Tradesmens RCB Disqual

Race 22 Womens 1X Elite (WE 1X)

1185Weybridge Ladies ARCJulia Warren3.922:49.6

Race 24 Womens Senior 1 1X (WS1 1X)

1186Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA3.823:06.4

Race 25 Womens Senior 2 1X (WS2 1X)

1191Thames Tradesmens RCA3.724:06.7
2193Tideway Scullers SchoolT Potier3.624:12.3
3189Tideway Scullers SchoolCaroe3.624:13.8
4190Kingston RCMiss Helena Malenczuk3.624:16.7
5194Walton Rowing ClubDavies3.326:48.9

Race 26 Womens Senior 2 2- (WS2 2-)

183Auriol Kensington RCRance4.022:15.1
284Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA3.922:50.2
385Auriol Kensington RCHillaby3.624:13.7

Race 27 Womens Senior 3 4X (WS3 4X)

1244Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.221:06.9
2243Walbrook & Royal CCDalton4.022:13.2
3242Walbrook & Royal CCAlexander3.823:00.8

Race 28 Womens Senior 3 4+ (WS3 4+)

144Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.021:56.8
247St Georges College BCSmith4.022:14.6
345Auriol Kensington RCZivkovic3.922:54.0
446Krc Rowing ClubKingston3.724:07.5

Race 29 Womens Senior 3 2X (WS3 2X)

178Walbrook & Royal CC IMcN 3.922:55.9
275Putney TownWoodhams3.823:02.3
376Staines Boat ClubRolt3.723:53.4
479Weybridge RCRoberts3.624:51.4

Race 30 Womens 1X Novice (WN 1X)

1205Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCD3.624:26.9
2207Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCE3.524:56.1
3210Emanuel School BC 3.525:31.4
4211Walton Rowing ClubLass 5 sec TV3.426:02.1
5201Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCB 5 sec TV3.426:12.7
6206Latymer Upper SchoolL Muir3.326:34.9
7202Latymer Upper SchoolS Bradshaw3.227:44.8
9213Walbrook & Royal CC IMcN 3.029:46.7

Race 31 Men Junior 4X (MJ18 4X)

19Kingston Grammar SchoolA4.619:00.3
210Hampton School Boat ClubMetcalfe4.619:02.7
38Tiffin School Boat ClubBurkill4.320:19.5

Race 32 Men Junior 4+ (MJ18 4+)

1247Hampton School Boat ClubEastwood4.320:27.1
2248Eton College Boat ClubKennedy4.320:40.6
3246Kings College School 4.121:20.6

Race 33 Men Junior 2X (MJ18 2X)

1270Tiffin School Boat ClubGardener4.121:19.8
2268Latymer Upper SchoolA4.121:47.5
3272Emanuel School BCB 5 sec Obs3.922:22.0
4271Latymer Upper SchoolB3.922:32.3

Race 34 Men Junior 2- (MJ18 2-)

1297St Georges College BCYoungs3.922:33.6
2296Eton College Boat ClubGoodier3.823:18.1

Race 35 Men Junior 1X (MJ18 1X)

1322Tiffin School Boat ClubMorris4.022:17.5
2320Walton Rowing ClubKnollman3.823:28.4
3325Walton Rowing ClubPoulter3.723:57.2
4328Walton Rowing ClubChild3.724:08.9
5326Tiffin School Boat ClubMahendiran3.624:26.8
6321Latymer Upper SchoolA3.525:20.0

Race 36 Men Junior 16 4X (MJ16 4X)

122Hampton School Boat ClubFarrington4.519:45.2
220Kingston Grammar SchoolAA4.419:57.5
323Emanuel School BCA4.420:14.8
425Emanuel School BCB3.922:31.4
 24Latymer Upper SchoolB Disqual

Race 37 Men Junior 16 4+ (MJ16 4+)

1256St Georges College BCHazell4.220:59.8
2253Eton College Boat ClubSpray4.221:06.2
3255Kingston Grammar SchoolA4.021:50.3
4254Kings College School 4.022:21.3

Race 38 Men Junior 16 2X (MJ16 2X)

1292Hampton School Boat ClubFarrington4.121:25.3
2290Latymer Upper SchoolA4.121:46.0
3289Eton College Boat ClubClark Price3.922:52.8
4295Eton College Boat ClubLatimer3.922:53.3

Race 39 Men Junior 16 1X (MJ16 1X)

1344Walton Rowing ClubO Collins3.922:30.7
2329Emanuel School BCA3.724:06.2
3330Kingston RCL Ellis3.624:45.6
4331Walbrook & Royal CCMaison - Walbrook3.525:11.1
5332Emanuel School BCB3.326:38.3

Race 40 Men Junior 15 4X+ (MJ15 4X)+

127Tiffin School Boat ClubA4.121:23.4
226Kingston Grammar SchoolA4.121:38.4
330St Georges College BCYoude4.121:43.3
432Tiffin School Boat ClubB4.121:46.0
531Kingston Grammar SchoolB4.022:02.2
628Hampton School Boat ClubA4.022:13.1
733Emanuel School BCB4.022:13.5
829Emanuel School BCA3.922:30.2
935Hampton School Boat ClubB3.922:53.8
1034Tiffin School Boat ClubC3.822:57.0

Race 41 Men Junior 15 2X (MJ15 2X)

1305Kingston Grammar SchoolA4.121:33.8
2302Hampton School Boat ClubA4.121:48.5
3306Hampton School Boat ClubC3.823:32.0
4307Hampton School Boat ClubD3.724:11.1
5304Hampton School Boat ClubB3.624:33.7

Race 42 Men Junior 15 1X (MJ15 1X)

1337Walton Rowing ClubJ Wedlake3.922:22.6
2336Walton Rowing ClubKnollman3.525:26.9

Race 43 Men Junior 14 2X (MJ14 2X)

188Kingston RCKingston3.525:15.1
289Walbrook & Royal CCStaddon & Stevens3.425:52.1
387Walbrook & Royal CCHirschler3.426:15.5

Race 44 Men Junior 14 1X (MJ14 1X)

1343Walton Rowing ClubBishop3.624:36.1
2341Walton Rowing ClubWedlake3.525:26.2
3342Thames Rowing Club WBHJ Bradbury3.029:07.0

Race 45 Women Junior 2X (WJ18 2X)

1287St Georges College BCReynolds3.723:36.3
2288Latymer Upper SchoolMuir3.624:13.2

Race 46 Women Junior 1X (WJ18 1X)

1333Thames Rowing Club WBAG Bradbury3.524:57.7
2334Emanuel School BC 3.425:39.9
3335St Georges College BCMcKeon3.327:06.2

Race 47 Women Junior 16 4X (WJ16 4X)

136Kingston Grammar School 3.922:33.0

Race 48 Women Junior 16 2X (WJ16 2X)

1299St Georges College BCNeame3.723:56.5

Race 49 Women Junior 16 1X (WJ16 1X)

1339Thames Rowing Club WBRE Bradbury3.525:33.3

Race 50 Women Junior 15 2X (WJ15 2X)

1309Emanuel School BCA 5 sec TV3.525:35.9
2312Kingston Grammar SchoolB3.425:37.6
3308Kingston Grammar SchoolA3.426:11.2
4311St Georges College BCDickinson3.426:21.6
5313Emanuel School BCB3.327:00.5

Race 51 Women Junior 15 1X (WJ15 1X)

1340Kingston Grammar SchoolA3.029:33.7

Race 52 Men Vet C 4X MV C 4X

1238Quintin Boat Club5 sec TV4.619:24.2
2237Canterbury Pilgrims BCMawhood4.221:08.8

Race 53 Men Vet D 4X MV (D 4X)

1239Auriol Kensington RCJackson4.320:33.2
2240Putney Town Rowing Club 3.922:47.1

Race 54 Men Vet E 4X MV E 4X

1241KGS Veterans BCHodson3.823:12.4

Race 55 Men Vet E 4- MV (E 4-)

1260Auriol Kensington RCWills 10 sec TV3.823:17.1
2261KGS Veterans BCFriend3.624:46.9
3259KGS Veterans BCSearle3.525:34.5

Race 57 Men Vet D 2X MV (D 2X)

1285Kingston Rowing Club 4.221:07.0
2286Kingston Rowing Club 3.922:30.4

Race 58 Men Vet D 2- MV D 2-

186Kingston 1Crook4.121:41.7

Race 59 Men Vet B 1X MV (B 1X)

1127Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA4.121:22.7
2128London Rowing ClubMBD Helm4.121:41.0
3131Walton Rowing ClubWest4.022:03.2
4130Broxbourne Rowing ClubRob Alexander3.922:31.2
5129Auriol Kensington RCTaylor3.823:20.6
6126Twickenham RCS Delph3.624:31.3

Race 60 Men Vet C 1X MV (C 1X)

1133Quintin Boat ClubCharles Harrison4.022:09.0
2132Wycliffe Sculling CentreA E Mitchell4.022:21.3
3134Walton Rowing ClubD Clarke3.922:40.3
4135Twickenham RCSimon Pullen3.922:51.7
5136Kingston Rowing Club 3.922:52.5

Race 61 Men Vet D 1X MV (D 1X)

1140Quintin Boat ClubMalcolm Cook3.823:30.1
2141Walbrook & Royal CCHart3.723:41.7
3139Kingston Rowing Club 3.624:17.7

Race 62 Men Vet E 1X MV (E 1X)

2142Kingston Rowing Club 3.723:54.0
3145Twickenham RCR Bailey3.724:06.9
4146BTC SouthamptonR Green3.624:35.6
5143BTC SouthamptonD Wyatt3.624:36.7

Race 63 Men Vet F 1X (MV F 1X)

2142Kingston Rowing Club 3.723:54.0
3145Twickenham RCR Bailey3.724:06.9
4146BTC SouthamptonR Green3.624:35.6
5143BTC SouthamptonD Wyatt3.624:36.7

Race 64 Women Vet B 4X (WV B 4X)

1258Molesey Boat ClubFrost 5 sec Obs3.425:59.0

Race 67 Women Vet C 1X (WV C 1X)

1197Mortlake Anglian/Alpha BCA3.624:35.1
2196Parrs PrioryA3.426:01.4

Race 69 Women Vet C 4+ (WV C 4+)

150Molesey Boat ClubDeadly Nightshade3.723:59.1
251Walbrook & Royal CC IMcN 3.426:18.0

Race 70 Time Only

1318Auriol Kensington RCMackworth Praed4.320:30.1
2298Auriol Kensington RCHagon - Time Only3.823:29.9

Tiffin School Boat Club
Event Enquiries to:
Chris Grimble, Tiffin School
Queen Elizabeth Road
Kingston upon Thames,
Surrey, KT2 6RL

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