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Lee Valley Down River Race UK 2013
Waltham Cross, Herts, EN9 1AB

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Lee Valley 2013 Lee Valley 2013

Sunday 28th July 2013
13:00 to 16:30

Organised by Canalside
Activity Centre RBKC

Held on the legacy course
Timing and Results by Mikrotime

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All Paddlers

PosnBibNameCategoryRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1193Ben OakleyK1 Men - Senior 0:26.060:26.770:26.06-
2191Grant AndersonK1 Men - Senior 0:29.130:26.580:26.580.52
3146Hannah BrownK1 Women - Senior 0:28.080:28.420:28.082.02
4173Matt BishopK1 Men - Junior 0:48.170:29.120:29.123.06
5192Jaime ChristieK1 Men - Senior 0:30.460:29.250:29.253.19
6190Nigel JonesK1 Men - Senior 0:29.510:30.870:29.513.45
7189Grant UnderwoodK1 Men - Senior 0:42.930:30.520:30.524.46
8174Calum GingellK1 Men - Junior 0:30.960:31.320:30.964.90
9186Paul AndersonK1 Men - Senior 0:30.98Capsize0:30.984.92
10162Lewis LeeK1 Men - Junior 0:41.610:31.430:31.435.37
11142Scott FinchK1 Men - Junior 0:32.000:32.440:32.005.94
12138Paul Anderson/Andrew HamiltonC2 Men - Senior 0:32.180:34.270:32.186.12
13149Spencer ArmstrongK1 Men - Junior 0:32.200:40.480:32.206.14
14131Ricky MillerK1 Men - Senior 0:33.580:32.810:32.816.75
15153Andrew HamiltonC1 Men - Senior 0:32.950:34.230:32.956.89
16180Rod GrundyK1 Men - Senior 0:50.890:34.070:34.078.01
17145Rachael SladeK1 Women - Senior 0:34.350:34.140:34.148.08
18170Robert VallanceK1 Men - Junior 0:35.880:34.580:34.588.52
19165Andy ReevesK1 Men - Junior 0:35.080:34.910:34.918.85
20166Jack GalvinK1 Men - Junior 0:50.590:35.520:35.529.46
21172Joe WebbK1 Men - Junior 0:35.920:41.670:35.929.86
22169Richard VallanceK1 Men - Junior 0:36.820:38.310:36.8210.76
23181Beyan FennellK1 Men - Senior 0:36.900:45.570:36.9010.84
24187Neal UnderwoodK1 Men - Senior 0:37.080:36.950:36.9510.89
25176Paul KettleK1 Men - Senior 0:40.390:37.440:37.4411.38
26183Thomas BeaumontK1 Men - Senior 1:04.010:38.320:38.3212.26
27179Malcolm BlowersK1 Men - Senior 0:40.930:38.940:38.9412.88
28167Noah DembleK1 Men - Junior 0:41.000:39.500:39.5013.44
29136Jaime/Emma ChristieK2 Mixed - Senior 0:42.490:40.090:40.0914.03
30185Yann Koralek-MartinK1 Men - Senior 0:40.350:40.560:40.3514.29
31152Ross PeartonC1 Men - Senior 0:44.060:41.040:41.0414.98
32154Jaime/Kerry ChristieK2 Men - Senior 0:41.740:41.200:41.2015.14
33188Ant WrightK1 Men - Senior 0:41.281:07.220:41.2815.22
34171Nick YoungK1 Men - Junior 0:41.860:54.850:41.8615.80
35155Zyggy Dreja/Imogen DonaldsonK2 Mixed - Senior 0:42.160:43.370:42.1616.10
36135Rodger/Athena FairhurstK2 Mixed - Senior 0:48.530:42.420:42.4216.36
37132Ryan HuntC1 Men - Senior 0:45.220:42.610:42.6116.55
38140Natalia LechnockaK1 Women - Junior Capsize0:42.800:42.8016.74
39184Rodger FairhurstK1 Men - Senior 0:43.88DNS0:43.8817.82
40134Richard Crooks/Ant WrightC2 Men - Senior 0:46.22DNS0:46.2220.16
41195Mackon/Maja KhelaK2 Mixed - Senior 0:46.320:51.660:46.3220.26
42148Rodger/Eliana FairhurstK2 Mixed - Senior 0:46.370:51.090:46.3720.31
43175Mackon/Grethe KhelaK2 Mixed - Senior 0:46.41DNS0:46.4120.35
44144Anna StishovaK1 Women - Senior 0:46.410:50.840:46.4120.35
45137Mackon/Freja KhelaC2 Mixed - Senior 0:46.54DNS0:46.5420.48
46157James KettleK1 Men - Junior 0:49.040:47.260:47.2621.20
47177Terry KinsellaK1 Men - Senior 0:47.660:54.290:47.6621.60
48194Yann/Ivana Koralek-MartinK2 Men - Senior 0:48.04Capsize0:48.0421.98
49143Catherine RobinsonK1 Women - Senior 0:48.06Capsize0:48.0622.00
50156Terry/Nancy KinsellaK2 Men - Senior 0:57.230:48.920:48.9222.86
51168Samuel WilliamsK2 Men - Senior 1:00.990:53.830:53.8327.77
52147Ethan Williams/T KinsellaK2 Men - Junior Capsize0:55.840:55.8429.78
53139Nicole TaylorK1 Women - Junior Capsize0:56.540:56.5430.48
54196Jordi Rothkell/T KinsellaK2 Men - Junior 1:02.17Capsize1:02.1736.11
55141Lilly VallanceK1 Women - Junior 1:03.12DNS1:03.1237.06
56159Jordi RothkellK1 Men - Junior 1:09.05Capsize1:09.0542.99
57178Adam StewartK1 Men - Senior 1:15.651:12.521:12.5246.46
 133Nicolai LarsenK1 Men - Senior CapsizeDNS -
 151Richard CrooksC1 Men - Senior CapsizeDNS -
 158Terry Kinsella JrK1 Men - Junior CapsizeCapsize -
 160Ethan WilliamsK1 Men - Junior CapsizeCapsize -


Category Listing

Race 1 K1 Men - Junior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1173Matt Bishop0:48.170:29.120:29.12-
2174Calum Gingell0:30.960:31.320:30.961.84
3162Lewis Lee0:41.610:31.430:31.432.31
4142Scott Finch0:32.000:32.440:32.002.88
5149Spencer Armstrong0:32.200:40.480:32.203.08
6170Robert Vallance0:35.880:34.580:34.585.46
7165Andy Reeves0:35.080:34.910:34.915.79
8166Jack Galvin0:50.590:35.520:35.526.40
9172Joe Webb0:35.920:41.670:35.926.80
10169Richard Vallance0:36.820:38.310:36.827.70
11167Noah Demble0:41.000:39.500:39.5010.38
12171Nick Young0:41.860:54.850:41.8612.74
13157James Kettle0:49.040:47.260:47.2618.14
14159Jordi Rothkell1:09.05Capsize1:09.0539.93
 158Terry Kinsella JrCapsizeCapsize -
 160Ethan WilliamsCapsizeCapsize -

Race 2 K1 Men - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1193Ben Oakley0:26.060:26.770:26.06-
2191Grant Anderson0:29.130:26.580:26.580.52
3192Jaime Christie0:30.460:29.250:29.253.19
4190Nigel Jones0:29.510:30.870:29.513.45
5189Grant Underwood0:42.930:30.520:30.524.46
6186Paul Anderson0:30.98Capsize0:30.984.92
7131Ricky Miller0:33.580:32.810:32.816.75
8180Rod Grundy0:50.890:34.070:34.078.01
9181Beyan Fennell0:36.900:45.570:36.9010.84
10187Neal Underwood0:37.080:36.950:36.9510.89
11176Paul Kettle0:40.390:37.440:37.4411.38
12183Thomas Beaumont1:04.010:38.320:38.3212.26
13179Malcolm Blowers0:40.930:38.940:38.9412.88
14185Yann Koralek-Martin0:40.350:40.560:40.3514.29
15188Ant Wright0:41.281:07.220:41.2815.22
16184Rodger Fairhurst0:43.88DNS0:43.8817.82
17177Terry Kinsella0:47.660:54.290:47.6621.60
18178Adam Stewart1:15.651:12.521:12.5246.46
 133Nicolai LarsenCapsizeDNS -

Race 3 K2 Men - Junior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1147Ethan Williams/T KinsellaCapsize0:55.840:55.84-
2196Jordi Rothkell/T Kinsella1:02.17Capsize1:02.176.33

Race 4 K2 Men - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1154Jaime/Kerry Christie0:41.740:41.200:41.20-
2194Yann/Ivana Koralek-Martin0:48.04Capsize0:48.046.84
3156Terry/Nancy Kinsella0:57.230:48.920:48.927.72
4168Samuel Williams1:00.990:53.830:53.8312.63

Race 5 K2 Mixed - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1136Jaime/Emma Christie0:42.490:40.090:40.09-
2155Zyggy Dreja/Imogen Donaldson0:42.160:43.370:42.162.07
3135Rodger/Athena Fairhurst0:48.530:42.420:42.422.33
4195Mackon/Maja Khela0:46.320:51.660:46.326.23
5148Rodger/Eliana Fairhurst0:46.370:51.090:46.376.28
6175Mackon/Grethe Khela0:46.41DNS0:46.416.32

Race 7 C1 Men - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1153Andrew Hamilton0:32.950:34.230:32.95-
2152Ross Pearton0:44.060:41.040:41.048.09
3132Ryan Hunt0:45.220:42.610:42.619.66
 151Richard CrooksCapsizeDNS -

Race 9 C2 Men - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1138Paul Anderson/Andrew Hamilton0:32.180:34.270:32.18-
2134Richard Crooks/Ant Wright0:46.22DNS0:46.2214.04

Race 10 C2 Mixed - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1137Mackon/Freja Khela0:46.54DNS0:46.54-

Race 11 K1 Women - Junior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1140Natalia LechnockaCapsize0:42.800:42.80-
2139Nicole TaylorCapsize0:56.540:56.5413.74
3141Lilly Vallance1:03.12DNS1:03.1220.32

Race 12 K1 Women - Senior

PosnBibNameRun 1Run 2BestMargin
1146Hannah Brown0:28.080:28.420:28.08-
2145Rachael Slade0:34.350:34.140:34.146.06
3144Anna Stishova0:46.410:50.840:46.4118.33
4143Catherine Robinson0:48.06Capsize0:48.0619.98

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