The Reading Small Boats Head 1996
at Caversham nr. Reading
Sunday 13th October 1996

Result List

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Ordered list of All Crew Results
List of Results By Category

Picture of Crowd at Prize Giving (32Kb) with Scoreboard
(See Race 42 Result Below - MJ15 1X)


R0All Crews
Posn No. Crew/Club Crew Time
1155Upper Thames C-13:34.0
26Bewl Bridge A-13:45.6
5165Reading B-13:56.0
8 92Shiplake College--14:00.9
9157Bewl Bridge C-14:02.2
112Upper Thames A-14:09.4
123Upper Thames B-14:10.6
13156Upper Thames D-14:13.9
14 93Bewl Bridge B-14:14.0
15 13Upper Thames-14:26.6
16163Bewl Bridge B-14:28.7
17 98Abingdon School B-14:33.9
18 96Oxford Uni Lwt BC B-14:40.6
19 25Maidenhead-14:42.9
20 97Abingdon School A-14:45.2
21112Reading A-14:48.3
229Bewl Bridge A-14:51.2
23158Southampton Uni-14:56.6
24 14Reading-15:00.1
25 99Shiplake College A-15:00.3
268Oxford Uni Lwt BC A-15:01.6
277Southampton Uni-15:02.8
28103Winchester College-15:05.0
29 15Southampton Uni-15:05.1
30 95Abingdon School-15:06.8
32168Reading B-15:12.2
33170Winchester College-15:12.8
34 17Bewl Bridge-15:14.3
36 23St Edwards School-15:14.8
37 18Abingdon School A-15:15.7
38 44Wallingford-15:19.9
39213Claires Court Sch-15:21.1
40175Reading B-15:21.4
41 35Abingdon School B-15:21.8
42164Southampton Uni-15:25.1
43173Griffin/Upper Thames-15:26.1
44182Upper Thames-15:27.9
45123E SimmsMaidenhead15:29.5
46 10Guildford-15:30.0
47198M DeserendsWallingford15:31.4
48125M DuffyCity Of Oxford15:33.5
49 41Oxford Uni Lwt BC A-15:34.9
50190Upper Thames-15:37.4
51 53R StephensHenley15:37.8
52 48H JahnichBewl Bridge15:43.7
54 38Abingdon School A-15:46.6
55 37Winchester College-15:47.1
56 42Oxford Uni Lwt BC B-15:48.2
57105Oratory School A-15:49.5
58 12Reading-15:54.4
59192M ShimminUpper Thames15:54.7
60118Winchester College A-15:56.8
61106Oratory School B-15:57.3
62189Winchester College-15:58.9
63195A PengilleyBewl Bridge16:00.0
64 46R WilsonHenley16:00.4
65 64Claires Court School-16:01.7
66166Bewl Bridge-16:02.8
68 32Wallingford-16:03.4
69127S DanceUpper Thames16:03.4
70 86A SkinnerCollege16:04.0
71 33Bewl Bridge-16:04.9
72 26Upper Thames-16:05.8
73 78J SvarovskyGuildford16:07.4
74 16Reading A-16:09.5
75 73M ShimminUpper Thames16:10.1
76 40Abingdon School C-16:10.8
77 54C JonesLondon16:13.3
78 29Griffin-16:13.6
79137A SkinnerWinchester College16:14.1
80 19Abingdon School B-16:15.9
81 59N FennBewl Bridge16:16.9
82107Reading A-16:17.3
83 61R HawkinsReading16:17.8
84185Oxford Uni Lwt BC F-16:19.6
85227Fenn-Bewl Bridge16:20.2
86142S MorrissWallingford16:20.2
87204S BaldwinSt Edwards School16:23.2
88 45Reading-16:23.6
89104Reading B-16:24.7
90206J LigertwoodSt Edwards School16:24.9
91113Oxford Uni Lwt BC D-16:26.4
92126K DixonMaidenhead16:27.1
93124I NevilleUpper Thames16:27.4
94111Oratory School+-16:28.4
95 27Maidenhead-16:30.7
96 63J BuryThames16:32.3
97181Oxford Uni Lwt BC-16:32.5
98134J SvarovskyGuildford16:32.9
99135J BidlotReading16:34.1
100 43Queens/University Col-16:34.2
101193J BerryThames16:34.7
102 79M JenningsHenley16:35.2
103 34Abingdon School A-16:36.9
104215Oxford Uni Lwt-16:37.6
105133Khan-City Of Oxford16:37.7
107 55J EwansUpper Thames16:40.3
108186Queens/Univ College-16:41.6
109130R HawkinsReading16:43.0
110121Winchester College A-16:44.8
111 24Winchester College-16:46.2
112226D GrummultTideway Scullers16:47.1
113179St Edwards School-16:47.7
115207E DaweWinchester College16:49.5
116128S WardellBTC Southampton16:50.8
117 51I VolansReading16:51.1
118 82S JacksonReading16:51.9
119 39Abingdon School B-16:52.3
120176British Airways-16:52.9
121131I GrantCoalporters16:54.5
122139C CussackWallingford16:59.2
126 81PottleReading17:04.4
127 20Abbey School-17:05.3
128196A WrightVesta17:06.6
129110Shiplake College-17:06.9
130169Winchester College-17:07.5
131 85A WrightVesta17:13.1
132194R McinnernyBewl Bridge17:16.4
133 21Reading-17:17.1
134212P GwizdalaBewl Bridge17:18.0
137184Winchester College-17:29.2
138149T DaviesWinchester College17:39.7
139 58A WilliamsWinchester College17:40.2
142 28Reading-17:46.5
143208A FletcherGriffin17:47.6
144 62B MarsdenReading17:50.4
145214A RipleyTideway Scullers17:56.5
147 30Reading-17:57.0
148225Shiplake College-18:03.5
149 70H HirschWinchester College18:09.1
150138A WilliamsWinchester College18:14.1
151 77R GreenBtc Southampton18:16.0
152141F CollReading18:17.2
153 87A HodgsonSt Edwards School18:18.8
154 80S DawesReading18:20.5
155171Bewl Bridge B-18:22.6
156147C ReeveWinchester College18:23.4
158203G VaciagoSt Edwards School18:24.6
159 76RawlingsBritish Airways18:24.8
160145A-Shiplake College18:31.3
161205A WhiteHenley18:33.7
162 71WeberClaires Court School18:37.3
163140D WyattBtc Southampton18:41.2
164 88C FeldRc Hansa Dortmund18:46.4
165144R WilsonMaidenhead18:49.8
166 22Bewl Bridge A-18:50.6
167 31Winchester College A-18:51.7
168 89A Nisbet-EvansReading18:51.8
170 69G VaciagoSt Edwards School18:54.7
171209N BarrasHenley19:01.8
172 65Claires Court SchoolA-19:02.1
173148D TauntonSouthampton Uni19:02.4
174143G HallowesLondon19:06.6
175 57A BrownWinchester College19:06.9
176 75D ChurchUpper Thames19:17.0
177154N CrowthersReading Schools19:18.4
178210A SillsHenley19:23.5
179 60N BrownReading19:30.7
180151J BrownBewl Bridge19:33.4
181119Winchester College C-19:40.2
182 72R PottsSt Edwards School19:47.3
183 83J MundayReading20:11.2
184150D CussansWallingford20:21.6
185117Abbey School-20:39.7
186153T SaundersAbbey School21:12.5
187115Reading A--22:50.8
188 90S LonsdaleReading23:02.6
189 91A MundayReading24:05.0
190201J WilliamsLondon24:35.7
191172Reading B-27:07.0
159Oxford Uni Lwt BC C-Scratch
146R PottsSt Edwards SchoolRetired

Individual category tables

Posn No. Crew/Club Crew Time
1 92Shiplake College--14:00.9
R2MJ14 4X
1111Oratory School+-16:28.4
2169Winchester College-17:07.5
R3MJ15 4X
1213Claires Court Sch-15:21.1
1 10Guildford-15:30.0
R5WJ15 4X
1115Reading A--22:50.8
2172Reading B-27:07.0
R7MO 4-
2 1Reading-14:00.1
3 2Upper Thames A-14:09.4
4 3Upper Thames B-14:10.6
R8MS2 4-
2 7Southampton Uni-15:02.8
3 95Abingdon School-15:06.8
R9MS3 4-
1 96Oxford Uni Lwt BC B-14:40.6
2158Southampton Uni-14:56.6
3 8Oxford Uni Lwt BC A-15:01.6
159Oxford Uni Lwt BC C-Scratch
R10MVB 4-
R11MVC 4-
R12MJ 4+
1 98Abingdon School B-14:33.9
2 97Abingdon School A-14:45.2
3 99Shiplake College A-15:00.3
R13MJ14 4+
1170Winchester College-15:12.8
2 18Abingdon School A-15:15.7
3 19Abingdon School B-16:15.9
4110Shiplake College-17:06.9
R14MJ16 4+
1103Winchester College-15:05.0
R16MO 4+
R17MS2 4+
1164Southampton Uni-15:25.1
R18MS3 4+
1 14Reading-15:00.1
2 15Southampton Uni-15:05.1
3168Reading B-15:12.2
5105Oratory School A-15:49.5
6106Oratory School B-15:57.3
R19WN 4+
1171Bewl Bridge B-18:22.6
2 22Bewl Bridge A-18:50.6
3117Abbey School-20:39.7
R20WS3 4+
1 20Abbey School-17:05.3
2 21Reading-17:17.1
R21>WSO 4+
1 16Reading A-16:09.5
2104Reading B-16:24.7
R22Mix O 2X
1173Griffin/Upper Thames-15:26.1
R23MJ 2X
1225Shiplake College-18:03.5
R24MJ14 2X
1118Winchester College A-15:56.8
2 31Winchester College A-18:51.7
3119Winchester College C-19:40.2
R25MJ16 2X
1 23St Edwards School-15:14.8
2 24Winchester College-16:46.2
R26MN 2X
2176British Airways-16:52.9
R27MO 2X
1 13Upper Thames-14:26.6
1 25Maidenhead-14:42.9
1 27Maidenhead-16:30.7
2 28Reading-17:46.5
R31WS3 2X
1 29Griffin-16:13.6
2179St Edwards School-16:47.7
5 30Reading-17:57.0
R32MJ 2-
1 35Abingdon School B-15:21.8
2 34Abingdon School A-16:36.9
3184Winchester College-17:29.2
R33MJ15 2-
1121Winchester College A-16:44.8
R34MO 2-
1 32Wallingford-16:03.4
R35MS1 2-
1182Upper Thames-15:27.9
2181Oxford Uni Lwt BC-16:32.5
R36MS2 2-
1 33Bewl Bridge-16:04.9
2215Oxford Uni Lwt-16:37.6
3186Queens/Univ College-16:41.6
R37MS3 2-
1 41Oxford Uni Lwt BC A-15:34.9
2 38Abingdon School A-15:46.6
3 42Oxford Uni Lwt BC B-15:48.2
4189Winchester College-15:58.9
5 40Abingdon School C-16:10.8
6185Oxford Uni Lwt BC F-16:19.6
7113Oxford Uni Lwt BC D-16:26.4
8 43Queens/University Col-16:34.2
9 39Abingdon School B-16:52.3
R38MVC 2-
1 44Wallingford-15:19.9
2190Upper Thames-15:37.4
R39MVD 2-
R40MJ 1X
1 58A WilliamsWinchester College17:40.2
2 57A BrownWinchester College19:06.9
R41MJ14 1X
1207E DaweWinchester College16:49.5
2 71WeberClaires Court School18:37.3
3 72R PottsSt Edwards School19:47.3
R42MJ15 1XPhoto at Prize Giving (32Kb)
1206J LigertwoodSt Edwards School16:24.9
2 70H HirschWinchester College18:09.1
3147C ReeveWinchester College18:23.4
4145A-Shiplake College18:31.3
5205A WhiteHenley18:33.7
6 69G VaciagoSt Edwards School18:54.7
7 65Claires Court SchoolA-19:02.1
146R PottsSt Edwards SchoolRetired
R44MJ16 1X
1 64Claires Court School-16:01.7
2204S BaldwinSt Edwards School16:23.2
3203G VaciagoSt Edwards School18:24.6
R45MN 1X
1 86A SkinnerCollege16:04.0
2 78J SvarovskyGuildford16:07.4
3 79M JenningsHenley16:35.2
5 82S JacksonReading16:51.9
6 81PottleReading17:04.4
7 85A WrightVesta17:13.1
8149T DaviesWinchester College17:39.7
10214A RipleyTideway Scullers17:56.5
11 80S DawesReading18:20.5
13148D TauntonSouthampton Uni19:02.4
14 83J MundayReading20:11.2
15150D CussansWallingford20:21.6
R46MO 1X
1123E SimmsMaidenhead15:29.5
2 46R WilsonHenley16:00.4
3124I NevilleUpper Thames16:27.4
R47MS1 1X
1125M DuffyCity Of Oxford15:33.5
2 48H JahnichBewl Bridge15:43.7
3192M ShimminUpper Thames15:54.7
4126K DixonMaidenhead16:27.1
5 51I VolansReading16:51.1
R48MS2 1X
1227Fenn-Bewl Bridge16:20.2
2193J BerryThames16:34.7
3131I GrantCoalporters16:54.5
R49MS3 1X
1195A PengilleyBewl Bridge16:00.0
3137A SkinnerWinchester College16:14.1
4 59N FennBewl Bridge16:16.9
5 61R HawkinsReading16:17.8
6 63J BuryThames16:32.3
7134J SvarovskyGuildford16:32.9
8135J BidlotReading16:34.1
9133Khan-City Of Oxford16:37.7
10196A WrightVesta17:06.6
11194R McinnernyBewl Bridge17:16.4
12212P GwizdalaBewl Bridge17:18.0
14 62B MarsdenReading17:50.4
15138A WilliamsWinchester College18:14.1
16 60N BrownReading19:30.7
1 53R StephensHenley15:37.8
2127S DanceUpper Thames16:03.4
1198M DeserendsWallingford15:31.4
2 73M ShimminUpper Thames16:10.1
3 54C JonesLondon16:13.3
4 55J EwansUpper Thames16:40.3
5130R HawkinsReading16:43.0
6128S WardellBTC Southampton16:50.8
1139C CussackWallingford16:59.2
2 75D ChurchUpper Thames19:17.0
1142S MorrissWallingford16:20.2
3141F CollReading18:17.2
4 76RawlingsBritish Airways18:24.8
5140D WyattBtc Southampton18:41.2
1 77R GreenBtc Southampton18:16.0
2143G HallowesLondon19:06.6
1226D GrummultTideway Scullers16:47.1
2201J WilliamsLondon24:35.7
R56MVE 4+
1166Bewl Bridge-16:02.8
1144R WilsonMaidenhead18:49.8
R60WN 1X
1154N CrowthersReading Schools19:18.4
2210A SillsHenley19:23.5
3153T SaundersAbbey School21:12.5
4 90S LonsdaleReading23:02.6
5 91A MundayReading24:05.0
R61WS2 1X
1208A FletcherGriffin17:47.6
2 87A HodgsonSt Edwards School18:18.8
R62WS3 1X
1 88C FeldRc Hansa Dortmund18:46.4
2 89A Nisbet-EvansReading18:51.8
3209N BarrasHenley19:01.8
4151J BrownBewl Bridge19:33.4
R63WO 4-
1 12Reading-15:54.4
R64MS2 2X
1112Reading A-14:48.3
R66MS1 4-
1155Upper Thames C-13:34.0
2 6Bewl Bridge A-13:45.6
3157Bewl Bridge C-14:02.2
4156Upper Thames D-14:13.9
5 93Bewl Bridge B-14:14.0
R67MS1 4+
1165Reading B-13:56.0
2163Bewl Bridge B-14:28.7
3 9Bewl Bridge A-14:51.2
R68MV3 4+
1107Reading A-16:17.3

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