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Rowing and Canoe Regattas & Heads 2016/2017

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now South Coast Rowing Champs 2017, Dorney Lake, Eton, 2nd Sep 2017
soon Reading Small Boats Head 2017 Caversham - Saturday 7th Oct 2017
now The Marlow Regatta 2017, Dorney Lake, Eton, 17th June 2017
now The Hammersmith Head 2017, Chiswick Br to Hammersmith Br, 5th Mar 2017
now The Upper Thames Autumn Head UTAH, Henley-on-Thames, 30th Oct 2016
now Reading Small Boats Head 2016 Caversham - Saturday 1st Oct 2016
now The Marlow Regatta 2016, Dorney Lake, Eton, 18th June 2016

Note For further Rowing Information you are recommended to see
the good source of Rowing News at Dave Biddulph's Web Site

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