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Mortlake to Putney
Saturday, November 3rd 2007

Event Timing by Mikrotime and Fours Head Personnel
using MIKROTIME Electronic Timing and Results System

Full Results

Note P=Penalty given
Speed in M/Sec based on Course Length 4.25 Miles

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Event All Crews Time Only

All Crews except Time Only

PosnNo.Club/OrgEventCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
11Tideway Scullers IELITE 4X- 4922318:00.95-6.3
22Leander IELITE 4X- 4928218:13.4912.546.2
33Reading Univ IELITE 4X- 4940818:40.8139.866.1
47London RC IELITE 4X- 4902818:42.3641.416.1
54Leander IIELITE 4X- 4928518:57.1956.246.0
616Imperial Coll ISEN1 4X- 5016719:06.251:05.305.9
766Leander VIISEN2 4X- 4928719:11.841:10.895.9
85Tideway Scullers IIELITE 4X- 4922819:12.221:11.275.9
932Leander IVELITE 4- 4944319:16.011:15.065.9
1049Leander VISEN2 4X- 4928619:20.261:19.315.9
1111Univ of London BC IELITE 4X- 4919019:24.491:23.545.8
1213Wallingford RC IELITE 4X- 4954319:24.691:23.745.8
1339Molesey BC IIELITE 4+ 4971419:25.031:24.085.8
1419Tees RC ISEN1 4X- 5026519:28.021:27.075.8
1561Henley RC ISEN2 4X- 4931619:28.401:27.455.8
169Nottingham Univ IELITE 4X- 5002819:28.581:27.635.8
1715London RC IIELITE 4X- 4902919:29.001:28.055.8
1817London RC IIISEN1 4X- 4911419:29.371:28.425.8
1980Tideway Scullers VSEN2 4X- 4923019:31.001:30.055.8
2010RCN VigoELITE 4X- 49160 P19:32.341:31.395.8
2150London RC VISEN2 4X- 4911719:34.501:33.555.8
2214Walton RC IELITE 4X- 5057919:36.481:35.535.8
2328Cambridge Univ IELITE 4- 5095619:36.931:35.985.8
2487Leander VIIISEN2 4X- 5013419:37.791:36.845.8
2512Upper Thames RC IELITE 4X- 4943019:39.431:38.485.8
2638Isis IIELITE 4+ 4948919:41.661:40.715.8
2737Leander VELITE 4+ 4944019:41.781:40.835.8
2869Marlow RC ISEN2 4X- 4925819:45.821:44.875.7
2918Reading Univ IISEN1 4X- 4941319:47.021:46.075.7
3040Isis IIIELITE 4+ 4949019:47.381:46.435.7
3196Lea RC ISEN1 4- 5029719:48.391:47.445.7
3236Cambridge Univ IIELITE 4+ 5095719:49.171:48.225.7
33142Wallingford RC IIJUN 4X- 4924619:49.821:48.875.7
3429London RC VELITE 4- 4903419:51.001:50.055.7
35161Marlow RC/Thames RCW ELITE 4X- 4962319:51.871:50.925.7
36123Marlow RC IIJUN 4X- 4850019:52.801:51.855.7
3722London RC IVSEN1 4X- 4912719:52.821:51.875.7
3873Rob Roy ISEN2 4X- 5039719:52.961:52.015.7
3941Army RCELITE 4+ 5118419:53.941:52.995.7
4045Isis IVELITE 4+ 5091919:55.141:54.195.7
4127Isis IELITE 4- 4949119:55.801:54.855.7
4224Tideway Scullers IVSEN1 4X- 4922919:59.281:58.335.7
43138Sir W Borlase IJUN 4X- 4853119:59.861:58.915.7
4484York City ISEN2 4X- 4992720:00.931:59.985.7
45127Kings Sch Chester IJUN 4X- 4924820:02.212:01.265.7
4634Thames RC IELITE 4- 4955720:04.472:03.525.6
4777Tees RC IIISEN2 4X- 5026620:04.692:03.745.6
4848Imperial Coll IISEN2 4X- 5052920:07.792:06.845.6
49213Westminster Sch IIISEN2 4- 4919420:08.262:07.315.6
5021Upper Thames RC IISEN1 4X- 4943120:08.632:07.685.6
5157Cardiff City ISEN2 4X- 5040420:08.962:08.015.6
5293Oxford Brookes IISEN1 4- 5007520:09.632:08.685.6
53176Oxford Brookes IIISEN2 4- 5007820:10.552:09.605.6
54134Peterboro/Rob Roy/St NeotsJUN 4X- 5072820:10.942:09.995.6
55228Oxford Brookes VISEN2 4+ 5007620:11.132:10.185.6
5653Bath Univ ISEN2 4X- 5013120:12.932:11.985.6
57158Windsor Boys Sch IIJUN 4X- 5113920:14.572:13.625.6
58145Windsor Boys Sch IJUN 4X- 5113820:15.152:14.205.6
59165Leander IXW ELITE 4X- 4928320:15.712:14.765.6
6056Broxbourne RC ISEN2 4X- 4993720:15.882:14.935.6
6151ArdinglySEN2 4X- 4861720:17.292:16.345.6
6281Univ of London BC IIISEN2 4X- 4919120:17.592:16.645.6
6388Molesey BC IVSEN2 4X- 4924320:19.052:18.105.6
6486Cardiff City IISEN2 4X- 5040520:20.702:19.755.6
65184Eton Coll ISEN2 4- 4978520:20.872:19.925.6
6698Henley RC IIISEN1 4- 4933420:20.902:19.955.6
67143Walton RC IIIJUN 4X- 4871320:21.062:20.115.6
6875Shiplake Coll ISEN2 4X- 4867320:22.502:21.555.6
69115Isis VSEN1 4+ 4949220:22.562:21.615.6
70112London RC IXSEN1 4- 4911820:24.112:23.165.6
7191Tideway Scullers VISEN2 4X- 4974520:24.382:23.435.6
72163Tideway Scullers VIIW ELITE 4X- 4922520:24.562:23.615.6
73382Henley RC VIISEN3 4+ (C) 4932720:25.432:24.485.5
7497Agecroft ISEN1 4- 4940420:26.422:25.475.5
75170Reading Univ IVW ELITE 4X- 4941220:26.432:25.485.5
7670Molesey BC IIISEN2 4X- 4924120:27.042:26.095.5
77104Reading Univ IIISEN1 4- 4941120:27.542:26.595.5
78238Imperial Coll IVSEN2 4+ 5016820:27.702:26.755.5
79219St Pauls Sch IISEN2 4- 4919520:27.722:26.775.5
80177London RC XIIISEN2 4- 4913020:27.952:27.005.5
81144Westminster Sch IJUN 4X- 4919820:28.932:27.985.5
82131Marlow RC IIIJUN 4X- 4851220:29.112:28.165.5
83122London RC XISEN1 4+ 4912920:29.572:28.625.5
84206St Pauls Sch ISEN2 4- 4919320:29.942:28.995.5
85101London RC VIISEN1 4- 49031 P20:31.262:30.315.5
86167London RC/Westminster SchW ELITE 4X- 5072720:31.752:30.805.5
87230Royal Shrew Sch BC ISEN2 4+ 5073820:31.972:31.025.5
88119Grosvenor RC ISEN1 4+ 5056620:32.112:31.165.5
89139St Edwards Sch IJUN 4X- 5008820:32.262:31.315.5
90231Agecroft IISEN2 4+ 4940520:32.752:31.805.5
91162Nottingham RC IIW ELITE 4X- 4994420:32.892:31.945.5
92384Kingston RC VIIISEN3 4+ (C) 4926020:33.052:32.105.5
9368Maidstone Invicta/GlobeSEN2 4X- 5052720:33.082:32.135.5
94185Gloucester RC ISEN2 4- 4907920:33.322:32.375.5
95202Reading Univ VSEN2 4- 49414 P20:33.862:32.915.5
96110London RC VIIISEN1 4- 4910620:34.792:33.845.5
97116Bristol Univ ISEN1 4+ 5012020:35.452:34.505.5
9859Exeter RC ISEN2 4X- 5031320:36.492:35.545.5
99130Llandaff RC IJUN 4X- 4864220:37.662:36.715.5
100173Univ of London WBC IW ELITE 4X- 5053920:38.342:37.395.5
10123Tees RC IISEN1 4X- 5027620:38.362:37.415.5
10265Lea RC/Royal Docks ISEN2 4X- 5050620:38.492:37.545.5
10364Kingston RC ISEN2 4X- 4961320:38.782:37.835.5
10460Furnivall ISEN2 4X- 4869320:39.322:38.375.5
105225Vesta IIISEN2 4- 4876720:39.702:38.755.5
106125Dulwich Coll IJUN 4X- 4918820:40.342:39.395.5
107253Univ of London BC IVSEN2 4+ 5124320:42.012:41.065.5
10831Dublin University BC IIELITE 4- 4972720:43.162:42.215.5
10967Loughborough StSEN2 4X- 50701 P20:43.562:42.615.5
110159Marlow RC VJUN 4X- 4850220:46.242:45.295.5
111237Henley RC IVSEN2 4+ 4933020:46.632:45.685.5
112229Tideway Scullers IXSEN2 4+ 4922720:48.192:47.245.4
113261Thames RC IXW ELITE 4- 4996720:48.232:47.285.4
11430Crabtree BCELITE 4- 4978120:50.042:49.095.4
115191Latymer Upper IVSEN2 4- 4913320:50.202:49.255.4
116106Star ClubSEN1 4- 5059520:50.912:49.965.4
117172Tideway Scullers VIIIW ELITE 4X- 4952720:51.412:50.465.4
118102Molesey BC VSEN1 4- 4921820:52.262:51.315.4
119141Tiffin Sch IJUN 4X- 5003120:52.582:51.635.4
12082Walton RC IISEN2 4X- 4893220:52.802:51.855.4
121160Windsor Boys Sch IIIJUN 4X- 5114020:53.032:52.085.4
122207Thames RC IIISEN2 4- 5000920:53.442:52.495.4
123332Oxford Brookes XW SEN2 4X- 5008320:53.642:52.695.4
124246Quintin BC IISEN2 4+ 4915720:53.702:52.755.4
125136RuncornJUN 4X- 4921120:53.932:52.985.4
126220Thames RC IVSEN2 4- 4955820:54.192:53.245.4
127124Canford Sch IJUN 4X- 4923220:54.432:53.485.4
12846RC Blauweiss BaselELITE 4+ 4940720:55.052:54.105.4
129199Putney Town ISEN2 4- 4907320:56.342:55.395.4
130365Agecroft IVSEN3 4+ (C) 4940620:56.422:55.475.4
131117Broxbourne RC IISEN1 4+ 4993820:58.832:57.885.4
13285Bristol City RC IISEN2 4X- 4946520:58.872:57.925.4
133245Nephthys ISEN2 4+ 5077020:58.982:58.035.4
134151Marlow RC IVJUN 4X- 4850120:59.262:58.315.4
135189Kingston RC IIISEN2 4- 4925720:59.842:58.895.4
13635Univ of London BC IIELITE 4- 4946721:01.433:00.485.4
137260Leander XW ELITE 4- 4928421:01.583:00.635.4
138270Edinburgh Univ BC ISEN3 4+ (A) 4917221:01.943:00.995.4
139181Clare ISEN2 4- 5061221:02.063:01.115.4
140404Bristol City RC IVSEN3 4+ (C) 4946921:02.583:01.635.4
14171Nottingham RC ISEN2 4X- 5070321:03.093:02.145.4
14258Evesham RC ISEN2 4X- 4969121:03.313:02.365.4
143174Wallingford RC IIIW ELITE 4X- 4937621:03.373:02.425.4
144283Imperial Coll VSEN3 4+ (A) 5013721:03.413:02.465.4
145120London RC XSEN1 4+ 4910721:03.713:02.765.4
146197Nottingham Univ IISEN2 4- 5002921:03.943:02.995.4
147205Southampton Univ ISEN2 4- 4878321:04.683:03.735.4
148137Shiplake Coll IIJUN 4X- 4867221:05.143:04.195.4
149307Granta IIISEN3 4+ (A) 5053721:05.273:04.325.4
150287Kingston GSSEN3 4+ (A) 4974921:05.513:04.565.4
151212Walton RC IVSEN2 4- 4871121:05.593:04.645.4
152103Mortlake AA ISEN1 4- 5004321:06.343:05.395.4
153223St Pauls Sch IIISEN2 4- 4919621:06.833:05.885.4
154340Thames RC XW SEN2 4X- 4957021:06.933:05.985.4
155175Univ of London WBC IIW ELITE 4X- 5054221:07.003:06.055.4
156105Royal Navy RC/Army RC IISEN1 4- 5124121:07.023:06.075.4
15774Royal Navy RC/Army RC ISEN2 4X- 5052621:07.733:06.785.4
15847Soc Regates MaconnaisesELITE 4+ 5000021:08.543:07.595.4
159276Bristol Univ IIISEN3 4+ (A) 5074221:08.813:07.865.4
160250Royal Shrew Sch BC IISEN2 4+ 5074121:09.163:08.215.4
161201Reading RC IISEN2 4- 5005821:09.673:08.725.4
162252Thames RC VIISEN2 4+ 5001021:09.993:09.045.4
16355Bristol City RC ISEN2 4X- 4946121:10.283:09.335.4
164240London RC XIVSEN2 4+ 4913221:11.373:10.425.3
165155Tiffin Sch IIJUN 4X- 5003221:11.413:10.465.3
166109York City IIISEN1 4- 4993221:11.853:10.905.3
167154St Edwards Sch IIJUN 4X- 5008921:11.873:10.925.3
16825Upper Thames RC IIISEN1 4X- 4995621:12.013:11.065.3
169118Cantabrigian ISEN1 4+ 4994321:13.323:12.375.3
170269Eton Coll IISEN3 4+ (A) 4978421:13.653:12.705.3
171272Oxford Brookes VIISEN3 4+ (A) 5007921:13.853:12.905.3
172169Reading RC IW ELITE 4X- 5098521:13.873:12.925.3
173379Evesham RC IISEN3 4+ (C) 4872021:17.043:16.095.3
17499Kingston RC IISEN1 4- 4925621:17.523:16.575.3
1752731st & 3rd Trinity ISEN3 4+ (A) 4871821:18.903:17.955.3
176227Thames RC VISEN2 4- 5112821:20.683:19.735.3
177182Curlew ISEN2 4- 5001521:21.223:20.275.3
178256Nephthys IISEN2 4+ 5077221:21.393:20.445.3
179247Reading RC IIISEN2 4+ 5007121:22.263:21.315.3
180188Kings Coll Lon ISEN2 4- 5056521:22.753:21.805.3
181149Kings Sch Chester IIJUN 4X- 4924921:23.613:22.665.3
182337Rob Roy IIIW SEN2 4X- 4953321:24.683:23.735.3
183259Univ of London BC VSEN2 4+ 5124721:25.223:24.275.3
18490Tees RC IVSEN2 4X- 5026721:25.523:24.575.3
185171Stockholmspolisens IfW ELITE 4X- 4858721:25.603:24.655.3
186271Royal Shrew Sch BC IIISEN3 4+ (A) 5073921:25.883:24.935.3
18783Warwick BC ISEN2 4X- 4920021:26.483:25.535.3
188286Kings Sch Chester IIISEN3 4+ (A) 4924721:26.813:25.865.3
189325Imperial Coll VIIW SEN2 4X- 5013221:27.023:26.075.3
190413Maidenhead RC IIW JUN 4X- 4858021:27.023:26.075.3
191140Stourport BCJUN 4X- 5089721:28.443:27.495.3
192343Univ of London WBC IIIW SEN2 4X- 5054021:28.623:27.675.3
193150Latymer Upper IIJUN 4X- 4913621:28.793:27.845.3
19463Itchen Imperial RC ISEN2 4X- 4891821:30.153:29.205.3
19542Berliner RCELITE 4+ 5049921:30.173:29.225.3
196415Marlow RC VIIIW JUN 4X- 4851621:30.203:29.255.3
197294Pembroke Coll Oxf ISEN3 4+ (A) 5024121:31.233:30.285.3
198129Latymer Upper IJUN 4X- 49135 P21:31.533:30.585.3
199203Sheffield CitySEN2 4- 4979821:32.963:32.015.3
200308Imperial Coll VISEN3 4+ (A) 5018321:33.313:32.365.3
201135RGS Worcester IJUN 4X- 50723 P21:34.583:33.635.3
202147Dulwich Coll IIJUN 4X- 4918921:34.843:33.895.3
203381Gloucester RC IISEN3 4+ (C) 4908021:34.983:34.035.3
204326Kingston RC VIW SEN2 4X- 4925321:35.593:34.645.2
205288Latymer Upper VSEN3 4+ (A) 4913421:35.593:34.645.2
206279Edinburgh Univ BC IISEN3 4+ (A) 4921621:35.623:34.675.2
207366Grosvenor RC IIISEN3 4+ (C) 5056721:35.693:34.745.2
2083031st & 3rd Trinity IISEN3 4+ (A) 5027221:35.943:34.995.2
209334Oxford Univ LWW IW SEN2 4X- 5044021:36.153:35.205.2
210242Milton Keynes RC ISEN2 4+ 5073121:36.243:35.295.2
211166London RC XIIW ELITE 4X- 4911021:36.933:35.985.2
21272Poplar BlackwallSEN2 4X- 5125421:37.613:36.665.2
213121LymingtonSEN1 4+ 4911521:38.733:37.785.2
214375Cambridge 99 IISEN3 4+ (C) 5051921:40.403:39.455.2
215313Royal Shrew Sch BC IVSEN3 4+ (A) 5074021:40.803:39.855.2
216108Upper Thames RC IVSEN1 4- 4943221:40.983:40.035.2
217268Wallingford RC IVW ELITE 4- 4937721:41.023:40.075.2
218302Warwick Univ ISEN3 4+ (A) 4971921:41.263:40.315.2
219300Southampton Univ IISEN3 4+ (A) 4878221:44.223:43.275.2
220369Auriol Kensington IISEN3 4+ (C) 5133421:45.473:44.525.2
221277Cardiff Univ Wales IISEN3 4+ (A) 5088821:45.513:44.565.2
222430Sir W Borlase IIW JUN 4X- 4866621:46.003:45.055.2
223296RGS Worcester IIISEN3 4+ (A) 5072521:46.053:45.105.2
224310Monmouth Sch RC IIISEN3 4+ (A) 5065721:46.273:45.325.2
225264Furnivall IIW ELITE 4- 4878421:48.353:47.405.2
226397Stratford-U-Avon BC ISEN3 4+ (C) 5083021:48.503:47.555.2
227236Guildford RC ISEN2 4+ 5023621:48.703:47.755.2
228280Granta IISEN3 4+ (A) 5053521:48.943:47.995.2
229263Agecroft IIIW ELITE 4- 4967621:49.213:48.265.2
230214Cygnet RC IISEN2 4- 4933121:50.233:49.285.2
231414Henley RC VIIIW JUN 4X- 4970121:50.253:49.305.2
232402Warwick BC IISEN3 4+ (C) 4920121:50.573:49.625.2
233341Tideway Scullers XIW SEN2 4X- 4922621:50.643:49.695.2
234295Reading Univ VISEN3 4+ (A) 4941521:50.723:49.775.2
235180Cardiff Univ Wales ISEN2 4- 5087221:50.923:49.975.2
236317Reading Univ VIIW SEN2 4X- 4998121:51.673:50.725.2
237435Barnes Bridge Ladies IW SEN2 4- 4881221:52.333:51.385.2
238344Upper Thames RC VIW SEN2 4X- 4948221:52.483:51.535.2
239290Magdalen CollSEN3 4+ (A) 4953821:53.373:52.425.2
240348X-Press BC/Cam 99/Rob RoyW SEN2 4X- 5112121:54.013:53.065.2
241217Nottingham RC VSEN2 4- 5057521:54.103:53.155.2
242385Leicester RCSEN3 4+ (C) 5092521:54.343:53.395.2
243419Headington Sch IW JUN 4X- 5031721:54.643:53.695.2
244156Westminster Sch IIJUN 4X- 4919921:55.013:54.065.2
245398Thames RC XIISEN3 4+ (C) 5029121:55.423:54.475.2
246195Monmouth Sch RC ISEN2 4- 5065621:55.623:54.675.2
247192Lea RC IIISEN2 4- 5030721:55.623:54.675.2
248224Thames RC VSEN2 4- 5059421:55.823:54.875.2
249164Bath Univ IIW ELITE 4X- 5072921:56.623:55.675.2
250285Kings Coll SchSEN3 4+ (A) 4971021:57.233:56.285.2
251291Monmouth Sch RC IISEN3 4+ (A) 5065221:58.453:57.505.2
252314Southampton Univ IIISEN3 4+ (A) 4905221:58.503:57.555.2
253374Broxbourne RC IIISEN3 4+ (C) 4993921:59.293:58.345.2
254183Cygnet RC ISEN2 4- 4932921:59.373:58.425.2
255126Kings Sch Cant IJUN 4X- 4862822:00.503:59.555.1
25654Birmingham RCSEN2 4X- 4921422:00.773:59.825.1
257328Marlow RC VIW SEN2 4X- 4952322:01.124:00.175.1
258345Vesta VW SEN2 4X- 4914522:01.364:00.415.1
259209Vesta ISEN2 4- 4868022:01.524:00.575.1
260327Maidenhead RC/W of EnglandW SEN2 4X- 5121422:01.784:00.835.1
261410Staines IIISEN3 4+ (C) 4875822:01.864:00.915.1
262309Liverpool Univ BC IISEN3 4+ (A) 4930422:01.954:01.005.1
263394Rob Roy VSEN3 4+ (C) 5033322:04.374:03.425.1
264376Curlew IISEN3 4+ (C) 5001422:05.324:04.375.1
265152Monkton Combe Sch IIJUN 4X- 4939822:05.994:05.045.1
266133Monkton Combe Sch IJUN 4X- 4939722:06.254:05.305.1
267347Weybridge RCW SEN2 4X- 4852822:06.504:05.555.1
268241Maidstone Invicta ISEN2 4+ 4961422:06.684:05.735.1
269178Bewdley RC ISEN2 4- 4851922:07.214:06.265.1
270322Eton Excelsior IIW SEN2 4X- 5042822:07.404:06.455.1
271251Stoke Rowing Ass IISEN2 4+ 5027922:07.804:06.855.1
272387Milton Keynes RC IISEN3 4+ (C) 5085722:07.994:07.045.1
273323Grosvenor RC IIW SEN2 4X- 5056822:08.354:07.405.1
274232Auriol Kensington ISEN2 4+ 5133522:08.944:07.995.1
275396Staines IISEN3 4+ (C) 4875722:09.264:08.315.1
276315Warwick Univ IISEN3 4+ (A) 4972222:09.904:08.955.1
277417Lady E Holles IW JUN 4X- 4872922:10.034:09.085.1
278459Furnivall/Auriol KensingtonW SEN2 4+ 5073022:10.064:09.115.1
279373Bristol City RC IIISEN3 4+ (C) 4946622:10.104:09.155.1
280452Osiris IW SEN2 4+ 5040622:10.244:09.295.1
281360Univ of London WBC IVW SEN2 4X- 5054122:10.454:09.505.1
282440Henley RC XW SEN2 4- 4936622:10.544:09.595.1
283257Stoke Rowing Ass IIISEN2 4+ 5028222:12.424:11.475.1
284193Llandaff RC IISEN2 4- 4864022:13.854:12.905.1
285226St Pauls Sch IVSEN2 4- 4919722:14.684:13.735.1
28676Stoke Rowing Ass ISEN2 4X- 5028022:14.744:13.795.1
287349York City IVW SEN2 4X- 4997322:15.244:14.295.1
288453Cambridge Uni W IIW SEN2 4+ 4962922:16.164:15.215.1
289351Henley RC VIW SEN2 4X- 4942522:16.234:15.285.1
290346W of England Univ IIIW SEN2 4X- 5065022:16.304:15.355.1
291153RGS Worcester IIJUN 4X- 5072422:16.564:15.615.1
292428Molesey BC XIIIW JUN 4X- 4932622:17.044:16.095.1
293409Sons of Thames IISEN3 4+ (C) 4907522:17.404:16.455.1
294399Trafford RC ISEN3 4+ (C) 4921022:17.744:16.795.1
295329Molesey BC XIW SEN2 4X- 4923622:18.854:17.905.1
296448Thames RC XIVW SEN2 4- 4957422:18.924:17.975.1
297426Maidenhead RC IIIW JUN 4X- 4858122:20.124:19.175.1
298454Thames RC XVIW SEN2 4+ 4957122:20.234:19.285.1
299187HuntingdonSEN2 4- 5026822:20.374:19.425.1
300254Vesta IVSEN2 4+ 4868822:20.434:19.485.1
301282Imperial Col Med BCSEN3 4+ (A) 5008722:22.084:21.135.1
302383Itchen Imperial RC IISEN3 4+ (C) 4941722:22.684:21.735.1
303471Osiris IIW SEN3 4+ (A) 5040322:22.824:21.875.1
304255Warwick Grad BCSEN2 4+ 4951122:23.004:22.055.1
305258Thames RC VIIISEN2 4+ 5001122:23.854:22.905.1
306235Eton Excelsior ISEN2 4+ 5042622:24.224:23.275.1
307434Yarm SchW JUN 4X- 4975422:24.384:23.435.1
308356Oxford City IIW SEN2 4X- 5051222:24.654:23.705.1
309289Liverpool Univ BC ISEN3 4+ (A) 4930322:25.974:25.025.1
310378Elizabethan BCSEN3 4+ (C) 5117622:26.024:25.075.1
311211Walbrook ISEN2 4- 4994222:26.034:25.085.1
312446Southampton Univ IVW SEN2 4- 4918422:26.664:25.715.0
313389Parr S Priory RC ISEN3 4+ (C) 4933522:28.274:27.325.0
314284Jesus Coll CamSEN3 4+ (A) 5059322:29.094:28.145.0
315406Kingston RC IXSEN3 4+ (C) 4926122:29.154:28.205.0
316391Putney Town VSEN3 4+ (C) 4882622:30.464:29.515.0
317196Nottingham RC IVSEN2 4- 5013622:31.514:30.565.0
318194Maidenhead RC ISEN2 4- 4858522:31.924:30.975.0
319482Oxford Brookes XIW SEN3 4+ (A) 5008522:33.044:32.095.0
320393Reading RC IVSEN3 4+ (C) 5005922:35.864:34.915.0
321512Mortlake AA VIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4915622:36.574:35.625.0
322204Sheffield Univ ISEN2 4- 49777 P22:38.074:37.125.0
323243Minerva BathSEN2 4+ 4907222:38.534:37.585.0
324339Staines IW SEN2 4X- 5072622:39.074:38.125.0
325359Thames RC XIW SEN2 4X- 4957522:39.684:38.735.0
326239Kingston RC VSEN2 4+ 4928822:39.814:38.865.0
327249Ross RCSEN2 4+ 4927822:40.184:39.235.0
328364Putney Town IVW SEN2 4X- 4998422:41.004:40.055.0
329438Cambridge Uni W IW SEN2 4- 4962822:42.564:41.615.0
330215Kings Coll Lon IISEN2 4- 5095222:42.734:41.785.0
331278Clare IISEN3 4+ (A) 5061322:43.394:42.445.0
332458Furnivall IIIW SEN2 4+ 5057622:43.784:42.835.0
333372Bristol Ariel IIISEN3 4+ (C) 4878822:43.964:43.015.0
334353Kingston RC VIIW SEN2 4X- 4925422:44.154:43.205.0
335424Lady E Holles IIW JUN 4X- 4873422:45.424:44.475.0
336420Henley RC IXW JUN 4X- 4970222:45.914:44.965.0
337281Hertford CollSEN3 4+ (A) 5106122:45.984:45.035.0
338427Marlow RC IXW JUN 4X- 4851722:47.204:46.255.0
339395Sons of Thames ISEN3 4+ (C) 4907422:47.364:46.415.0
340157Latymer Upper IIIJUN 4X- 4913722:48.004:47.055.0
341352Imperial Coll VIIIW SEN2 4X- 5054722:48.014:47.065.0
342431Headington Sch IIW JUN 4X- 5031922:49.964:49.015.0
343354Marlow RC VIIW SEN2 4X- 4952522:50.514:49.565.0
34452Barnes Bridge Ladies/CygnetSEN2 4X- 4940322:51.044:50.095.0
345298Sheffield Univ IISEN3 4+ (A) 4977622:51.114:50.165.0
346497Agecroft VW SEN3 4+ (C) 49578 P22:52.294:51.345.0
347361Upper Thames RC VIIW SEN2 4X- 4948522:53.014:52.065.0
348456Cambridge 99 IIIW SEN2 4+ 5071322:54.054:53.104.9
349267Tideway Scullers XW ELITE 4- 4923122:54.224:53.274.9
350355Mortlake AA IVW SEN2 4X- 5004822:54.624:53.674.9
351408Putney Town VISEN3 4+ (C) 4882722:55.474:54.524.9
352411Thames RC XIIISEN3 4+ (C) 5029222:56.374:55.424.9
353470Cambridge Uni W IIIW SEN3 4+ (A) 4963022:57.484:56.534.9
354496Exeter RC IIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4925222:57.914:56.964.9
355368Cantabrigian IISEN3 4+ (C) 5040222:58.804:57.854.9
356436Bristol City RC VW SEN2 4- 4930123:01.335:00.384.9
357299Southampton SolentSEN3 4+ (A) 4932823:01.855:00.904.9
358407Kingston RC XSEN3 4+ (C) 4926223:02.085:01.134.9
359450York City VW SEN2 4- 4996923:02.225:01.274.9
360432Lady E Holles IIIW JUN 4X- 4873723:02.725:01.774.9
361504Furnivall IVW SEN3 4+ (C) 5057723:02.895:01.944.9
362363W of England Univ IVW SEN2 4X- 5065123:03.655:02.704.9
363403Worcester RC ISEN3 4+ (C) 5004923:04.835:03.884.9
364449Vesta VIIW SEN2 4- 4882923:08.025:07.074.9
365502Coalporters IW SEN3 4+ (C) 5036723:10.805:09.854.9
366462Maidenhead RC VW SEN2 4+ 4852423:11.375:10.424.9
367523Twickenham RC IVW SEN3 4+ (C) 50558 P23:14.125:13.174.9
368451Thames RC XVW SEN2 4- 4985623:14.355:13.404.9
369460Guildford RC IIW SEN2 4+ 4912823:14.555:13.604.9
370530Kingston RC XIIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5118123:15.105:14.154.9
371464Stratford-U-Avon BC IIW SEN2 4+ 5082823:15.245:14.294.9
372433Maidenhead RC IVW JUN 4X- 4858223:15.715:14.764.9
373418Canford Sch IIIW JUN 4X- 4923423:16.045:15.094.9
374429Oxford City IIIW JUN 4X- 5051523:17.895:16.944.9
375148Kings Sch Cant IIJUN 4X- 4862923:19.535:18.584.9
376331Nottingham RC VIW SEN2 4X- 5012923:21.395:20.444.9
377465Trafford RC IIIW SEN2 4+ 4932423:22.655:21.704.8
378476Cambridge Uni W IVW SEN3 4+ (A) 4963123:22.905:21.954.8
379467York City VIW SEN2 4+ 5020523:24.285:23.334.8
380472Osiris IIIW SEN3 4+ (A) 5054523:26.235:25.284.8
381265Molesey BC XW ELITE 4- 50702 P23:26.295:25.344.8
382505GlobeW SEN3 4+ (C) 5024323:27.145:26.194.8
383527York City VIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4997023:30.435:29.484.8
384492Thames RC XVIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4957223:30.475:29.524.8
385342Twickenham RC IW SEN2 4X- 50557 P23:31.975:31.024.8
386386Maidstone Invicta IISEN3 4+ (C) 5054623:33.965:33.014.8
387335Pengwern BCW SEN2 4X- 5115423:34.005:33.054.8
388423Kingston RC XIW JUN 4X- 4970323:34.165:33.214.8
389371Bradford ARCSEN3 4+ (C) 4889823:34.525:33.574.8
390494Auriol Kensington IIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5133223:35.675:34.724.8
391377Cygnet RC IIISEN3 4+ (C) 4940223:37.045:36.094.8
392500Bewdley RC IIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4851823:37.065:36.114.8
393405Broxbourne RC IVSEN3 4+ (C) 5017323:37.855:36.904.8
394493Thames RC XVIIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4986123:37.925:36.974.8
395146Canford Sch IIJUN 4X- 4923323:38.695:37.744.8
396515Parr S Priory RC IIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4978623:38.785:37.834.8
397466Warwick BC IIIW SEN2 4+ 4920323:40.015:39.064.8
398522Thames RC XIXW SEN3 4+ (C) 5002523:40.745:39.794.8
399481Liverpool Univ BC IIIW SEN3 4+ (A) 49708 P23:43.285:42.334.8
400388Nottingham RC VIISEN3 4+ (C) 5013823:44.715:43.764.8
401445Sons of Thames IIIW SEN2 4- 4991123:45.385:44.434.8
402469Warwick BC IVW SEN2 4+ 4920423:47.945:46.994.8
403478Edinburgh Univ BC VW SEN3 4+ (A) 4931723:48.715:47.764.8
404498Agecroft/Nott'm TrentW SEN3 4+ (C) 51073 P23:50.515:49.564.8
405477Cardiff Univ Wales IVW SEN3 4+ (A) 5082423:52.535:51.584.7
406422Kings Sch Cant IIIW JUN 4X- 4863023:52.595:51.644.7
407350Bristol Ariel IIW SEN2 4X- 4878723:54.905:53.954.7
408484Reading Univ VIIIW SEN3 4+ (A) 4941623:56.035:55.084.7
409513Nottingham RC VIIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5013023:56.095:55.144.7
410479EmmanuelW SEN3 4+ (A) 4975723:56.645:55.694.7
411463Oxford City IVW SEN2 4+ 5051323:56.995:56.044.7
412439Cardiff Univ Wales IIIW SEN2 4- 5082523:58.545:57.594.7
413425Lea RC/Royal Docks IIW JUN 4X- 5091723:59.175:58.224.7
414320Bristol Ariel IW SEN2 4X- 4878624:00.025:59.074.7
415485Southampton Univ VW SEN3 4+ (A) 4918524:01.876:00.924.7
416358Rob Roy IVW SEN2 4X- 4962224:02.116:01.164.7
417380Falcon RCSEN3 4+ (C) 4937524:03.966:03.014.7
418266Potsdamer RCW ELITE 4- 5117324:10.306:09.354.7
419514Oxford City VW SEN3 4+ (C) 5051624:12.646:11.694.7
420421Itchen Imperial RC IIIW JUN 4X- 4941824:15.906:14.954.7
421518Reading RC VW SEN3 4+ (C) 5007224:16.016:15.064.7
422455Barnes Bridge Ladies IIW SEN2 4+ 4881324:16.986:16.034.7
423390Penarth RCSEN3 4+ (C) 5092124:17.106:16.154.7
424412Worcester RC IISEN3 4+ (C) 5028424:20.296:19.344.7
425529Coalporters IIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5037024:23.906:22.954.6
426357Putney Town IIIW SEN2 4X- 4972424:25.286:24.334.6
427457Cambridge City RCW SEN2 4+ 5057824:25.326:24.374.6
428503Curlew IIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5001624:25.766:24.814.6
429528Bristol City RC VIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4930024:26.256:25.304.6
430501Bristol City RC VIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4929924:32.446:31.494.6
431495Guildford RC IIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4971324:32.766:31.814.6
432491Oxford Univ LWW IVW SEN3 4+ (A) 5044324:33.526:32.574.6
433531Llandaff RC VW SEN3 4+ (C) 4879424:35.176:34.224.6
434533Nottingham RC IXW SEN3 4+ (C) 5013324:38.406:37.454.6
435490Southampton Univ VIW SEN3 4+ (A) 4918624:44.656:43.704.6
436519Sons of Thames IVW SEN3 4+ (C) 4913824:45.236:44.284.6
437480Kings Coll Lon IIIW SEN3 4+ (A) 5090924:46.196:45.244.6
438508Lea RC IVW SEN3 4+ (C) 5112624:49.116:48.164.6
439535Twickenham RC VW SEN3 4+ (C) 5089524:54.966:54.014.5
440538Mortlake AA VIIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5004724:55.986:55.034.5
441521Sudbury RCW SEN3 4+ (C) 5092424:56.006:55.054.5
442499Auriol Kensington IVW SEN3 4+ (C) 5133325:03.637:02.684.5
443506HSBC RCW SEN3 4+ (C) 5091625:06.297:05.344.5
444532Mortlake AA VIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5004625:13.107:12.154.5
445526Warwick BC VW SEN3 4+ (C) 4920625:21.437:20.484.5
446509Llandaff RC IVW SEN3 4+ (C) 4879225:22.967:22.014.5
447534Parr S Priory RC IIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4978725:27.837:26.884.5
448461Llandaff RC IIIW SEN2 4+ 4864125:29.837:28.884.4
449536Warwick BC VIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4920825:32.167:31.214.4
450540Warwick BC VIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4920925:32.827:31.874.4
451516Putney Town VIIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4970425:32.867:31.914.4
452537Coalporters IIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5038125:46.747:45.794.4
453517RAF IIW SEN3 4+ (C) 4943725:50.497:49.544.4
454510Maidstone Invicta IIIW SEN3 4+ (C) 5050725:51.067:50.114.4
455468Barnes Bridge Ladies IIIW SEN2 4+ 4930225:54.647:53.694.4
456216Kingston RC IVSEN2 4- 4925931:57.0113:56.063.5
457186Granta ISEN2 4- 5053847:37.9329:36.982.4
 95Cambridge Univ IVSEN1 4- 50960DNF- 
 100Lea RC IISEN1 4- 50299DNF- 
 107Thames Tradesmen IISEN1 4- 49395Disqual- 
 113Molesey BC VIISEN1 4- 49381Disqual- 
 132Molesey BC VIIIJUN 4X- 49245Disqual- 
 208Thames Tradesmen IIISEN2 4- 49394Disqual- 
 233Bexhill ARC ISEN2 4+ 49420Disqual- 
 244Molesey BC IXSEN2 4+ 49240Disqual- 
 274Bath Univ IIISEN3 4+ (A) 49219Disqual- 
 275Brasenose Coll ISEN3 4+ (A) 51185Disqual- 
 301W of England Univ IISEN3 4+ (A) 50237Disqual- 
 304Bath Univ IVSEN3 4+ (A) 49220Disqual- 
 305Brasenose Coll IISEN3 4+ (A) 51190Disqual- 
 312Pembroke Coll Oxf IISEN3 4+ (A) 50242Disqual- 
 316Bath Univ VSEN3 4+ (A) 49221Disqual- 
 367Twickenham RC IISEN3 4+ (C) 50533 PDisqual- 
 370Bexhill ARC IISEN3 4+ (C) 49707Disqual- 
 400Twickenham RC IIISEN3 4+ (C) 50532Disqual- 
 487Edinburgh Univ BC VIW SEN3 4+ (A) 49318Disqual- 
 488Oxford Brookes XIIW SEN3 4+ (A) 50086Disqual- 


All Crews by Event

Event 1 ELITE 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
11Tideway Scullers I4922318:00.95-6.3
22Leander I4928218:13.4912.546.2
33Reading Univ I4940818:40.8139.866.1
47London RC I4902818:42.3641.416.1
54Leander II4928518:57.1956.246.0
65Tideway Scullers II4922819:12.221:11.275.9
711Univ of London BC I4919019:24.491:23.545.8
813Wallingford RC I4954319:24.691:23.745.8
99Nottingham Univ I5002819:28.581:27.635.8
1015London RC II4902919:29.001:28.055.8
1110RCN Vigo49160 P19:32.341:31.395.8
1214Walton RC I5057919:36.481:35.535.8
1312Upper Thames RC I4943019:39.431:38.485.8

Event 2 ELITE 4-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
132Leander IV4944319:16.01-5.9
228Cambridge Univ I5095619:36.9320.925.8
329London RC V4903419:51.0034.995.7
427Isis I4949119:55.8039.795.7
534Thames RC I4955720:04.4748.465.6
631Dublin University BC II4972720:43.161:27.155.5
730Crabtree BC4978120:50.041:34.035.4
835Univ of London BC II4946721:01.431:45.425.4

Event 3 ELITE 4+

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
139Molesey BC II4971419:25.03-5.8
238Isis II4948919:41.6616.635.8
337Leander V4944019:41.7816.755.8
440Isis III4949019:47.3822.355.7
536Cambridge Univ II5095719:49.1724.145.7
641Army RC5118419:53.9428.915.7
745Isis IV5091919:55.1430.115.7
846RC Blauweiss Basel4940720:55.051:30.025.4
947Soc Regates Maconnaises5000021:08.541:43.515.4
1042Berliner RC5049921:30.172:05.145.3

Event 4 SEN1 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
116Imperial Coll I5016719:06.25-5.9
219Tees RC I5026519:28.0221.775.8
317London RC III4911419:29.3723.125.8
418Reading Univ II4941319:47.0240.775.7
522London RC IV4912719:52.8246.575.7
624Tideway Scullers IV4922919:59.2853.035.7
721Upper Thames RC II4943120:08.631:02.385.6
823Tees RC II5027620:38.361:32.115.5
925Upper Thames RC III4995621:12.012:05.765.3

Event 5 SEN1 4-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
196Lea RC I5029719:48.39-5.7
293Oxford Brookes II5007520:09.6321.245.6
398Henley RC III4933420:20.9032.515.6
4112London RC IX4911820:24.1135.725.6
597Agecroft I4940420:26.4238.035.5
6104Reading Univ III4941120:27.5439.155.5
7101London RC VII49031 P20:31.2642.875.5
8110London RC VIII4910620:34.7946.405.5
9106Star Club5059520:50.911:02.525.4
10102Molesey BC V4921820:52.261:03.875.4
11103Mortlake AA I5004321:06.341:17.955.4
12105Royal Navy RC/Army RC II5124121:07.021:18.635.4
13109York City III4993221:11.851:23.465.3
1499Kingston RC II4925621:17.521:29.135.3
15108Upper Thames RC IV4943221:40.981:52.595.2
 95Cambridge Univ IV50960DNF- 
 100Lea RC II50299DNF- 
 107Thames Tradesmen II49395Disqual- 
 113Molesey BC VII49381Disqual- 

Event 6 SEN1 4+

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1115Isis V4949220:22.56-5.6
2122London RC XI4912920:29.577.015.5
3119Grosvenor RC I5056620:32.119.555.5
4116Bristol Univ I5012020:35.4512.895.5
5117Broxbourne RC II4993820:58.8336.275.4
6120London RC X4910721:03.7141.155.4
7118Cantabrigian I4994321:13.3250.765.3

Event 7 SEN2 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
166Leander VII4928719:11.84-5.9
249Leander VI4928619:20.268.425.9
361Henley RC I4931619:28.4016.565.8
480Tideway Scullers V4923019:31.0019.165.8
550London RC VI4911719:34.5022.665.8
687Leander VIII5013419:37.7925.955.8
769Marlow RC I4925819:45.8233.985.7
873Rob Roy I5039719:52.9641.125.7
984York City I4992720:00.9349.095.7
1077Tees RC III5026620:04.6952.855.6
1148Imperial Coll II5052920:07.7955.955.6
1257Cardiff City I5040420:08.9657.125.6
1353Bath Univ I5013120:12.931:01.095.6
1456Broxbourne RC I4993720:15.881:04.045.6
1681Univ of London BC III4919120:17.591:05.755.6
1788Molesey BC IV4924320:19.051:07.215.6
1886Cardiff City II5040520:20.701:08.865.6
1975Shiplake Coll I4867320:22.501:10.665.6
2091Tideway Scullers VI4974520:24.381:12.545.6
2170Molesey BC III4924120:27.041:15.205.5
2268Maidstone Invicta/Globe5052720:33.081:21.245.5
2359Exeter RC I5031320:36.491:24.655.5
2465Lea RC/Royal Docks I5050620:38.491:26.655.5
2564Kingston RC I4961320:38.781:26.945.5
2660Furnivall I4869320:39.321:27.485.5
2767Loughborough St50701 P20:43.561:31.725.5
2882Walton RC II4893220:52.801:40.965.4
2985Bristol City RC II4946520:58.871:47.035.4
3071Nottingham RC I5070321:03.091:51.255.4
3158Evesham RC I4969121:03.311:51.475.4
3274Royal Navy RC/Army RC I5052621:07.731:55.895.4
3355Bristol City RC I4946121:10.281:58.445.4
3490Tees RC IV5026721:25.522:13.685.3
3583Warwick BC I4920021:26.482:14.645.3
3663Itchen Imperial RC I4891821:30.152:18.315.3
3772Poplar Blackwall5125421:37.612:25.775.2
3854Birmingham RC4921422:00.772:48.935.1
3976Stoke Rowing Ass I5028022:14.743:02.905.1
4052Barnes Bridge Ladies/Cygnet4940322:51.043:39.205.0

Event 8 SEN2 4-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1213Westminster Sch III4919420:08.26-5.6
2176Oxford Brookes III5007820:10.552.295.6
3184Eton Coll I4978520:20.8712.615.6
4219St Pauls Sch II4919520:27.7219.465.5
5177London RC XIII4913020:27.9519.695.5
6206St Pauls Sch I4919320:29.9421.685.5
7185Gloucester RC I4907920:33.3225.065.5
8202Reading Univ V49414 P20:33.8625.605.5
9225Vesta III4876720:39.7031.445.5
10191Latymer Upper IV4913320:50.2041.945.4
11207Thames RC III5000920:53.4445.185.4
12220Thames RC IV4955820:54.1945.935.4
13199Putney Town I4907320:56.3448.085.4
14189Kingston RC III4925720:59.8451.585.4
15181Clare I5061221:02.0653.805.4
16197Nottingham Univ II5002921:03.9455.685.4
17205Southampton Univ I4878321:04.6856.425.4
18212Walton RC IV4871121:05.5957.335.4
19223St Pauls Sch III4919621:06.8358.575.4
20201Reading RC II5005821:09.671:01.415.4
21227Thames RC VI5112821:20.681:12.425.3
22182Curlew I5001521:21.221:12.965.3
23188Kings Coll Lon I5056521:22.751:14.495.3
24203Sheffield City4979821:32.961:24.705.3
25214Cygnet RC II4933121:50.231:41.975.2
26180Cardiff Univ Wales I5087221:50.921:42.665.2
27217Nottingham RC V5057521:54.101:45.845.2
28195Monmouth Sch RC I5065621:55.621:47.365.2
29192Lea RC III5030721:55.621:47.365.2
30224Thames RC V5059421:55.821:47.565.2
31183Cygnet RC I4932921:59.371:51.115.2
32209Vesta I4868022:01.521:53.265.1
33178Bewdley RC I4851922:07.211:58.955.1
34193Llandaff RC II4864022:13.852:05.595.1
35226St Pauls Sch IV4919722:14.682:06.425.1
37211Walbrook I4994222:26.032:17.775.1
38196Nottingham RC IV5013622:31.512:23.255.0
39194Maidenhead RC I4858522:31.922:23.665.0
40204Sheffield Univ I49777 P22:38.072:29.815.0
41215Kings Coll Lon II5095222:42.732:34.475.0
42216Kingston RC IV4925931:57.0111:48.753.5
43186Granta I5053847:37.9327:29.672.4
 208Thames Tradesmen III49394Disqual- 

Event 9 SEN2 4+

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1228Oxford Brookes VI5007620:11.13-5.6
2238Imperial Coll IV5016820:27.7016.575.5
3230Royal Shrew Sch BC I5073820:31.9720.845.5
4231Agecroft II4940520:32.7521.625.5
5253Univ of London BC IV5124320:42.0130.885.5
6237Henley RC IV4933020:46.6335.505.5
7229Tideway Scullers IX4922720:48.1937.065.4
8246Quintin BC II4915720:53.7042.575.4
9245Nephthys I5077020:58.9847.855.4
10250Royal Shrew Sch BC II5074121:09.1658.035.4
11252Thames RC VII5001021:09.9958.865.4
12240London RC XIV4913221:11.371:00.245.3
13256Nephthys II5077221:21.391:10.265.3
14247Reading RC III5007121:22.261:11.135.3
15259Univ of London BC V5124721:25.221:14.095.3
16242Milton Keynes RC I5073121:36.241:25.115.2
17236Guildford RC I5023621:48.701:37.575.2
18241Maidstone Invicta I4961422:06.681:55.555.1
19251Stoke Rowing Ass II5027922:07.801:56.675.1
20232Auriol Kensington I5133522:08.941:57.815.1
21257Stoke Rowing Ass III5028222:12.422:01.295.1
22254Vesta IV4868822:20.432:09.305.1
23255Warwick Grad BC4951122:23.002:11.875.1
24258Thames RC VIII5001122:23.852:12.725.1
25235Eton Excelsior I5042622:24.222:13.095.1
26243Minerva Bath4907222:38.532:27.405.0
27239Kingston RC V4928822:39.812:28.685.0
28249Ross RC4927822:40.182:29.055.0
 233Bexhill ARC I49420Disqual- 
 244Molesey BC IX49240Disqual- 

Event 10 SEN3 4+ (A)

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1270Edinburgh Univ BC I4917221:01.94-5.4
2283Imperial Coll V5013721:03.411.475.4
3307Granta III5053721:05.273.335.4
4287Kingston GS4974921:05.513.575.4
5276Bristol Univ III5074221:08.816.875.4
6269Eton Coll II4978421:13.6511.715.3
7272Oxford Brookes VII5007921:13.8511.915.3
82731st & 3rd Trinity I4871821:18.9016.965.3
9271Royal Shrew Sch BC III5073921:25.8823.945.3
10286Kings Sch Chester III4924721:26.8124.875.3
11294Pembroke Coll Oxf I5024121:31.2329.295.3
12308Imperial Coll VI5018321:33.3131.375.3
13288Latymer Upper V4913421:35.5933.655.2
14279Edinburgh Univ BC II4921621:35.6233.685.2
153031st & 3rd Trinity II5027221:35.9434.005.2
16313Royal Shrew Sch BC IV5074021:40.8038.865.2
17302Warwick Univ I4971921:41.2639.325.2
18300Southampton Univ II4878221:44.2242.285.2
19277Cardiff Univ Wales II5088821:45.5143.575.2
20296RGS Worcester III5072521:46.0544.115.2
21310Monmouth Sch RC III5065721:46.2744.335.2
22280Granta II5053521:48.9447.005.2
23295Reading Univ VI4941521:50.7248.785.2
24290Magdalen Coll4953821:53.3751.435.2
25285Kings Coll Sch4971021:57.2355.295.2
26291Monmouth Sch RC II5065221:58.4556.515.2
27314Southampton Univ III4905221:58.5056.565.2
28309Liverpool Univ BC II4930422:01.951:00.015.1
29315Warwick Univ II4972222:09.901:07.965.1
30282Imperial Col Med BC5008722:22.081:20.145.1
31289Liverpool Univ BC I4930322:25.971:24.035.1
32284Jesus Coll Cam5059322:29.091:27.155.0
33278Clare II5061322:43.391:41.455.0
34281Hertford Coll5106122:45.981:44.045.0
35298Sheffield Univ II4977622:51.111:49.175.0
36299Southampton Solent4932823:01.851:59.914.9
 274Bath Univ III49219Disqual- 
 275Brasenose Coll I51185Disqual- 
 301W of England Univ II50237Disqual- 
 304Bath Univ IV49220Disqual- 
 305Brasenose Coll II51190Disqual- 
 312Pembroke Coll Oxf II50242Disqual- 
 316Bath Univ V49221Disqual- 

Event 11 SEN3 4+ (C)

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1382Henley RC VII4932720:25.43-5.5
2384Kingston RC VIII4926020:33.057.625.5
3365Agecroft IV4940620:56.4230.995.4
4404Bristol City RC IV4946921:02.5837.155.4
5379Evesham RC II4872021:17.0451.615.3
6381Gloucester RC II4908021:34.981:09.555.3
7366Grosvenor RC III5056721:35.691:10.265.2
8375Cambridge 99 II5051921:40.401:14.975.2
9369Auriol Kensington II5133421:45.471:20.045.2
10397Stratford-U-Avon BC I5083021:48.501:23.075.2
11402Warwick BC II4920121:50.571:25.145.2
12385Leicester RC5092521:54.341:28.915.2
13398Thames RC XII5029121:55.421:29.995.2
14374Broxbourne RC III4993921:59.291:33.865.2
15410Staines III4875822:01.861:36.435.1
16394Rob Roy V5033322:04.371:38.945.1
17376Curlew II5001422:05.321:39.895.1
18387Milton Keynes RC II5085722:07.991:42.565.1
19396Staines II4875722:09.261:43.835.1
20373Bristol City RC III4946622:10.101:44.675.1
21409Sons of Thames II4907522:17.401:51.975.1
22399Trafford RC I4921022:17.741:52.315.1
23383Itchen Imperial RC II4941722:22.681:57.255.1
24378Elizabethan BC5117622:26.022:00.595.1
25389Parr S Priory RC I4933522:28.272:02.845.0
26406Kingston RC IX4926122:29.152:03.725.0
27391Putney Town V4882622:30.462:05.035.0
28393Reading RC IV5005922:35.862:10.435.0
29372Bristol Ariel III4878822:43.962:18.535.0
30395Sons of Thames I4907422:47.362:21.935.0
31408Putney Town VI4882722:55.472:30.044.9
32411Thames RC XIII5029222:56.372:30.944.9
33368Cantabrigian II5040222:58.802:33.374.9
34407Kingston RC X4926223:02.082:36.654.9
35403Worcester RC I5004923:04.832:39.404.9
36386Maidstone Invicta II5054623:33.963:08.534.8
37371Bradford ARC4889823:34.523:09.094.8
38377Cygnet RC III4940223:37.043:11.614.8
39405Broxbourne RC IV5017323:37.853:12.424.8
40388Nottingham RC VII5013823:44.713:19.284.8
41380Falcon RC4937524:03.963:38.534.7
42390Penarth RC5092124:17.103:51.674.7
43412Worcester RC II5028424:20.293:54.864.7
 367Twickenham RC II50533 PDisqual- 
 370Bexhill ARC II49707Disqual- 
 400Twickenham RC III50532Disqual- 

Event 12 JUN 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1142Wallingford RC II4924619:49.82-5.7
2123Marlow RC II4850019:52.802.985.7
3138Sir W Borlase I4853119:59.8610.045.7
4127Kings Sch Chester I4924820:02.2112.395.7
5134Peterboro/Rob Roy/St Neots5072820:10.9421.125.6
6158Windsor Boys Sch II5113920:14.5724.755.6
7145Windsor Boys Sch I5113820:15.1525.335.6
8143Walton RC III4871320:21.0631.245.6
9144Westminster Sch I4919820:28.9339.115.5
10131Marlow RC III4851220:29.1139.295.5
11139St Edwards Sch I5008820:32.2642.445.5
12130Llandaff RC I4864220:37.6647.845.5
13125Dulwich Coll I4918820:40.3450.525.5
14159Marlow RC V4850220:46.2456.425.5
15141Tiffin Sch I5003120:52.581:02.765.4
16160Windsor Boys Sch III5114020:53.031:03.215.4
18124Canford Sch I4923220:54.431:04.615.4
19151Marlow RC IV4850120:59.261:09.445.4
20137Shiplake Coll II4867221:05.141:15.325.4
21155Tiffin Sch II5003221:11.411:21.595.3
22154St Edwards Sch II5008921:11.871:22.055.3
23149Kings Sch Chester II4924921:23.611:33.795.3
24140Stourport BC5089721:28.441:38.625.3
25150Latymer Upper II4913621:28.791:38.975.3
26129Latymer Upper I49135 P21:31.531:41.715.3
27135RGS Worcester I50723 P21:34.581:44.765.3
28147Dulwich Coll II4918921:34.841:45.025.3
29156Westminster Sch II4919921:55.012:05.195.2
30126Kings Sch Cant I4862822:00.502:10.685.1
31152Monkton Combe Sch II4939822:05.992:16.175.1
32133Monkton Combe Sch I4939722:06.252:16.435.1
33153RGS Worcester II5072422:16.562:26.745.1
34157Latymer Upper III4913722:48.002:58.185.0
35148Kings Sch Cant II4862923:19.533:29.714.9
36146Canford Sch II4923323:38.693:48.874.8
 132Molesey BC VIII49245Disqual- 

Event 13 W ELITE 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1161Marlow RC/Thames RC4962319:51.87-5.7
2165Leander IX4928320:15.7123.845.6
3163Tideway Scullers VII4922520:24.5632.695.6
4170Reading Univ IV4941220:26.4334.565.5
5167London RC/Westminster Sch5072720:31.7539.885.5
6162Nottingham RC II4994420:32.8941.025.5
7173Univ of London WBC I5053920:38.3446.475.5
8172Tideway Scullers VIII4952720:51.4159.545.4
9174Wallingford RC III4937621:03.371:11.505.4
10175Univ of London WBC II5054221:07.001:15.135.4
11169Reading RC I5098521:13.871:22.005.3
12171Stockholmspolisens If4858721:25.601:33.735.3
13166London RC XII4911021:36.931:45.065.2
14164Bath Univ II5072921:56.622:04.755.2

Event 14 W ELITE 4-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1261Thames RC IX4996720:48.23-5.4
2260Leander X4928421:01.5813.355.4
3268Wallingford RC IV4937721:41.0252.795.2
4264Furnivall II4878421:48.351:00.125.2
5263Agecroft III4967621:49.211:00.985.2
6267Tideway Scullers X4923122:54.222:05.994.9
7265Molesey BC X50702 P23:26.292:38.064.8
8266Potsdamer RC5117324:10.303:22.074.7

Event 15 W SEN2 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1332Oxford Brookes X5008320:53.64-5.4
2340Thames RC X4957021:06.9313.295.4
3337Rob Roy III4953321:24.6831.045.3
4325Imperial Coll VII5013221:27.0233.385.3
5343Univ of London WBC III5054021:28.6234.985.3
6326Kingston RC VI4925321:35.5941.955.2
7334Oxford Univ LWW I5044021:36.1542.515.2
8341Tideway Scullers XI4922621:50.6457.005.2
9317Reading Univ VII4998121:51.6758.035.2
10344Upper Thames RC VI4948221:52.4858.845.2
11348X-Press BC/Cam 99/Rob Roy5112121:54.011:00.375.2
12328Marlow RC VI4952322:01.121:07.485.1
13345Vesta V4914522:01.361:07.725.1
14327Maidenhead RC/W of England5121422:01.781:08.145.1
15347Weybridge RC4852822:06.501:12.865.1
16322Eton Excelsior II5042822:07.401:13.765.1
17323Grosvenor RC II5056822:08.351:14.715.1
18360Univ of London WBC IV5054122:10.451:16.815.1
19349York City IV4997322:15.241:21.605.1
20351Henley RC VI4942522:16.231:22.595.1
21346W of England Univ III5065022:16.301:22.665.1
22329Molesey BC XI4923622:18.851:25.215.1
23356Oxford City II5051222:24.651:31.015.1
24339Staines I5072622:39.071:45.435.0
25359Thames RC XI4957522:39.681:46.045.0
26364Putney Town IV4998422:41.001:47.365.0
27353Kingston RC VII4925422:44.151:50.515.0
28352Imperial Coll VIII5054722:48.011:54.375.0
29354Marlow RC VII4952522:50.511:56.875.0
30361Upper Thames RC VII4948522:53.011:59.375.0
31355Mortlake AA IV5004822:54.622:00.984.9
32363W of England Univ IV5065123:03.652:10.014.9
33331Nottingham RC VI5012923:21.392:27.754.9
34342Twickenham RC I50557 P23:31.972:38.334.8
35335Pengwern BC5115423:34.002:40.364.8
36350Bristol Ariel II4878723:54.903:01.264.7
37320Bristol Ariel I4878624:00.023:06.384.7
38358Rob Roy IV4962224:02.113:08.474.7
39357Putney Town III4972424:25.283:31.644.6

Event 16 W SEN2 4-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1435Barnes Bridge Ladies I4881221:52.33-5.2
2440Henley RC X4936622:10.5418.215.1
3448Thames RC XIV4957422:18.9226.595.1
4446Southampton Univ IV4918422:26.6634.335.0
5438Cambridge Uni W I4962822:42.5650.235.0
6436Bristol City RC V4930123:01.331:09.004.9
7450York City V4996923:02.221:09.894.9
8449Vesta VII4882923:08.021:15.694.9
9451Thames RC XV4985623:14.351:22.024.9
10445Sons of Thames III4991123:45.381:53.054.8
11439Cardiff Univ Wales III5082523:58.542:06.214.7

Event 17 W SEN2 4+

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1459Furnivall/Auriol Kensington5073022:10.06-5.1
2452Osiris I5040622:
3453Cambridge Uni W II4962922:
4454Thames RC XVI4957122:20.2310.175.1
5458Furnivall III5057622:43.7833.725.0
6456Cambridge 99 III5071322:54.0543.994.9
7462Maidenhead RC V4852423:11.371:01.314.9
8460Guildford RC II4912823:14.551:04.494.9
9464Stratford-U-Avon BC II5082823:15.241:05.184.9
10465Trafford RC III4932423:22.651:12.594.8
11467York City VI5020523:24.281:14.224.8
12466Warwick BC III4920323:40.011:29.954.8
13469Warwick BC IV4920423:47.941:37.884.8
14463Oxford City IV5051323:56.991:46.934.7
15455Barnes Bridge Ladies II4881324:16.982:06.924.7
16457Cambridge City RC5057824:25.322:15.264.6
17461Llandaff RC III4864125:29.833:19.774.4
18468Barnes Bridge Ladies III4930225:54.643:44.584.4

Event 18 W SEN3 4+ (A)

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1471Osiris II5040322:22.82-5.1
2482Oxford Brookes XI5008522:33.0410.225.0
3470Cambridge Uni W III4963022:57.4834.664.9
4476Cambridge Uni W IV4963123:22.901:00.084.8
5472Osiris III5054523:26.231:03.414.8
6481Liverpool Univ BC III49708 P23:43.281:20.464.8
7478Edinburgh Univ BC V4931723:48.711:25.894.8
8477Cardiff Univ Wales IV5082423:52.531:29.714.7
9484Reading Univ VIII4941623:56.031:33.214.7
11485Southampton Univ V4918524:01.871:39.054.7
12491Oxford Univ LWW IV5044324:33.522:10.704.6
13490Southampton Univ VI4918624:44.652:21.834.6
14480Kings Coll Lon III5090924:46.192:23.374.6
 487Edinburgh Univ BC VI49318Disqual- 
 488Oxford Brookes XII50086Disqual- 

Event 19 W SEN3 4+ (C)

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1512Mortlake AA VI4915622:36.57-5.0
2497Agecroft V49578 P22:52.2915.725.0
3496Exeter RC II4925222:57.9121.344.9
4504Furnivall IV5057723:02.8926.324.9
5502Coalporters I5036723:10.8034.234.9
6523Twickenham RC IV50558 P23:14.1237.554.9
7530Kingston RC XIII5118123:15.1038.534.9
9527York City VII4997023:30.4353.864.8
10492Thames RC XVII4957223:30.4753.904.8
11494Auriol Kensington III5133223:35.6759.104.8
12500Bewdley RC II4851823:37.061:00.494.8
13493Thames RC XVIII4986123:37.921:01.354.8
14515Parr S Priory RC II4978623:38.781:02.214.8
15522Thames RC XIX5002523:40.741:04.174.8
16498Agecroft/Nott'm Trent51073 P23:50.511:13.944.8
17513Nottingham RC VIII5013023:56.091:19.524.7
18514Oxford City V5051624:12.641:36.074.7
19518Reading RC V5007224:16.011:39.444.7
20529Coalporters II5037024:23.901:47.334.6
21503Curlew III5001624:25.761:49.194.6
22528Bristol City RC VII4930024:26.251:49.684.6
23501Bristol City RC VI4929924:32.441:55.874.6
24495Guildford RC III4971324:32.761:56.194.6
25531Llandaff RC V4879424:35.171:58.604.6
26533Nottingham RC IX5013324:38.402:01.834.6
27519Sons of Thames IV4913824:45.232:08.664.6
28508Lea RC IV5112624:49.112:12.544.6
29535Twickenham RC V5089524:54.962:18.394.5
30538Mortlake AA VIII5004724:55.982:19.414.5
31521Sudbury RC5092424:56.002:19.434.5
32499Auriol Kensington IV5133325:03.632:27.064.5
33506HSBC RC5091625:06.292:29.724.5
34532Mortlake AA VII5004625:13.102:36.534.5
35526Warwick BC V4920625:21.432:44.864.5
36509Llandaff RC IV4879225:22.962:46.394.5
37534Parr S Priory RC III4978725:27.832:51.264.5
38536Warwick BC VI4920825:32.162:55.594.4
39540Warwick BC VII4920925:32.822:56.254.4
40516Putney Town VIII4970425:32.862:56.294.4
41537Coalporters III5038125:46.743:10.174.4
42517RAF II4943725:50.493:13.924.4
43510Maidstone Invicta III5050725:51.063:14.494.4

Event 20 W JUN 4X-

PosnNo.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeMarginM/Sec
1413Maidenhead RC II4858021:27.02-5.3
2415Marlow RC VIII4851621:
3430Sir W Borlase II4866621:46.0018.985.2
4414Henley RC VIII4970121:50.2523.235.2
5419Headington Sch I5031721:54.6427.625.2
6417Lady E Holles I4872922:10.0343.015.1
7428Molesey BC XIII4932622:17.0450.025.1
8426Maidenhead RC III4858122:20.1253.105.1
9434Yarm Sch4975422:24.3857.365.1
10424Lady E Holles II4873422:45.421:18.405.0
11420Henley RC IX4970222:45.911:18.895.0
12427Marlow RC IX4851722:47.201:20.185.0
13431Headington Sch II5031922:49.961:22.945.0
14432Lady E Holles III4873723:02.721:35.704.9
15433Maidenhead RC IV4858223:15.711:48.694.9
16418Canford Sch III4923423:16.041:49.024.9
17429Oxford City III5051523:17.891:50.874.9
18423Kingston RC XI4970323:34.162:07.144.8
19422Kings Sch Cant III4863023:52.592:25.574.7
20425Lea RC/Royal Docks II5091723:59.172:32.154.7
21421Itchen Imperial RC III4941824:15.902:48.884.7


Time Only Crews

No.Club/OrgCrew ID/PTimeM/Sec
6Dublin University BC I4973020:23.735.6
8Molesey BC I4923819:00.726.0
20Tideway Scullers III4922419:14.725.9
43Cambridge Univ III5095820:25.575.5
62Imperial Coll III5053021:11.135.3
78Thames RC II4955920:09.405.6
94Henley RC II4933320:56.515.4
111Molesey BC VI4923920:25.695.5
114Cambridge Univ V5096120:49.075.4
198Oxford Brookes IV5008221:25.305.3
222Vesta II4868921:06.315.4
234Cambridge 99 I5052021:44.845.2
248RMA Sandhurst I4967521:41.695.2
293Oxford Brookes VIII5008021:10.075.4
297RMA Sandhurst II4967422:30.345.0
311Oxford Brookes IX5008121:13.655.3
319Mortlake AA II4915821:20.025.3
321Bristol Univ IV5024023:53.394.7
330Mortlake AA III4916121:21.085.3
336Putney Town II4970523:38.134.8
442Molesey BC XIV4923521:57.295.2
475Bristol Univ VI5023923:49.264.8
483Oxford Univ LWW II5044123:30.524.8
489Oxford Univ LWW III5044223:06.894.9
524Vesta VIII4914723:59.624.7
541Edinburgh University BC III4922222:59.054.9

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